Monday, June 18, 2018

Let's Come Clean; Time to End Political Fighting

From time to time, it is of good practice to take inventory of what has gone right and what has gone wrong. Likewise, it is now time for cleansing to take place. We have to come to grips with our bad political decisions of the past.
I for one, had to accept that I was wrong about George Bush. At the same time I helped him win the White House, he was under full control of the Cabal. As president, he sat on the nation's captain-chair while the greatest false flag in history, 9-11, turned us into an international invader for a purpose that exclusively served the Cabal; all while we paid the tab with massive amounts of tax money and brave-soldier lives. To think that the Cabal's plans were set in stone since the early nineties sickens me. Thankfully I am not alone. Many military generals are finally voicing their dislike for the Cabal's actions that subsequently put these military leaders under undue pressure of going to a war they disagreed with. No wonder there are so many generals standing behind Trump as he goes after the Cabal. While at first, the Cabal managed to knock out a couple of them, the dissent against the Cabal among military men that new generals immediately replaced those who became political martyrs within Trump's cabinet.
In the same way, everyone else should ready to say goodbye to their former political heroes. Not doing so will otherwise be too emotionally traumatic. For example, I still hear from European friends that they think that Obama was our best president in history. So now think of how will these people take the imminent news that Obama will be going to jail for child sex and trafficking crimes? Talk about shifting their world. It will thus be better to come to the understanding now that no matter how charismatic Hillary Clinton may be, the Cabal's control on our politicians was too much for any of them to fight against. This is why it had to be Trump who had to finally take humanity out of under the control of the global Elites. Trump is the first president who didn't care to be politically correct; a very important feature as political correctness eliminates transparency. Trump also happens to be very rich. While he is not a trillionaire as the Rothschild's are, he can no be bought either. Moreover, Trump was also already famous and powerful enough. Finally, Trump has always liked girls and has no interest in children. Finally, Trump has been around the Cabal's circles long enough to understand how they operate. He knew that relying in a single security detail would land him in the same position as John F. Kennedy. Trump has Secret Service, plus a military detail, plus a private security group he personally selects and pays for.
Let's remember that the battle we are fighting is not between one political party and the other. Both parties are fully controlled by the Cabal. In fact, both parties will experience great casualties as soon as the 30,000 sealed indictments begin to be delivered. At this stage we are just waiting for the last badge of judges to be approved. All else should be ready and in place.
Again, start saying farewell to all your sacred cows. And don't let the fake media make it sound like all is well. The Cabal knows that they are in trouble. During the recent Bilderberg meeting in Italy, even the Vatican was involved. The global elites know that we have awaken to their lies and crimes. They know that their end is here. So when asked about whether you stand on the side of enslaved children or on the side of the Bush's, Obama's or Clinton's, make sure your priorities are straight. Make sure you are with the winning team: those who will liberate millions of abducted children.

PS. While most children who live as sex slaves have a very short life expectancy of no more than two years after being abducted, there are some who survive and grow up old enough to tell their story. The following is a short testimonial video of one of such survivors. Please don't judge based on age. Remember that this person was once a child.
Also, the video addresses the part of the interview relating to the pedophilia crimes. But be warned that if you do check the complete set of interview videos, at the address below, you will find out about the many other things the government is hiding; much of which is sure to disturb you. In fact, you may even place this whole article in question. Here, let me tell you that I don't blame you if you think the subject ends up going way too far from normal. I also would not object to you thinking less about my article and writing abilities. Yet, I am including the video and addressing the subject because I feel it to be important.
Whether you are willing to come on board today or tomorrow to the idea the we need to demand Full Disclosure from our leaders, I am confident you will eventually be there. The secrets have been so big and the control over us so large that it is not a question of 'if' but a question of 'when'.

ExoNews TV on YouTube
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Peace: the Cabal's Nightmare Scenario

compound image of fireworks in the background with the USA and North Korea flags in the middle ground and a peace dove and the word piece in the foreground
Let's join to celebrate the historic denuclearization agreement with North Korea. Today, during their Singapore Summit, US President, Donald Trump, and North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, signed a previously unbelievable peace agreement. North Korea has already started to destroy their nuclear testing facilities as part of a good faith agreement established prior to the summit. In exchange, the US will end economic sanctions after all nuclear programs end. The US will then welcome North Korea to the modern global economy and has promised to give solid assurances of safety to the Supreme Leader and his family. The latter being a key factor, especially considering what happened to former Prime Minister of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, after he denuclearized his nation. Gaddafi was betrayed and murdered by the Obama administration despite doing all he was asked to do by western powers.
While the Cabal-controlled fake media finds flaws with the peace progress made, it should be clear to all of us that it is in none of our interest to prolong a war-based geopolitical system created to keep us under the control of the global elites. Remember the phrase 'divide and control'?
image of USA president Donald Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un shaking hands in front of many USA and North Korean flagsIt was the Cabal that created our warring-nation image. Subsequently, it is now up to this generation of conservatives and progressives to ask our outsider-president to get us back in control of our societies. Think about it, what else could have made the seemingly unstable North Korean leader give up on his nuclear ambitions but the belief that Trump can in fact end the Cabal's regime and thus start a period where peace is the norm? Historically, one thing has been constant: The Cabal gave us politicians like the Clintons that promised peace but were quick to emulate the warring tactics of those on the supposed other side of the political isle. The reality has perpetually been that all of them were on the same side. Right and left have long stood in service of the warring Cabal; the same elites who happily placed us under mountains of debt, personal and as a nation, and who poison our water, food and medicines.
This is indeed a momentous time. Today, we'll all set aside disagreements to celebrate what is clearly best for all of us: peace. And to think that this is just the beginning. There are still the many pedophilia and child trafficking trials that have yet to take place. When these do happen, we will all come together to stand behind children rights and against the Cabal's nefarious practices. Then, soon after, we will be able to demand Full Disclosure. It will be time to finally receive all the science and health technologies that we funded with taxes but which have been kept from us. Moreover, I can't wait to be free from the need to use expensive energy. Only after all secret programs end, will we be able to ascend as a global society. We are indeed living through a great time of awakening.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Super Soldiers Talk Crazy About the Cabal

