Friday, October 18, 2019

China's Threat

Back when the construct of the New World Order started sounding through the halls of the United Nations, the plan to use China as the basis for the modern global country started to shape. The Cabal approached the Chinese with the promise to give their leaders life-long power. The goal was to fund their growth through an infinite amount of currency printing and to bring the biggest corporate owners of intellectual property into the  country to transfer all our scientific know-how. This is why, during the Clinton administration, companies were eager to sign up for the privilege to give the Chinese their patents. Who is it that owns the banks that print all money? The Cabal. Who owns the companies that rushed to China? The Insurance companies that are themselves owned by the Cabal. On this last point, think of why is it good for the Cabal when they create weather false-flags like our latest hurricane. The only catastrophe occurred in the Bahamas after they were hit by a tidal wave created by an earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico. The tidal wave and not the so called hurricane caused the destruction. Both the earthquake and the tropical storm that looked like a hurricane were engineered by the Cabal. Nonetheless, insurance rates go up every time a storm like this happens; even if no real damages have to be paid by the insurers. Insurance is one of the many ways we fund the Cabal.
The Chinese were chosen because they already had a model of total control over the population. The USA was a problem for the Cabal's future plans because we have a constitution. Many people do not know that many countries like England do not have constitutions that protect people's rights. This is why Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Cabal's puppets want to revise our constitution. It makes the US a dangerous country.
So, China was to fist become the economic power to challenge the US since the New World Order government in Europe, the EU in Brussels, could not raise a large enough offensive. The excuse used by the Rothschild's side of the Cabal is the idea of free-markets. Although free-markets do not exist and will never find roots so long as we remain financial slaves of the Cabal, by using our affinity to the idea of free-markets, we would allow China to gain strength right in front of our eyes without understanding that we are in fact helping build our demise as constitutional people.
The last part, of course, was to make China the strongest military power around the world. Obama helped this by almost destroying our military's functionality and budgeting. 'Non-Fourth-Reich' military leaders were removed or compromised. The last part of such military switch was to take the secret space program and completely remove it from the USA's control. Many who doubt that there is such a thing as space craft and energy weaponry, will not even consider the fact that China has similar weapons. The Military Industrial complex that we were warned about makes craft and weapons for all those the Cabal approves and are controlled by the 'Fourth-Reich'. China has their own secret space program.

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