Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Science Behind the Cure

I present to you a series of white papers as scientific evidence that Covid-19 can be cured by Chloroquine (CHQ) / Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). I hope that it is enough to convince those who still think that a media person or a governor are experts at anything.

But before, I would also like to share the video of the California doctors that was removed from my two channels by the Cabal controlled social-media. YouTube's CEO offered the reason that any information that did not match the propaganda by the Cabal-controlled World Health Organization would be removed. Watch and see what is it that they fear most.

The cure is no more than Ph-neutral water saturated with chlorine gas. While most of the studies are recent, there are some that go back to the early 2,000's. And yes, that was for the supposedly new version of the virus. As I have said, Covid19 is a patented virus. The US Center for Disease Control owns the patent and labs around the world may get access to the design. I hope that this helps soothe the sense of fear the media has triggered.
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