Secret Space Program's Super Soldier not exact illustration Are you ready for an off-the-charts crazy story? If you like science-fiction or are an avid Halo gamer, perhaps you will consider the idea of a super soldier to be something normal; at least until the point where you read the whole article. Let me reassure you that if you feel this article is too much, I will be most understanding. Feel free to stop reading at any time.
I normally write about business, the economy and politics. Recently my tilt has been more towards the political side because I believe that we are living a momentous time as a human race. For the last four thousand years, a group I call 'the Cabal' has been middling with ways to control the rest of us. These people think to have a divine right to benefit from the our collective labor. There is plenty of evidence that the Cabal has always played as dirty as needed to accomplish their goals. Through academia, they have even limited, distorted and manipulated our understanding of history by controlling what is written in our school books.
City of London shieldToday, the Cabal is generally based out of the 'City of London', a tax haven with independent city-nation status. Many people don't know that London has an independent nation within it, just like the Vatican is inside of Rome. From there, the Cabal controls all international banking. This control beginning with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As Greece defaulted on their loans, the IMF threw out any sense of democratic government and took control of the country by forcing citizens to sell all national treasures. The idea that a country has the power to refuse to pay its debts has long disappeared. In today's world, the Cabal gets paid first.
Next, the Cabal controls our Federal Reserve, the most powerful monetary institution in the world. The Cabal, through the Federal Reserve, profits from every single dollar in circulation around the world. Under the pretense that they know how to set interest rates better than the market, they get to charge interest on all dollars printed by the Treasury, a separate government agency. But don't let the 'Federal' part of the Federal Reserve name confuse you. The Federal Reserve is a monetary middle-man privately owned by the Cabal and protected with a legal monopoly. Talk about having a sweet-heart deal with our government.
grand master painting of napoleon in battle over horse
So how about some history? The Cabal financed the first and second World Wars. They financed Napoleon's battles as well as our Civil War. They made sure that the US stayed in the Middle East fighting for as long as possible.
If you want to control the world, you must control the biggest army there is. The Cabal controls US wars through large military contractors. In Fact, it could be said that humans don't naturally engage in wars, as it has long been speculated. Instead, it is the Cabal that manipulates our emotions in ways that drive our most bellicose inner senses. The Cabal understands that wars are profitable for them and serve as an effective way to keep humanity away from unification. They know that a unified population, free from other distractions, may begin to evaluate the need for all things controlled by the Cabal. So they use war as often as we tolerate.
illustration of cabal control over republican and democratic parties.But controlling wars also demands that the Cabal control all Washington politicians. For the many who think that either side of the political isle in Washington is on the side of the bad guys, let me tell you that you are all wrong. Both sides are on the side of the Cabal. Look at Democrats and Republicans and you will find plenty of support for wars, the Federal Reserve and military contractors. In fact, making sure that politicians are in a constant battle is only part of keeping us divided. First, politicians offer uniting the nation. Then, they find ways for blacks to hate police officers. Does it sound familiar? Well, we are all being played but not one of us realizes the game is on.
French Revolution's Lady LibertyNext, the Cabal controls all information channels. From academia, to entertainment, to news, all we happily consume is being manipulated by the Cabal. The power that these people have come to accumulate is so great that it rivals that of kings. In fact, while no more than symbols of the past, all royal families were and are part of the Cabal as well. Even the Vatican is mixed with all of it. But just as people seriously questioned the value of their kings during the French Revolution, we are now going through a similar period of awakening. And let me tell you, any sort of awakening by the masses scares the hell out of the Cabal. They know full well that beheadings became a favorite sport of the populous once these grew tired of royal abuse. Likewise, about half of today's population has woken up to the reality of the Cabal's power and control is unwarranted. After decades of uncontrollable impunity and rampant disrespect for the law, the Cabal will face their maker for completely unrelated crimes. This is akin to when Al Capone went down for not paying taxes; something outside of his usual criminal activities. The Cabal will go down not for their constitutional crimes or genocide but because of pedophilia. Pedophiles are universally viewed as the scum at the bottom of society. As such, every one of us will unite as we see our legal system take down those who abuse the laws that the rest of us must follow. Prosecution for child sex and slavery will prove to be the most effective way to rid ourselves from the Cabal.
Thankfully, the process has started and it won't be easily stopped. This is why the Cabal is out in full force trying to remove Trump from power, trying to regress BREXIT, trying to cancel the Italian presidential election and many more previously unheard actions. This week in England, the courts made it illegal for the press to exercise its right to report from inside or outside of a race-related trial. This breaks with all civil rights traditions in the United Kingdom. Yes, this is now the norm as the Cabal tries to patch the many cracks surfacing all around their structural foundation.
Full Disclosure Project logoAnd now, as if things were not crazy enough, there is this thing about super soldiers demanding Full Disclosure. Yep. While my description of the Cabal may resemble parts of a hyperbolic conspiracy novel, the real extreme stuff is yet to come below.
US Marine Captain, Randy Cramer, and Special Agent, Corey Greene, claim to have received authority to address the public in representation of Radiant Guardian and Solar Warden respectively. These... Are you ready? These are the two Navy Secret Space Program fleets that protect our solar system. Both men said to have been selected at a very early age for their military work. Randy Cramer started 12 years of training at age 5 under Operation Moon Shadow. He first deployed at age 17 in 1987 as a super soldier for the Mars Defense Force. Yes, I said "Mars".
Meanwhile, Corey Greene started his 10 year training at age 6 under Operation Bluebird. In 1986, he deployed at age 16 for the first time as an Intuitive Empath Special Agent under the MILAB Program. Both describe having 20 year contracts of complete isolation from earth. Contacting family or friends was strictly prohibited. In fact, even following any earth related news wasn't permitted. After their military engagements, both have moved on to openly speak about the Secretive Space Programs. Their stories are simply incredible. If it were not because so much corroborating data is available, it would be impossible to take any of what they describe as serious. For example, there is the fact that famous Scottish hacker, Gary McKinnon, uncovered bundles of documents from the Secret Space Program. Moreover, it is possible that many military heads have decided to break secrecy regulations as many documents relating to the secret space programs continue to be leaked.
As a way to make you drink out of a fire hose, I am going to list some of the many bits of new information these two spokesmen have given through public forums:

