Friday, June 19, 2020

Adrenochrome Trafficking

Some think that child trafficking is a disorganized activity perpetrated by a few bad apples. How then is it the highest grossing business above drugs and weapons trafficking worldwide? 
Ending it means ending poverty, racism, financial slavery, poor health and environment abuse.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Law & Order

Law & Order equal Fairness & Stability.
These are essential for a healthy child. But to a predator, these are obstacles to their control. So, the Cabal, with their media, create an environment of UNFAIRNESS and INSTABILITY to make us easy to manipulate.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Why the False-flag Riots?

So, this is why the Cabal started the False-flag Riots. Watch this video and then read my comment below:

The goal is to take attention away from the officially blaming of China for the Virus. The Cabal wants us in fear of a natural virus that jumps species and which is known by no one. They would then delay vaccines until after the elections. That would force us to vote by mail.
Now imagine what would happen if China is guilty and has all the knowledge about it and the cures (the same they used already). Then what? We would be happy to walk to the ballot box. But if the media hides the source of the virus, then maybe we could remain in fear for as long as the beautiful people on TV and their "scientific" experts say so.

Sheep no more.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo

These are the Ukrainian calls that did demonstrate the existence of a Quid Pro Quo. people are sick and think that those who support them are fools. Whatever crime the Cabal commits, that is exactly what they will accuse others of doing. And to think that there are millions of well intended citizens who believe in what they claim.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

End the WHO and the rest of the UN

As the media continues to carry the CIA's mind control messages and propaganda, we need to come to the realization that all organizations and regulators that we thought worked for our wellbeing operate for the benefit of the Cabal instead. We are facing an economic war. We are witnessing a direct attack on humanity. To understand who is set up to gain from the virus plan-demic and the global shut down all we have to do is listen to what the Cabal has been publicly announcing for decades. They want to reduce the global population to about half a billion total. That means that, for every twenty people you know, only one would survive. Bill Gates personally said, back when he claimed to donate all his money to charity, that vaccines would reduce the world's population if successful. This is why African countries are a big target for vaccination. This is why it is especially important that we unite with our brothers and sisters living in countries that we never hear about. This is a battle between humanity and the Cabalistic family.
Yesterday, Trump continued his relentless push towards the liberation of humanity by attacking one of the many weapons the Cabal uses against us. The Cabal knows that we are easily swayed by experts. So, they provide plenty of them to guide us into the abyss. The World Health Organization, the same as the rest of the Cabal owned United Nations, needs to disappear. These are groups used by the royals to syphon money and to exert control over us.
But the media will twist the truth, as always. They are quick to respond with the CIA's provided propaganda news accusing Trump of being mentally derailed when nothing could be further from the truth. So, to help you form your own opinion rather than being exposed to manipulation by the media, I am listing here the letter sent to the WHO by the White House. Do read it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Musk Has Been Flipped

The only way this would be possible is if he had never participated in pedophilia and if he would change away from his alignment with the Cabal. By defying California's Plan-demic guidelines, Elon Musk is now showing signs that his recent meeting with the Whitehats was a positive one. If true, this event would be very important for the environmental movement.
The recently-published pollution-free energy technology from the Navy's Secret Space Program will only operate in electric vehicles. As such, it is a natural match for the Tesla company. The only difference is that there will no longer be the need for batteries in each car as energy is constantly produced by the technology. Moreover, the Whitehats attempting to end the Cabal's enslavement of humanity will need large factories in order to be able to produce enough of the perpetual-energy devices for all citizens to have. This will be a challenge as all large automakers are presently controlled by the Cabal. So, a change in direction by Musk would represent a large strategic win for the patriots' side. Still, this could only take place if the famous entrepreneur has never participated in child trafficking or child abuse rituals as the rest of the Cabal does. As it stands right now, no pedophile will given a sentencing break once brought to justice.
I don't know about you. I am willing to give anyone who did not harm children a break and to welcome them to the side of light. This is the great awakening.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Goat and Exotic Fruit Test Positive to Virus

