Monday, October 28, 2019

Quantum Physical Love

One of the main questions that the catholic church fails to properly explain is why would a loving God create bad people who make others suffer? How is it that someone who claims to love me, the God portrayed by the church, can at the same time give me a life of pain and suffering? How can the same God appear to reward those who abuse and take advantage of good people?
To those asking these questions, the church simply demands for faith; to blindly believe. Nothing more is said. If anything, the caveat that God will punish those who harm others is sometimes offered. Yet, that only raises another question. How is it that a loving God could punish anyone? This is the problem with the control system that I was baptized under. Their explanations crumble as one answer gives birth to more questions.
But let’s look at an alternative to their control mechanism. Let’s try to see the universe from the perspective of quantum physics. This branch of science sees everything that exists as energy. We are energy. The whole universe is energy. The only difference between energies is their frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency, the more energy that's present. In essence, we are one with the universe and with any other being. First, the energy of the universe is all there is. Next, the universe's energy creates us. The universal energy is like a god and we are made by it.
The God that most of us would prefer over the punishing-type is one that grants unconditional love. No matter what we do, we want to be loved. And that is how the universe treats us. There is no judgment. Because all the energy of the universe is also all the love there is, being a small part of the universal energy means that we are a small part of that love. By being energy, we are love. We are loved because we “are”; because we exist in this love universe.
If so, why then is it that there is suffering and pain all around us? And here is where the answer isn’t about what God does but what we do. God gives us the ability to create just as he does. The universe’s energy creates and so do we. Therefore, the reason for the suffering we see is that we, not anyone else, selected to suffer in pain. Because this idea is sure to raise a few eyebrows, allow me to expand.
It all begins with the understanding that a soul, our soul, is energy that is not limited by our body’s low frequency existence. In other words, our soul exists within an environment of such high frequency that all or most of the universe’s information is within access.
Over many years, people with existential questions hired the services of hypnosis expert, Dolores Cannon. Their questions dealt with every aspect of personal suffering as well as the reasons for our existence. Dolores placed her clients under deep hypnosis until they reached the point when their master soul, their higher-self, would come into conversation with her. Seemingly, higher-selves have an infinite ability to know. Their ability to answer any given question was constantly limited only by what the client was ready to learn. So, as more enlightened clients hired her help, the answers became ever deeper and more profound.
In essence, our soul knows pretty much everything. Think of it as the adult in the room; the person who knows better. As such, a soul struggles to be creative. Most adults do not have the creativity of children because they know best what can go wrong. They know that doing this or that will result in mistakes. So, insightful adults do not often experiment. They do not act creatively. Children, on the other hand, do. We could think of it as the need to be naive in order to become creative. So, when a soul wishes to create new experiences to learn from, the soul faces the challenge that its creativity is hindered by its high understanding, by its high degree of enlightenment. Who in their right mind would commit purposeful mistakes? A child would. This results in a soul that chooses to incarnate as a low information human; as a person with little understanding.
Both a compact disc (CD) and a DVD are of very similar in size. The difference is that a CD holds only one hour of sound while a DVD holds two hours of sound plus two hours of video. Let’s keep in mind that video storage requires much more capacity than audio storage. That means that a CD has a much lower capacity that that of a DVD. The reason behind the difference in capacity is that the CD uses a lower frequency laser than DVD's do. A small change in laser frequency results in a massive increase in the ability to hold information. The same goes for earth’s density when compared to other densities. We live within an environment where information easily saturates our storage mechanisms.
Being that we are low information beings, we are in essence the children of the universe. This is why earth is such a well-regarded place of learning. Our low frequency existence means that we exist with very little that gets in the way of creative experiences. As children, we have playful fun nonstop. We eat what we are not supposed to. We hurt those who love us. We create chaos within our own home. Also, we live in need of constant loving reassurance. This child-like nature of humans is why so many of our galactic family members love us so much. To them, we are as cute as buttons. When we mess things up, they forgive us. We are children after all.
But our being like children is also why there are those who attempt to take advantage of us. The local bullies love nothing more than taking our lunch and stealing our candy. We easily fear. Don’t look in the dark as bad things may hide within the shadows. Then, some of us will even take on roles that support the bad guys. We are easy to manipulate. Think of a group of four year-olds playing soccer. They all clump around the ball. Not one of them will run to where the ball will be. They all just follow based on what they know at the time. In the same way, we are easy to manipulate by those who move the ball around; we act as a herd. We are exposed to media programming. Our politicians lie to us. Our books falsify history. Our medicines poison us. And we naively continue to trust them all.
Now that the goal behind selecting a creative life isn’t just to flame chaos. Innovative creation for the purpose of learning is the soul's goal. That negative outcomes materialize from time to time is just part of the experiment. When a soul incarnates here, it has the chance to do what it would never do while in its high enlightenment space.
A soul knows love but has no idea about the absence of love. So, it incarnates as a human to gain that knowledge. Being a compassionate, a soul sometime wishes to experience the absence of compassion.
This is how a soul can find its way into incarnating as a person who is in service to self, into a negative individual. It’s not that the soul has lost-it or that it made a mistake. Every important experience we have is planned; it's contracted. In fact, there is no such thing as a permanently negative soul. Any devilish negativity is all just part of that single experience. Even when negative karma is left unpaid, the soul comes back to later become the abused, the hated, the sufferer.
This is why a universal god would love all, even bad people. It loves all because all is love. What seems like a materially bad person is no more than illusionary experience by a soul in its way to furthering the universe’s understanding. Because the soul is part of all that there is, a soul that lives a new experience adds insight to itself and to the whole universe. In a nutshell, the infinite creator makes souls so that these souls then allow it to experience new creations. That’s why there are so many souls and so many ways to experience. Some souls become the consciousness of a rock. The absence of freewill within a rock sheds light on the value of freewill in, say, a human. Some souls become trees to understand the connection to birds, their star's energetic light and their grounding planet. All are different forms of incarnating. All are different ways of enriching the knowledge within the universe. From a quantum physical perspective, if all there is around the universe is what we could call god, then god creates both good and bad as a way to increase enlightenment.
But the window where negative experiences can be created is narrow. Too low of frequency and we find a rock with no ability to do much. Too high of frequency and we find angels who can’t do harm. So, it is within the third and fourth density that negative experiences can be created. And because fourth density beings are generally smarter than third density ones, these are the ones that can act as bullies over those in third density. This should be viewed as natural as seeing our children experience bullying in school. Older kids pick on the little ones even at family parties.
Of course that expecting older kids to pick on little ones doesn't make it acceptable. It simply reflects the experience that we all eventually go through as we become better people. In the same way, many souls suffer on their way to higher understanding. But the way not to be trapped within cycles of negative experience is by moving away from the bad kids. We surpass bad experiences through forgiving those who harm us. This is why we should love even the bad people. Only from a position of love would we be able to grant honest forgiveness. We would know that they are just having an experience and not a permanent transformation. Now that forgiving does not mean that we should simply expose ourselves to unnecessary suffering. We have the freewill to remove ourselves from unpleasant situations. We are to be selective. Chose who we spend time with. Stay away from any undesirable experiences or people. Love all. Forgive all. Be god. And move out of the way of those who chose to experience negativity.
And if we find our selves to be those who contracted to be bad, then let’s have a deeply deliberate experience. Let’s fully think what we are doing. Let’s fully feel what we are going through. Only when we completely learn the lesson of ‘un-love’ is it that we can get back to ‘love’. And let us not forget to love as well as forgive ourselves. The love and forgiveness of others begins with us. After all, we are one with God and with one-another.

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