Image of the Navy's secret TR-3B UFO hovering over a city at night
Navy's TR-3B
  • NASA and its 1950's technology have been no more than a false front to keep the Cabal's secret space program beyond our reach.
  • Our military and the Cabal have been secretly trading with extraterrestrials (ET's) for over 70 years.
  • There are hundreds of ET races that have participated in such trades and the number keeps growing every year.
  • ET's give us technology and we give them equipment, parts or human slaves.
  • Human slaves have been taken to planets in this and other galaxies.
  • A common human slave is a smart engineer who is taken with or without their family.
  • Besides their slave trade, the Cabal also uses thousands of human slaves for their space operations. 
  • We started reverse engineering ET technology so long ago that we now have a very good grasp on how to make reliable and effective interstellar ships that can easily and safely travel to other galaxies. 
  • The TR-3B is an old triangular work-horse that we use for all sorts of solar missions.
  • There have been sightings of the TR-3B around the world.
  • Whether triangles or long cigars, all UFO sightings today are probably of one of our secret space ships because we now have full control of who enters and exits our solar system. 
  • 8 nations have the ability of interstellar travel but have not disclosed it due to the Cabal's pressure to maintain all advanced space programs a secret.
  • There are many bases on the Moon; most of them are underground and are located on the dark side of the moon; the side that never faces the earth.
  • Most moon bases have been under the control of ET's for thousands or even millions of years.
  • Our Moon base is called the Lunar Operations Command (LOC).
  • There are giant ruins of past civilizations all over the dark side of the Moon.
  • A trip to the moon on a TR-3B is said to take no more than a few minutes. Apollo Mission astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, is said to be a recent guest of a quick trip around the moon on board a TR-3B before his visit to the Antarctica ruins. The trip is said to have made him sick despite his great excitement.
  • There are underground Mars bases as well. 
  • Despite what NASA reports, Mars has enough oxygen for a human to be able to walk around outside of a base. 
  • There is plant and animal life on Mars. 
  • The Cabal operates secret Mars bases under the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC) where slave engineers build the equipment to be traded with ET's. 
  • US Marine super soldiers, as part of the Mars Defense Force (MDF), protect the Cabal's MCC from periodic hostile attacks by two types of ET's.
  • There are giant ruins and pyramids from ancient civilizations on Mars.
  • Mar's native ET's are said to be working on repairing their planet's atmosphere after interstellar wars completely destroyed it thousands of years ago.
  • Phobos, the largest of the two moons orbiting Mars, has an underground base.
  • Ceres, a dwarf planet within the asteroid belt right outside of Mar's orbit hosts an underground ET and human community.
  • The asteroid belt outside of the Mar's orbit is made up of left-over parts of a planet destroyed by past interstellar wars. 
  • The rings around Saturn are formed from millions of fragments from an old civilization's giant structure built around the planet millions of years ago. 
  • There are giant ancient pyramids on Venus.
  • There is a large base near Jupiter that acts as a kind of United Nations where all ET's wishing to conduct trade or research on our solar system can make agreements. 
  • Besides receiving in-trade the technology for interstellar travel, the Cabal also received medical technology that can safely and effectively cure all human diseases. 
  • There are many ET civilizations where all illnesses have been eradicated thanks to advanced medical technologies.
  • The Cabal, being the profiteer of the poison based drugs we consume, has so far kept all ET medical technology a secret.
  • Super soldiers who lose limbs or suffer severe deformation and injuries during battle can grow new limbs or reconstruct their bodies thanks to existing ET technology; just like in the movies.
  • ETs live anywhere between 300 and 1,000 years thanks to their technological advances. 
  • ET medical technology includes age regression.
  • The Cabal has also received in-trade non-polluting free-energy technology that they use in all space programs.
  • The Cabal, being the profiteer of the fossil-based energy we consume, has so far kept all ET free-energy technology a secret.
  • ET's never lie because all of them are telepathic and can thus read anyone's brain. 
  • ET's find it surprising that the Cabal can hide so much technology from the rest of us.
  • Positive ET's would love to freely interact with humans and support the push for Full Disclosure of all space programs and technologies. 

