Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Musk Has Been Flipped

The only way this would be possible is if he had never participated in pedophilia and if he would change away from his alignment with the Cabal. By defying California's Plan-demic guidelines, Elon Musk is now showing signs that his recent meeting with the Whitehats was a positive one. If true, this event would be very important for the environmental movement.
The recently-published pollution-free energy technology from the Navy's Secret Space Program will only operate in electric vehicles. As such, it is a natural match for the Tesla company. The only difference is that there will no longer be the need for batteries in each car as energy is constantly produced by the technology. Moreover, the Whitehats attempting to end the Cabal's enslavement of humanity will need large factories in order to be able to produce enough of the perpetual-energy devices for all citizens to have. This will be a challenge as all large automakers are presently controlled by the Cabal. So, a change in direction by Musk would represent a large strategic win for the patriots' side. Still, this could only take place if the famous entrepreneur has never participated in child trafficking or child abuse rituals as the rest of the Cabal does. As it stands right now, no pedophile will given a sentencing break once brought to justice.
I don't know about you. I am willing to give anyone who did not harm children a break and to welcome them to the side of light. This is the great awakening.

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