Submit your Business and Economics questions.
I would like to invite all our loyal executives and aspiring executives to submit any business or economics questions you may have.
These are the guidelines:
    Illustration of many words and phrases aimed to convey the idea that this page is dedicated to Questions & Answers
  • My goal is to surprise the reader. It should be like a shopping trip to Costco; New, Quality and Accessible ideas.
  • I want to explore ideas from a different angle than is the norm. Diversity in perspective is the secret sauce. behind innovation. 
  • It must be generally related to Business. I like expansive but not so much as to not have at least a faint connection to the core topic.
  • I must be comfortable writing about it. Here is where morality or even insight has its limits. In the end, I am pretty ignorant about a lot of stuff.
  • Generally, these are the topics I try to follow: Accounting, Business, Finance, Growth, Human Resources, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Operations, Turnaround, Sales, Education, Creativity, Leadership, Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Environment, History, Demographics, International, Politics, Bonds, Commodities, Economy, Futures, Investing, Trading, Markets, Options, Real Estate, Stocks, Mergers and Acquisitions, Hedge Funds, Money Management, Private Equity, Selling a Business, Venture Capital, Books
So, start as soon as you feel comfortable. Use the comment form below. I will then review the questions to find the most suitable ones for the blog. Past comments (or questions) will not be shown on this page as I will day-view them once I write the answer. All answers will appear in the body of the main blog page and will be searchable by the "Q&A" label. Please be patient as it may take time to get to your question if demand is great.

Thank you,

Alberto A Lopez

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