image of moon astronaut with a hand positioning an earth sticker over it.Did your brain blow up yet? And you thought that I was exaggerating when I warned you about the remarkable nature of the information. This stuff is way too much to digest in a single sitting. Both Randy Cramer and Corey Green describe how part of our intelligence agencies and the military have grown tired of seeing the Cabal be the exclusive beneficiary of what was fully funded by our black-budget taxes. You may be a Solar Warden Brigadier with great responsibility and have full access to the most Top Secret of technologies but, if a family member suffers from something like cancer, you have to see them slowly die as they are poisoned by the common radiation and therapy medications. Your loved ones have no access to the medical technology you have seen applied with high effectiveness time and time again. Talk about discrimination. There is advanced technology and profits for the Cabal and nothing for the rest of us. And yes, did I say we fund the Cabal's technology development?
question mark illustration with saturn acting as the lower dotSo what if this whole space narrative is false? Well, it certainly sounds like it could be. It surely is strange enough. As I previously said, I don't blame you for dropping the article halfway through it. In fact, the ideas are so extreme that I opted for listing the facts of Randy and Corey's story rather than writing a narrative around them as a way to separate what they describe from what I write. In any case, I have no physical proof supporting what they are saying. If anything, this article may turn out to be a piece of science fiction and no more.
Still, I feel a sense that there is more to reality than what the Cabal controlled media and NASA are telling us. There is the fact that the Cabal's history matches the way it is being described by Randy and Corey. Think of it. There were no TV remotes, video cassette recorders, personal computers, cordless phones and much more of the technology that we now take for granted during the time when we first launched the same rocket technology as we do today. After investing over four thousand years and billions of dollars looking for cancer cures, we still have no certainty of getting healed. It looks as we have advanced so much on everything outside of space travel, energy and medical results. Yes, we have invented very expensive medical equipment that has served to increase treatment costs but have failed to deliver certainty. There was a time when it was normal for 6 percent of all electronic production to fail. Today, such failure rates are unheard of even when coming from the worst sweat-shops in Asia. Our electronic manufacturers are now so good that they have made us expect that all we buy works flawlessly right out of the box. Yet, the space program we watch on TV continues to blow up rockets and to use the same old energy technology. Something just doesn't make sense. There is a part of Randy and Corey's story that invites further exploration. Lear more about Randy Cramer's experience through his newsletter or through his many interviews. Find out more about Corey Goode at the Full Disclosure Project page and through his web page.
I don't know that I want to cover more on Randy Cramer and Corey Goode and their incredible experience. While their stories are very interesting, I think that I have covered way too much for a single article. This was also the first time that I dug with great depth about the Cabal. So, feel free to research more about them and their space experience. These two are surely not the only ones speaking out now. Every month, there are dozens of whistleblowers joining the ranks of those who want Full Disclosure. Ask your national government representative to research the issue. It's time for the Cabal to be prosecuted for their pedophilia related crimes. It's time to gain access to clean energy and reliable medical methods. It's time for Full disclosure.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Age of United Awakening

The age of awakening is here. Some will see through the main stream media lies sooner or later. Meanwhile, many others will quickly find that their political heroes aren't so. 
I don't know about you, but my moment of first light came when I realized that there never were weapons of mass destruction being held by Iraq's dictator as promised by Bush's CIA. Slowly, the illusion cleared and all begun to make sense. From the many periodic false flags organized by the so called intelligence agencies to the fact that there aren't two parties competing for the leadership positions in the US, it all now makes sense. 
Along the way I went through the typical stages of coping; including the well expected period of anger. But I am now past all of it. I now realize that we are on an inevitable path to awakening that will make us witness to the fall of the ruling elites who went as far as to change history to their benefit. Perhaps the internet is to thank. With all the access it provides at the strike of a key, nothing in history has democratized information as the internet does today. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be said about the fact that the old corrupt guard, the Cabal, has refused to abandon their methods well past the point where we all started to see through their deceptions. We now know that when the media accuses someone of a crime, it is their opponent who actually broke the law. We now understand that when intelligence agencies make fun of conspiracy theories, we should instead look seriously close at the facts they are laughing about. Moreover, we are even beginning to understand that the Federal Reserve is not federal and that it serves private interests. 
Every day, the 'fake media' gets closer to its grave. Every day, we 'the people' come closer to uniting behind what really matters. We will no longer be against or in favor of Antifa. We will simply ignore them. It is clear that these are fabrications intended to first divide and then distract us from the real issues. We will no longer cheer for a Clinton or a Bush as we come to the realization that both are part of the Cabal. 
Today, we will all come to the understanding that the most important battle being fought is against the corrupt minority of uber-rich who have an affinity for pedophilia. If you see Trump feeling a little cozy with the Russians or the Chinese, it is not because he loves to be painted as a traitor by the media. For the first time in many years, the former communist nations are aligned with an American President in the pursuit of law. No, it's neither Chinese gangs nor the Russian mob who are behind the most heinous of crimes humans have ever committed. No, today's pedophilia crimes touch deep into the European and American elite class; a group who uses powerful intelligence agencies to execute their bids. The traffic of children runs deep within the upper class. These children are used as sex slaves, as means to control and manipulate politicians and business leaders, and as religious offerings to the kind of gods we would never understand. The reality of the matter is that more than five million children are abducted from around the world every year to serve as slaves for no more than a couple of years. Death is the only way out of their slavery. But read this again. We are not talking about a slavery that took place hundreds of years ago. No, this slavery takes place today and it's actively protected by some of the people that have been sworn to enforce the law. 
As it should be expected, the challenge is massive. Think of the fact that solving such a widely protected crime requires a very special group of outsiders. This is why Trump is the only candidate to lead the cause. The last American President who could have taken action was killed in November of 1963 in Dallas. Trump knows well who killed John F. Kennedy and why. His insistence to declassify all CIA documents on the case have been strongly opposed by the same agency. Consider the fact that those responsible are still alive and hold positions of high influence. 
But Trump could not be bought. He has more money than most politicians. He is the first President to already have an airplane of comparable size to that of Air Force One. He was already famous and powerful. He couldn't be bribed.  In essence, the only thing Trump was missing was a place in history. He knew well that most billionaires will soon be forgotten by father time, but US Presidents seem to be a bit more memorable.
The military intelligence, who had been following the pedophilia crimes for decades also knew that Trump would be the only one who could happily face such a challenge. From the beginning, the military stood behind Trump. It is thus no surprise that he filled the White House with generals. It was also to be expected that his enemies would start knocking the same generals as soon as they had a chance. But the work done by military intelligence only needed an executor. It was ready. All Trump had to do was to use his street-smarts to start the biggest game of chess in history. 
While the 'fake' media tries to attach value to a story of a President who had a sexual relationship with a porn star, many middle players within the pedophilia ring have been arrested. By the time we are done, the arrests will shake the core of the European royal families, the Vatican, Hollywood and the international banking system. 
But progress will continue to be slow and meticulous. Just a few days ago, on April 19th, Hollywood sweet heart Allison Mack was indicted for Title 18 crimes of sex trafficking of children. Best known for her role in the Smallville TV series, Mack was indicted at the same time as Keith Raniere, a board member at the Clinton Foundation. She is facing three very serious counts relating to the international pedophilia crime cult. The main stream media has either ignored the case or has begun to defend Mack.
It's time that we unite against those who engage in the worst type of crime anyone could think of. We should now abandon what separates us and focus on what unites us. The Cabal, those behind the pedophilia cult, are also colluding in many other areas that affect all of us, albeit in different ways than how these children relate crimes do. Today, we could already say goodbye to our dependency on oil. Likewise, we should never have to see a loved one suffer from cancer or many other terrible illnesses. This is why it's paramount to stand together for the rule of law. We must unite as Trump and other outsiders clean up the Cabal. And, concurrently, we should stand as one demanding "Full Disclosure" of all Cabal secrets. As I said, the age of awakening is here.