Even the Tanzanian government is waking up to the criminal lies surrounding the virus economic-attack. A Reuters article described today how a goat and an exotic fruit, among other abnormal samples, were given a name and an age. They were then swabbed as part of an accountability test of the corona-virus task force's ethical behavior.
Well, the news are not so great for those who managed the project, which was claimed to have the intent of protecting the people of the country of Tanzania. It turns out that the human impersonators tested positive to the virus. Yes, the fruit is now so sick that it is unable to breath while being plugged into a respirator. It's kind of like the dog that received a social security number but not as funny.
I and others have previously stated that the tests are grossly inaccurate in that they produce a substantial number of false positives. This is because a lot of cellular waste tests similarly. Let me explain the relevance of this.
Many people think that a virus is an organism, like a bacteria. A bacteria is a large cell that contains a complete living being. A virus is no such thing. Instead, a virus is the residue from dead cells. That is why viruses contain DNA. Such DNA continues to resonate despite the cell's death. The problem is that it now resonates to a different tune; one of death. As a result, living cells of the same kind, or genetic lineage, can catch the resonance of the virus' DNA and begin to decay as well. This is why an apple that is spoiling can spoil other apples in the same basket if not removed. At the same time, a banana in the proximity of such spoiling apple would not suffer the same fate as the two fruits do not share the same genetic make up. Meanwhile, if bacteria grows in a piece of fruit, it will spread to the other fruits and even to the basket's surface. A bacteria's success does not depend on a match between its DNA and that of the host.
Thankfully, our body cleanses all such cell damaged material daily; all potential viruses. It is the immune system that is responsible to cleanse the caucuses of the more than 60,000 cells that die in our bodies every single day of our lives. This is also why viruses can attack our cellular integrity when our immune system is not working well, when the body's flushing system fails. We have plenty of potential virus material in us already. Sadly, this flushing system is susceptible to malfunction when exposed to energy in the microwave spectrum. Cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, weather radar stations and 5G towers and repeaters, all affect our ability to stay free from virus attacks.
This story tells us quite a bit about the accuracy of the tests they want us all to take before the Cabal orders in the vaccine army. The way we battle back is by staying away from fear. Be a loving person and your immune system and DNA resonance will be at peak performance.

PS. I hope that you don't mind that I have migrated away from the accurately scientific names that biologists normally use to describe the functions of the immune system. I found it necessary in order to make a clear and simple explanation of our bodies and their susceptibility to virus attacks. I know that I am opening the door to be criticized on a technical basis, but my goal is clarity.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Programming Social-Distance

Like all mind-control programs, social distancing and obedience conditioning begin early. It all starts with clear and commanding instructions by a person with authority. Then comes the distancing. Finally, we are conditioned into remaining quiet through the whole exercise.

Next time, think twice before limiting your children from doing random acts of exploration, including socializing.

Lesson learned.

Price paid.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Fauci Knew about HCQ in 2005 -- Nobody Needed to Die

What else can I say that isn't obvious to all. We bought into fear. We are now broke for being such obedient puppies.

And before I am asked to provide scientific evidence that the CDC knew that Covid was no-match for what is no more than pool-water-in-a-pill, here is the link to the study. Yes, I know it seems hard to believe that the CDC, WHO, FDA, AMA, CIA would prefer to sell us expensive drugs, vaccines and tests over cheap pill; especially when the cheap pill cures us fully in just five days. Imagine: no lifelong prescriptions to break the bank. 

It also seems incongruent that an spartan method would be effective against such bad-boy of a virus. So, before you let your feelings run wild, consider that the same pool-water (ph-neutral water saturated with chlorine gas) is used in every blood-donation-bag to kill from aids to pretty much any other virus. 

When you look at the 2005 study, note the first author who is a CDC scientist. These people are sick.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Science Behind the Cure

I present to you a series of white papers as scientific evidence that Covid-19 can be cured by Chloroquine (CHQ) / Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). I hope that it is enough to convince those who still think that a media person or a governor are experts at anything.

But before, I would also like to share the video of the California doctors that was removed from my two channels by the Cabal controlled social-media. YouTube's CEO offered the reason that any information that did not match the propaganda by the Cabal-controlled World Health Organization would be removed. Watch and see what is it that they fear most.

The cure is no more than Ph-neutral water saturated with chlorine gas. While most of the studies are recent, there are some that go back to the early 2,000's. And yes, that was for the supposedly new version of the virus. As I have said, Covid19 is a patented virus. The US Center for Disease Control owns the patent and labs around the world may get access to the design. I hope that this helps soothe the sense of fear the media has triggered.
Love to all.