Sunday, April 19, 2020

Biden: No More than a Placeholder?

Don't be surprised if Biden's more than obvious loss of logical direction during speeches is part of a plan. A common practice in court is to play the mentally incapable witness. Well, how convenient would it be if Biden was to select a vice-president meant to become president, in case the Cabal cheated enough to win the election? They probably feel that the person they want to run America is ineligible and that Biden is; as the sweet-ol man they attempt to portray. Even my mom missed the reason why Biden is described as creepy. She only saw the soft facade and none of the well documented child grabbing.
A Cabal-ish plan would see him as the presidential candidate and, after a lot of cheating, as the president. Doctors would then "sadly" tell the nation that their president lost all rational abilities and will have to take the constitutional step-down; thus leaving the vice-president in charge.
So, pay attention to his vice-presidential candidate to see who the Cabal really wants in power.
Alternatively, focus your intent in launching humanity into freedom. Do not waste your energy in the minutia and gyrations of daily Cabal exploits and remain in a state of love.

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