Following are the Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG documents filled on 04/19/2018

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 2Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 1

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 4Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 3

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 5

Following are the minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial in front of judge Viktor Pohorelsky on the 24th of April of this year.

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 2minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 1

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 4minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 3

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 5

Following are the indictment papers dated 04/19/2018 for the Allison Mack criminal case.

Indictment Allison Mack page 2Indictment Allison Mack page 1

Indictment Allison Mack page 4Indictment Allison Mack page 3

Indictment Allison Mack page 5

Expect hundreds of indictments for the same crimes to follow. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hungarians: Absolute 'No' to Global Elites

Hungary Wins
In what is only the last chapter in an international war against the global elites, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán secured an impressive reelection victory. This despite millions of dollars spent by globalist billionaires like George Soros to drive everything from media smears, to out-of-control street violence. The results were so resounding that Orbán's political party, the Fidesz party, obtained a parliamentary super majority; one that has the power to change constitutional structure without challenge.
Unsurprisingly, Hungary's electoral results were mostly ignored by much of the fake-news main-stream-media. The story in Hungary should be quite familiar to many Americans. The media portrays an out of control populist leader who could become a tyrant at any time while the general public sees someone who calls it like it is and who finally understands them. The narrative against Hungary's leader, like the narrative against Trump, is created out of thin air by the same global elites that control all central banks around the world, all main news sources and the movie entertainment industry.
Global Elite Member George Soros
The same billionaires who want a nuclear war as soon as possible and who have enslaved the world's population under a mountain of debt, saw their political investment fail once again. Like Brexit and the election of Trump, the signs are clear that citizens are waking up to what is really going on. Forget about labels like Republican or Democrat, there is a group at the very top of the wealth pyramid that controls both. Whether in the form of US Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, US President ,Donald Trump, former British Independent Party Leader, Nigel Farage, or Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, the signs are getting stronger that finally there is a new generation of leaders not controlled by the global elites. But one shouldn't assume that the global elites will stop their New World Order plans. Look at the European Union, Guatemala and Colombia as places where the battle continues.
Covered under an façade of peace, inclusiveness and environmental concern, the global elites have been working on eliminating global democracy, people's financial independence and any means for citizens to defend themselves from oppressive governments. At some point, the global elites decided that economic control was essential. At the turn of the 20th century, central banks started to pop up throughout the developed world. The idea seemed great. We were told that there was a need for a mechanism powerful enough to smooth a nation's economic cycle but independent from political influence. So, the biggest middle-man in the history of middle-men was created. This middle-man was to distribute all money as it saw fit. And when they described independence, they meant that the middle-man would not be accountable to the population. It was not to be an elected organization where central managers fear being fired by a disgruntle electorate. Instead, central banks were given all economic power over the nation without any degree of accountability. Their meetings were to remain secret while their decisions would impact all people. 
Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express
Central banks started a progressively evolving movement where people's income loses purchase power at the same rate as easily obtainable debt fills the gap. The globalists ideals worked to perfection. Not only has the central bank system of fiat money made elites wealthier, but it also managed to make us all slaves of the debt they created.
Later on in the 20th century, the elites envisioned a United Nations (UN) that would erode borders and the power of national governments. We were sold on the idea that the UN would work on children's education, it would help protect the environment and our heritage and would promote peace; all things that duplicate national government departments. Thankfully, the UN was created without any teeth. The UN became a forum for much complaining but little doing. Sadly, we are left with the bill to sustain this useless bureaucracy.
Then, after it became clear that the United Nations should have been created with regulatory power, the global elites created the European Economic Union (EU). Sold under the pretence that a fluid economic exchange would end the possibility of wars between participating countries, the EU bureaucracy begun creating so many regulations that it is now impossible to understand them all. Like with other global elite models, the power of the EU lacks accountability to the European citizenship. None of the politicians in power can be fired by the public because none of them are elected. If anyone had any doubt that globalists pursue an agenda designed to eliminate democracy, the UN, central banks and the EU should serve as clear evidence to their real intentions.
Trans-Pacific Partnership
Likewise, if candidates Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would have been elected US president, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have become America's version of the EU. Both, the Clintons and the Bushes are part of the global elites that have controlled us for centuries. But since Trump became president instead, his refusal to sign made the TPP useless. This is because the goal of globalists was not to create an economic agreement between nations. Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam signed the agreement without any problem. No, their goal was to create a new super government over the US. Again, elites attempted to gain economic control without democratic accountability.
But what if economic control is not enough? Well, an effective way to control people's daily lives is by controlling their energy consumption. It is well understood that economic progress results in higher levels of energy consumption. Thus, curving energy use should have a similar effect to commercial regulations: lower economic activity. Enter the idea of Global Warming and the threat of carbon in the atmosphere. By focusing on carbon, globalists tap on the element that serves as the foundation of most energy sources. It is thus quite effective at hitting the population right where it hurts the most. From electronic luxuries at home to transportation, carbon affects all of them. Unfortunately for globalists, they forgot the fact that higher carbon in the air would quickly make the world greener. Plants love a higher mix of carbon. But a green explosion never happened.
Nano-aluminum Chem-trails
Also, the global elites forgot to mention to their blind followers that water vapor, also known as clouds and humidity, account for two thirds of all greenhouse gases. In fact, carbon will remain a minuscule portion of the atmosphere even under the most industrial of projected outcomes. As a result, the story of Global Warming has had to quickly morph into Climate Change. Never mind that the global elites are behind the use of chem-trails as part of their so called 'environmental' geo-engineering programs. Aside from releasing dangerous metals that harm people and vegetation, chem-trails also increase the greenhouse effect. Look it up, geo-engineering is used for cloud seeding.
This makes me wonder if a new program for the global elites is to control the amount of rain people get. Based on their interest behind geo-engineering and on the secretive nature of this growing industry, it would not be surprising.
All along, the global elites have continued to push for a strong media focus on gun violence. Forget that London's stabbing murder rate has surpassed New York City's gun murder rate. Ignore the fact that trucks can also be used to maim people. No, trucks and knives are not weapons average people could effectively use to protect themselves from an oppressive government. But guns are. I don't know about you, but I always found it remarkable that only countries where globalists had an interest woke up to news that kids entered schools to kill classmates using advanced military equipment and tactics. There are millions of kids in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Brazil carrying firearms every day. Yet, not one of them ever goes into a school dressed as tactical commandoes and killing everyone with the precision of trained military experts. No, that only happens where CIA or FBI officers send their kids to school. From Hitler to Chavez, dictators first remove guns. But in America, global elites come against a strong foe: the US Constitution.
US Navy Space Program
So what is next for the global elite's? Use your imagination. Anything is possible. How about a US Navy secret space program that creates a fake extraterrestrial invasion that'd call for the deployment of neutron bombs. In anticipation, the elites would run to their secret underground bunkers to remotely witness the destruction. Citizens who remain alive would then be moved to "FEMA" labeled camps where they would be selected on the bases of their willingness to obey.
Farfetched? Perhaps. For now, we should celebrate any time a new leader rises above global elite influence. We should also hope that Trump's succeeds on his current war against the secret pedophilia groups who traffic children across the world. This is indeed a historic moment. But rather than seeing things through the lens of anger, we should see things for what they are: this is a moment of enlightenment when humanity will finally come to understand that much of what has made us feel ashamed of our actions was in fact created by few terrible people. This is the time for conservatives and progressives to come together against the enemy of humanity. As the truth comes out, we will feel happier standing next to our fellow men and women. Let's remain optimistic. Let's elevate our global community's positive energy.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump Preparing to Suspend Constitutional Rights

