Monday, May 4, 2020

Fauci Knew about HCQ in 2005 -- Nobody Needed to Die

What else can I say that isn't obvious to all. We bought into fear. We are now broke for being such obedient puppies.

And before I am asked to provide scientific evidence that the CDC knew that Covid was no-match for what is no more than pool-water-in-a-pill, here is the link to the study. Yes, I know it seems hard to believe that the CDC, WHO, FDA, AMA, CIA would prefer to sell us expensive drugs, vaccines and tests over cheap pill; especially when the cheap pill cures us fully in just five days. Imagine: no lifelong prescriptions to break the bank. 

It also seems incongruent that an spartan method would be effective against such bad-boy of a virus. So, before you let your feelings run wild, consider that the same pool-water (ph-neutral water saturated with chlorine gas) is used in every blood-donation-bag to kill from aids to pretty much any other virus. 

When you look at the 2005 study, note the first author who is a CDC scientist. These people are sick.

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