Saturday, April 25, 2020

5G and Radar; Their Effect on the Virus

After looking at this video that finds correlation between the number of virus cases and the number of 5G radiating points,
I would like to add comments. But before, make sure to watch this video to see what I am talking about.

Day Radar Activity

I would like to add that there is an additional phenomena that should be considered as part of the multilayered attack on humanity by the Cabal.
I have noticed that, every night while we sleep, all the radar stations across the country have gone into full-blast mode. During the day, when air traffic is high and when weather patterns are no different, the radar energy (around 100 GHz) radiated by the towers is normal. In the image to the left, radar energy is registered as the blue-ish circular blotches on the map.

Night Radar Activity
Now notice that as soon as clocks pass midnight, the towers radiate at full force. So, as time changes from zone to zone across the country, the wall of radiations also travels from east coast to west coast. The blotches clearly increase in density and cover a much larger area of the map. It is important to note that a change of a few miles in diameter represents an exponentially larger increase in radiated energy. Then, before we wake up, radiation goes back to normal.

We know that microwave energy at these frequencies is more dangerous on the body than 5G; although it does not energize oxygen in the same way as 5G as I described in a separate post (linked here).

My intuition tells me that the information the video provides is correct; that 5G directly influences the virus, perhaps because of its effects on the quantum state of oxygen. But I would also add that everyone's immune system is being undermined as we sleep. With a low immune system, the body's ability to rid itself from naturally occurring cell-damage waste is undermined. Because the Covid19 test looks for this type of waste, we would all result positive if tested; which would explain why the media and politicians are pushing for widespread testing. It would also add to the mass fear.
Being that this will not be the last virus shutdown we'll experience, we need to consider and educate others on the effects of the radar grid on our bodies. Here is the link to the site I use.

It is important to remember the three steps towards the liberation of humanity.
1- We educate others. This will help them go through the full emotional experience that is needed to release the negative energies. It also fulfills the soul's goal of having a complete emotional experience as the kaleidoscopically-emotional beings that we humans are.
2- We all then express our sovereignty. We spell the intent to be free from control, attacks, etc. We remove any permissions we previously gave. We end any contracts we had with the bad guys.
3- Finally, we thank the bad guys for their help teaching us a valuable lesson. We do this from a position of unconditional love.We say goodbye.

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