Why is the Trump-hating media saying nothing about it? 
As Trump issues a second Executive Order, the media's silence is deafening. Either the two Executive Orders are meaningless or the media is showing a strong conflict of interest. So far Trump has issued two remarkable Executive Orders. The first was signed during the Christmas week last December. The second order became public just a few days ago. Both are part of a clearly related, yet quiet strategy to bring into justice some of the most powerful people in  the world. Through the first order, Trump claims temporary executive privileges that give him the right to conduct military tribunals against enemies of the state, national and international. These tribunals would suspend all constitutional rights of those deemed to be a risk to the stability of the country. US citizens accused of such treasonous crimes would be deprived of the usual stuff. You know, the whole Sixth Amendment guaranteeing the right to a public trial by a jury of peers would be out the window. Protocols like having to Mirandizing the arrested will be ignored . The second order changes the structure of military tribunals by allowing the hiring of civil judges and lawyers. In other words, it hints at the fact that present military court staff will be so busy as to not be able to handle all the cases that are sure to come up. While the first order describes the seriousness of the expected punishment, the second one portrays the gigantic number of cases that are anticipated.
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
Trump's Executive Order to 
go after pedophile network
For a media that accuses Trump of being a tyrant, one would think that the threat of suspension of civil rights would present a valuable opportunity to attack. Under the right spin, the media could use these events to demonstrate to their audience that Trump has lost it, that he is about to eliminate all his enemies at once, just as Chavez, Castro and all other dictators did. Still, nothing is said. There is no mention of any of the two orders. Why?
When coming to power, Trump was welcomed by two intelligence sides who wanted his attention. By now, he has realized that he lucked out by getting himself surrounded by generals. While the military state has plenty of corruption to deal with, this time it was the safer bet for Trump. He now knows that the other side has deep roots into a world of corruption like nothing else ever seen in our country. The connections stretch back to the death of both President John F. Kennedy and his little brother, presidencial candidate  Robert Kennedy; from the Iran-contras scandal to the Medellin cartel. Over decades, US military bases around the world have served as logistics networks for the CIA; an intelligence group that has operated under the control of the wealthiest and most powerful people for decades. Everything from guns, to drugs, to children are trafficked through this logistics network. All along, military intelligence has witnessed what has been done in the name of our nation. Perhaps out of political envy or perhaps out of a sense of patriotism, this same military intelligence has been building a case against the pedophile ring that is said to be used as a way to control politicians and powerful businessmen. In a world where everybody in power seems dirty, the pedophilia ring blurs the edges of where good citizens who found themselves at the wrong place end and where the bad guys begin. As they say, never attend a private party in Washington DC at less that you are fine being drugged up and waking up next to a nude child and a few Polaroids to serve as evidence.
2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
Trump's Martial Court Amendments
There has been a lot of rumors that the military has readied the Guantanamo base in Cuba to accept more than a thousand criminals to face the military tribunals. It is also said that there are close to a thousand sealed indictments ready to be delivered. One thing is for sure. So far, the target list of foreign nationals is over a thousand pages long. Published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the list gives personal and businesses information. Yet, the big names are to be announced before the 2019 deadline for the Executive Orders.
Understandably, the ring of corruption, if it materializes, will surely extend to some in the media. This may explain why the New York Times and the Washington Post, both of whom hold deep hate for Trump, say nothing about the orders. Any front page mention will force everyone to look closer at what is happening. Then, once questioned, Trump could announce the reason behind the Presidential Orders and publicly trap the media through their own pages. By now, every political opinion expert in the nation has witnessed the great ability Trump has at playing high stakes chess.
In any case, the whole thing should become public pretty soon. It is clear that the White House is reading for their final move. Trump shun the media when he directly announced on Twitter that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was fired. In a double move intended to clear the CIA from its corrupt leadership, Tillerson was replaced by former CIA director, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo on his part was replaced by former CIA Deputy Director, Gina Haspel. All of which is sure to remain unconfirmed by the Senate for months. Could it be that Trump's plan is to maintain the CIA headless until he can get a better handle of congress?
Meanwhile, US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is considering the possibility of firing FBI Deputy Director, Andre McCabe. McCabe is surrounded by many controversies relating to his relationship to the Clintons, former FBI Director James Comey and a separate issue relating to donations to his wife's campaign for Virginia State Senate. If fired, this would occur right before McCabe's official retirement date; a fact that would take away his 22-year-career pension. This would be indeed quite poetic considering that he refused to recuse himself from the Clinton email scandal investigation until right before the Presidential elections.
OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List
List of People and Businesses
to have their assets frozen
Meanwhile those who are attacking the President have now shifted to desperate moves. Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, continues to interview Trump with the goal of trapping him on a technical lie. That would be the last chance at an impeachment that would stop the military tribunals. Mueller is also continuing to target Trump's son-in-law. The environment in Washington is sure to become radioactive in the near future.
I don't like the idea of a President evoking the privilege to call for Martial Law. But if this is the best way to make sure that the pedophilia ring comes to an end, I am all for it. If any of these predictions prove to be correct, there is a strong probability that powerful people within central banks, the Vatican and government will go to jail. There is even a chance that a constitutional crisis may place a dark cloud over the US history. If Obama's presidency is somehow deemed to have been illegal, all his appointees would become illegal too. All of his orders would have to be reversed. Any moneys used may have to be clawed back. It would be a mess.
Keep an eye on the historic events unfolding right before our eyes.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Today's HR Hires Mediocrity

