Tuesday, May 19, 2020

End the WHO and the rest of the UN

As the media continues to carry the CIA's mind control messages and propaganda, we need to come to the realization that all organizations and regulators that we thought worked for our wellbeing operate for the benefit of the Cabal instead. We are facing an economic war. We are witnessing a direct attack on humanity. To understand who is set up to gain from the virus plan-demic and the global shut down all we have to do is listen to what the Cabal has been publicly announcing for decades. They want to reduce the global population to about half a billion total. That means that, for every twenty people you know, only one would survive. Bill Gates personally said, back when he claimed to donate all his money to charity, that vaccines would reduce the world's population if successful. This is why African countries are a big target for vaccination. This is why it is especially important that we unite with our brothers and sisters living in countries that we never hear about. This is a battle between humanity and the Cabalistic family.
Yesterday, Trump continued his relentless push towards the liberation of humanity by attacking one of the many weapons the Cabal uses against us. The Cabal knows that we are easily swayed by experts. So, they provide plenty of them to guide us into the abyss. The World Health Organization, the same as the rest of the Cabal owned United Nations, needs to disappear. These are groups used by the royals to syphon money and to exert control over us.
But the media will twist the truth, as always. They are quick to respond with the CIA's provided propaganda news accusing Trump of being mentally derailed when nothing could be further from the truth. So, to help you form your own opinion rather than being exposed to manipulation by the media, I am listing here the letter sent to the WHO by the White House. Do read it.

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