Saturday, April 11, 2020

5G; Its Effect on Oxygen

There is public concern about 5G. As we will see, there are fundamentally sound reasons why the concerns should exist.
5G does not necessarily denote a frequency but the fact that it is the 5th Generation. In other words, 5G could be used for any number of frequencies if needed. What is most important to understand that the main promise of 5G relates to the higher data transmission rate possible when using it. Higher data transmission rates happen when a higher frequency is used. For example, blue lasers operate at a higher frequency than red lasers; a fact that explains why a DVD is capable of storing a two-hour movie while a regular CD can only store one hour of music.
At this time, 5G is set to operate around the 60 giga-hertz (GHz) range. This is higher than previous microwaves used for cell service but still lower than radar, which operates at around 100 GHz. Here, keep in mind that a doubling in frequency is equal to the square of such doubling. So, radar is almost four times more energetic than 5G. Meanwhile 5G is as high as 30 times stronger than previous cell phone generations.
These are the technical facts about 5G. What is not discussed is the resonant properties of microwaves on particles. Let me explain. If 5G would operate at, say, 55 GHz, it would still deliver a superb data transmission rate but its resonant properties would be substantially different. A similar effect would take place if 5G would operate at 65 GHz. Here, the only exception would be that the transmission rate would be even greater than promised by the present reiteration of 5G. But you see, exactly at just over 60 GHz, 5G resonates with oxygen molecules. At this frequency, oxygen particles absorb close to 90% of the energy radiated by the cell tower after traveling a distance of one kilometer.
This is utterly incredible to digest. Any engineer would always stay away from any deficiency in their design. So, why would anyone choose such a frequency when so much loss is to be expected due to environmental factors such as the oxygen particles that make up a large portion of air? It just makes no sense. Selecting the 60 GHz operating frequency forces the service providers to have to build a completely new global network of towers and repeaters that are much closer to the cell users. An investment of several hundreds of billions of dollars will be necessary as all the previous towers will not work. On the other hand, selecting frequencies just above or just below would permit keeping the old towers; resulting in an incredible amount of savings. Again, no engineer would make such a wasteful decision.
And it is not because those lower or higher frequencies would have other types pf problems. We are not describing a situation where a compromise had to be made between two bad choices. No. One needs to go much higher to find a similar loss. At five times the frequency of radar, water vapor becomes resonant with the signal. But that is way too high to be considered as part of this decision.
Again, moving 5G just below or just above the current operating frequency would have resulted in gargantuan savings. So, to try to understand more, we need to see what happens when a particle resonates with the signal. The oxygen molecule is impeding the transfer of the cellphone energy because it is literally absorbing it. The extra energy then renders the oxygen molecule unstable. This instability means that such high energy molecule naturally tries to return to its normal energetic state. In the case of the oxygen molecule, it holds the higher energetic state for a relatively short period of time. While unstable particles in nature can hold their state for as long as years or decades, as is the case with radioactive materials, high energy oxygen can dissipate the gained energy in as short as a few minutes depending on the environment. Now that this return to a normal state presumes that the source of the additional energy, the cell tower, had stopped to radiate energy. In the case where the source of energy continues to supply additional energy, the oxygen molecule will either continue in its highly energetic state or reverse to it as soon as any depletion takes place.
Why is this important? Because the cell tower operating at the frequency of resonance can constantly maintain particles in a state that makes them behave far from the way they normally do.
To wrap our minds around this, let's look at a different example. Let us consider what happens when we change the energetic state of carbon by the smallest increment possible in nature. Such a small increment in energy pushes a single electron out of its orbit and on to the next orbit. In such case, there is no material change in the atom of carbon. The particle continues to have the same number of electrons, protons and neutrons. Only it’s energetic state changed in a way that holds the electron in its new place. Incredibly, this small difference becomes the difference between pencil lead and diamond. Two materials could not be more different than these two. Lead conducts electricity but diamond doesn’t. Lead does not conduct light but diamond does. Pencil lead is very soft while diamond is the hardest material we know. And these will seem irrelevant when we consider the price and rarity difference between both.
This means that changing the energetic state of a molecule of oxygen is not trivial. Important changes result in the way the material behaves. Well, we know that oxygen is essential to our existence. We take the oxygen through our lungs, saturate the blood with it and carry it to the parts of our body that need it; like our brain. Without oxygen, a person would soon faint and eventually lose control of the essential organs of the body. In other words, asphyxiation can end in organ failure.
In a nutshell, any oxygen molecule that does not bond to the blood would not be able to provide us with what we need to live. Even if the air around us is full of oxygen, a change in the energetic state of it could result in a slow death. There is not enough evidence of what happens when high energy oxygen molecules behave in the blood. Nonetheless, seeing the images of people dropping in the middle of the streets in Latin America in a way that closely resembles a person who has just fainted seems to be the result from a lack of oxygen. Moreover, there have been American doctors describing that it is not pneumonia but slow asphyxiation that is ending the life of their patients. In essence, the picture that comes from putting together the physics of 5G with the evidence collected so far is disturbing to say the least.
Because phased-array technology has been around for a long time, it would be easy to radiate the oxygen-resonant 5G signal to within the proximity of a single individual as well as a complete hospital. We all have witnessed surround sound demonstrations where a single sound bar placed below the TV can project sound all around the room. This digital processing technology adjusts the arrival time of different radiating sources (speakers) to create the effect. In a similar way, a phased-array system of cell towers and repeaters could hyper-energize the oxygen molecules in a small space. Done long enough, the oxygen molecules would act so differently that the person could experience the same as if air had been sucked out of their surroundings.
I think we all knew that 5G was a weapon. Now you have an idea of how it can work. Yes, it can also be used to cook a person’s internal organs just as all other microwave frequencies do. But the 60 GHz frequency selected also adds the effect over the oxygen we breath. The fact that the people in control decided to go through the incredible expense of tossing the old network aside and creating a completely new global infrastructure suggests the importance they place on the resulting impact. Once again, a slightly lower or higher frequency would have saved the expense but would have also not impacted oxygen.
For those who consider running to their local government representative to share these facts, I will remind you that Federal anti-monopoly law makes it illegal to stop, influence or affect any telecommunications infrastructure on the bases of environmental or health risks. So, I suggest you do what the wealthy do. The billionaires in Palm Beach, Florida will not get 5G because they argued that the towers were ugly. That's it. Ugly is a better argument under the law than the possibility of harming animals, insects or people. So, focus on "ugly".
Since we are beings of love, we will not let these facts become a negative influence on us. If anything, they prove why it is so important that we are all here, as members of humanity and as awoke beings. Let’s also remember that humanity has the ability to resonate to a higher frequency, away from a timeline where 5G would be what it is. So, I hope that this knowledge serves us as a motivator to double our efforts. If anyone of us was on the edge, well, I hope I just pushed you over to the side of light. Love to all.


  1. Alberto, thanks for a very informative and compelling read. It is crystal clear, based on your observations, that 5G as planned can result in a risk to people, plants and animals. The frequency at which 5G resonates seems to have been intentionally chosen to have deleterious effects on life. As you have thoughtfully pointed out, frequencies both above and below 60hz would still have provided the reported 5G benefit without the need for building new towers at a TREMENDOUS cost. One can't help but ask why? This fact alone should raise everyone's concern. We have all heard and most suspect that 5G is not in our best interest. You have presented a very lucid assessment of what happens to oxygen at different frequencies. I'm convinced, like you, that we should make every effort to prevent building these *ugly" 5G towers. I will have no part of 5G and I encourage us all to wake up and fight for our humanity.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry for the late reply. I have been doing a lot of inner-work. Thanks again.