Monday, October 7, 2019

Operation Patriot

40,000 Marines are on stand-by for the latest installment of a war taking place in front of our eyes but out of the consciousness of many. As the pedophile elites fight back President Trump and the military, the threat of an illegal and violent attempt at removing POTUS has increased substantially. Signed last Thursday the 3rd of October, the activation order relates to the "Marine Corps Roles and Responsibilities in Defense Support of Civil Authorities".

In case you haven't noticed, the pedophile elites have been oppressing the rest of us through the economical control of our food supply, education, health services, religion and politicians. Most well intended people think that fighting for the environment and human equality is the same as supporting politicians and non-government organizations that have been compromised. Like the proverbial frog that jumped into the cooking pot while the water was still cold, they do not realize that they are now surrounded by boiling water. But all they would have to do is ask themselves: why would a person or organization claiming to love the environment or people be so angry and divisive?
Yes, the media portrays Trump as angry and divisive but just look at 'all' of his detractors. Who is angriest? All I see Trump doing is promoting how well all Americans are doing. I hear that we are winning. I see him attempting to negotiate as hard as possible but without the "so eminent" wars against North Korea and Iran. He was painted as a bellicose man but it has been his attackers who have been pushing for war. Now that he surely attacks two groups: the swamp and the media. Honestly, do you really want to take a stand for any of them?
There is no doubt that the latest irrelevant allegations of intelligence whistleblowers impact those who do not know that:
1 - There never is whistleblowing within intelligence. All that the intelligence community outers is either intelligence or counterintelligence. No whistleblowing ever.
2 - Since its inception, the CIA has served for no more than illegally killing people and trafficking drugs, weapons and children around the world.
3 - Once a CIA operative, always a dangerous CIA operative, no matter how nice they seem.
4 - The US has a mutual agreement with Ukraine on the prosecution of criminals that was signed by Obama. So, asking for investigation on a corrupt person, politician or not, is within the legal frame.

Most people have missed the fact that a war is taking place right in front of our eyes. The pedophile elites have increased pressure on the president to the point that things may be about to break into civil unrest. But this is only what the media is covering. There is a real negative angle to the banking elites. All will come out in time, as a rapid disclosure will send many who thought that the Clintons or the Bush's were nice people into goo-goo land. Don't be surprised as we are suddenly shown weaponry and technology that is 1,000 years ahead of where we are. Do you still think that your flu vaccine carries only flu antibodies or that 5G is only for faster downloads? Don't be surprised to learn that the battle is about slavery. And no, I am not saying that we would become slaves. Instead, I am unequivocally stating that we already are free-range slaves within our earth prison. Try to build a small device that could travel into space. Do you still believe that the millions of engineering students around the world can't figure out a way?
In any case, the Marines are now ready and so should you. But do not fear. The Marines will do nothing but attack agitators. If you want to remain out of military prison, do not agitate. If you do not like what POTUS does, engage in the fight by using discourse rather than anger. You certainly have the right to disagree with me or to dislike Trump. He may not the best human out there but he is the right one. Not you, nor I, would have been strong enough to survive the barrage of media attacks and murder attempts he has had to endure. In fact, stay in a loving state as long as possible. You may even find that the media is too negative for family consumption.
This is the greatest battle for humanity. People in Hong Kong and throughout Europe are wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. What do they see that you don't? What Trump is doing is so great that it will even benefit those in other countries around the world. This is whether you know it or not. Go Marines.

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