Have you ever heard of an exceptional employee who stayed at the same job for ten years? How about for five years? No, remarkable performers shine above the rest and quickly take on bigger challenges. So, why then is it that today's human resource (HR) departments prefer job applicants who have sat at the same desk for long? Why do they display a bias towards mediocrity?
Let's agree on the following: just as performance everywhere can be illustrated with a bell curve, so does performance at work. In a bell curve we see that most participants saturate the middle of the curve. While it isn't nice to call those in the middle "mediocre", the term 'medius' comes from Latin and means middle. In other words, mediocrity is what people in the middle do.
Then, as performance increases to the right of the bell curve, we see very few participants. The higher individual performance is, the smaller the number of participants. Finally, to the left of the middle, we find the opposite. As performance drops, we see that there are fewer and fewer participants.
This matches my empirical experience. As an executive, I found that most people wanted to do a good job at work but couldn't for a reason. I saw that their performance was average when compared to the pool of available workers. Most displayed mediocrity.
If we now ask the proverbial monkey to select employees by flipping coins, we'd find that the company's workforce will display the same characteristics as that of the pool of available workers; the same bell curve with equal performance levels. After years of solving problems at many companies, I have concluded that performance standards are generally equal everywhere. While every company seems to have a couple of great performers, these usually carry the weight for a couple of underperformers. In the meantime, the rest of the employees are not bad, but not good either. The bell curve is similar in most companies. So, being that this is the case, why should organizations have an HR department at all? When HR's performance is no better than chance, why pay for anyone who claims to be specialized on the art of identifying special talent?
There are two main reasons why employees don't perform better. Either they do not have the knowledge or they don't want to use it. It's that simple.
While looking for the knowledge part, most hiring managers place way too much emphasis on identical job experience. They think that the only way to test for the needed technical insight is by matching the posting's title to the candidate's previous job titles. This is the wrong presumption. There are uniquely exceptional candidates who may presently lack some of the necessary knowledge who, as long as they have sufficient brain power, will have no difficulty with any technical aspect of the job. In no time, they will be up and running.
I have often told customer service agents in highly technical industries not to worry about being stumped with difficult inquiries. I assure them that, after a single day of thirty to forty tough calls, they will become experts. Therefore, hiring managers should look for evidence of either the technical insight needed for the position and industry or the brain power to get it. Thus, limiting the search to only those with the same title short-changes the company's chances at placing exceptional performers at every desk in the office. Moreover, looking for resumes sporting the same job title for many years is a sure way to identify candidates who performed at average levels. It certifies that their superiors didn't see any additional potential in them. While this is not the case for all everyone, this is surely the statistical problem with most of them. Yes, some employees worked for bad bosses who could not identify the employee's superior performance levels, but why did the employees stay there if the company didn't match their standards? Where was the fire in the belly they now claim to have?
As for identifying candidates who are willing to use their knowledge on their quest to the land of exceptional performance, the issue requires looking for signs of engagement-with-integrity, with emphasis on integrity. Let me tell you: you get smart people with very low integrity or ethical standards in your company and they will clean the company's bank account. Looking for brain power isn't enough. Any person who fails to have the qualities of engagement and integrity represents an eminent risk to the company. The least they can do is to sit on their hands when asked to take on additional responsibilities. Unfortunately, this is very common in all organizations. Still, it isn't as bad as it could be. Under the worst case scenario, the employee could absolutely sabotage the company. From corporate espionage, to destroying the relationship with key customers, to utter theft, are all possibilities.
Now I ask you, the HR expert, where in a resume or on your online application form do you have a way to identify exceptional candidates? Why is it that your application-filtering process takes the chance of getting rid of the many fantastic candidates who happen to fail some not relevant trait or experience? Yes, I am suggesting that you start by questioning the use of the job posting software you are currently using until you find a way to discern a candidate's technical knowledge, the need brain power and their engagement-with-integrity level. Don't be surprised if your hiring software of choice is letting you down. That would just be as expected; it would be mediocre.
Is it possible to get great employees at every single position? Yes. Read the book Money Ball by Michael Lewis. The book shows how a systemic approach, one not based on luck, can be used to build an exceptionally performing team. Moreover, the book demonstrates that paying more for better talent isn't necessary when the right system is in place. These facts also match with my experience. If I would have let database algorithms pick employees for me, my professional career would have been much less fun. Instead, I looked for those with high brain power and just enough technical insight to get started. I focused on gauging their will to commit while maintaining high integrity at all times. 
But guess what? Following this method is not easy. It requires work. It also forces hiring managers to make better decisions all the time.
No one has ever been fired for hiring an identical match to the job description. That's the safe thing to do. On the other hand, hiring a person from a different industry is scary to many. Not all people are up for the extra work or the pressure to make better decisions. Hiring managers, after all, are no different than the rest. Most are statistically mediocre.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Net Diversity at Work

