Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Conspiracy theory - NO MORE

By officially confirming what we already knew, the Pentagon continues it's soft-disclosure program that will peak as they publicly demonstrate their Black Manta triangular space craft from forty years ago. Insiders call it the Model-T because it is the TR-3B and because it's almost as old as Ford's Model T's. Still, we will be told that they are brand spanking new technologies for our "new" space force. Wait until we meet the neighborhoods. But first, we need to no longer be a prison planet. It will be very fun.

Here is the link to the SkyNews article.

Update 2020-04-29

By now, the images are all over the news; something that may not be so great. Remember, when the media pushes something, it is the wrong thing for us. This is specially so when Cabal puppets like Harry Reid suggest that the Pentagon didn't go far enough in their disclosure of what they know. (https://youtu.be/WCwDNGnu8oE).

You see, there are members of the Cabal who feel that the only way to get us all to completely give up our constitutional rights is to create the mother of all false flags. A false flag that would dwarf 9-11. They have planned a fake alien invasion. And why not? The have the technology and the craft needed. Look at how Steven Greer touches on this same subject. (https://youtu.be/12UHRyRwPfA).

These people are sick. Can't wait to star seeing them all face federal court.

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