It's well accepted that diversity is the key to corporate success. We all can agree to it. Unfortunately in business, the road to hell is really paved with great intentions. The problem with diversity has everything to do with its definition.  In a politically correct (PC) world, diversity focuses on characteristics like ethnicity, color, gender and religion. Yet, looking at diversity from this perspective isn't enough. In fact, under many circumstances, defining diversity in this way results in low net diversity.
In a country like Japan where most citizens are of a tightly homogeneous background, bringing people of a different color or ethnic background will in fact improve net diversity. But in a country like the US where people of different color, religious affiliation and gender grew up in the same area, attended the same schools and admired the same music, it is very difficult to improve net diversity by grouping superficially different people who think and act similarly. In other words, corporate human resource (HR) departments in diverse communities must look beyond the surface if their goal is to create the most prosperous environment for a business and its stakeholders.
Let's say that HR fills the corporate bus with a superficially diverse group formed by identical perpetual-optimists. HR reaches a perfect mix in all regulatory diversity metrics. Gender, race, color and religion are all accounted for and well balanced. PC at its best. Yet, since emotional profile diversity isn't part of their diversity metric, the company ends up with all the people in the bus feeling and thinking the same. With no realists on board to ruin the pleasure, the proverbial corporate trip will sure feel happy and exciting. Unfortunately without a healthy dosage of realism, the day-dreaming bunch will soon end up in LA-LA land; literally. They will travel far and fast but will arrive to nowhere soon. As the bus dives into the Great Canyon, we will hear nothing more than their chants of happiness fade as they accelerate towards the bottom.
On the other hand, fill the bus with a superficially diverse bunch of highly structured people and there will be no end to the complaining. After analyzing and debating every possible thing that could go wrong the bus will remain safely static. Next, fill the bus with a superficially diverse group of natural leaders and you will do no better.
These illustrations reflect the reality that a company's success is closely tied to net diversity and that net diversity is more than skin deep. Instead of looking at applicant superficial traits, HR departments should be blind to them. Instead, it is paramount to look at the emotional profile of each individual. Thankfully, emotional profiling has been around HR departments for many years now. First look at the position to be filled and then define the ideal emotional profile. Every job description best matches a unique emotional personality profile. Accounting tasks requires highly structured people who are adept at tightly following pre-established rules and work best under highly predictable, read repetitive, environments. Operational tasks demand people who love accomplishing. Emotional diversity is even needed within a marketing department. Idea generation is best dealt with by natural optimists who enjoy the trip rather than the arrival while marketing production requires a profile similar to those in many operational positions. Repeat finding the best candidate with the right personality match over and over and the company will end up high performing net diversity. In the end, this should be the real goal.
Unfortunately, many of today's HR departments become too concerned with hiring too many members of a given color or gender. Unfortunately, the sad reality of this attitude is that they are no longer being religion, color or gender blind. They are becoming biased. To bias something means to apply an unequal weight over a section of that something. This applies as much to physics as to social issues.
Yet the worst part of developing this bias is that HR departments end up subsequently exposing the company to unnecessary performance risk. By forcing an employee onto a job for which they are not a natural match, professional underperformance will result in apathy, a lack of engagement and finally low employee morale. A job requiring meticulous attention to detail and a high tolerance for repetition will be poorly done by a flexible, imaginative and charismatic worker. In fact, the employee will soon hate the job. No matter how well intended everyone is, the company and the employee lose when PC biases exist.
Get instead someone who naturally feels an adrenaline rush every time each fraction of a task is finished, one of those structured people who never breaks and never lets you down, and everything changes. The company gets super productivity while employee satisfaction is maximized. Everyone wins even in situations where the racial balance is off target, for example.
Despite the absence of the Kumbaya feeling that materializes when all PC metrics are in order, HR departments everywhere need to recognize that net diversity trumps superficial diversity. Closely follow standard PC metrics and HR will build an unhappy and underperforming organization.
I thus suggest not to stress too much about the usual PC metrics. By remaining blind to superficial diversity, by applying random selection of color, ethnicity, gender, etc., net diversity can be achieved. Let's consider that a roulette wheel that lands nine consecutive times on black is not necessarily biased. This is because true randomness has no memory of what just happened. Statistically, it is perfectly acceptable for black to occur nine times in a row within a real random environment. Likewise, it is possible that a randomly operating HR department may hire nine women in a row. In a random environment, the trend periodically migrates away from the mean. While such pattern of similar hires may be a three standard deviation event, the trend will sure revert to the long term mean based on company size and employee pool availability. Statistically, any deviation from accepted PC diversity should be solved in a random selection system over the long term without needing to apply any weight or bias to the system.
Former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch recognized that a company's future success is highly dependent on the performance of its HR department. Think of it. All corporate success stories first pass through HR. So, thanks to an ever more competitive environment, the responsibility of all hiring managers has never been greater. If we then consider the massive burden that superficial PC diversity metrics place on their shoulders, it is no wonder that most companies underperform when compared to industry leaders. Therefore, it is time to realize that in an already diverse society like that of the US, emotional diversity will result in the superior king of net diversity needed by employees and employers.