Saturday, October 19, 2019

Crystal Water

Water is too important to us, humans. But our city water is as poor in energetic value as there could be. Bleached, spoiled and piped, it carries no cleansing value. But we could look at nature to see how it treats water. First, it is not acidic as our water is. There is no fluoride since nature knows better that teeth do not need such caustic waste-material.
Being that our alternatives are few, I would like to share what we do at home. We only drink high pH water. We also structure by using strong non-oscillating magnetic fields to restore its bias. Finally, we use crystals as a way to restore the water's energetic signature.
This is a glass and stainless steel bottle that my family uses at home. Glass instead of plastic. Stainless as a better alternative to other commonly available materials.

We use bottles that are designed for tea or for fruit infusions. Where the tea leaves would go, we place quartz and shungite crystals.

After a little while, the water shows quite a bit of bubbles but the pH remains high. The taste is absolutely incredible. The high pH water is already much better than all other waters. But using the crystals makes if even better. It also seems to have very little tensile strength; which results in it being absorbed very quickly and efficiently by cells. When I used to drink normal water, I would have to gulp a lot of it. I felt bloated while remaining thirsty. But with this water, thirst is quenched immediately and without the heavy feeling.
I bought these bottles online but they are available everywhere. Japan and the UK have great quality ones since they are both picky tea drinkers.
They come with an outside sleeve. Inside of such cozy-like sleeve I place flat magnets; all oriented north towards the inside of the bottle.
I also bought two other types of bottles. One of them is plastic for my girls to take to school. The glass ones proved to be too heavy for their backpacks and too dangerous as they can easily brake if dropped. I found these at TJ Maxx.

I do not use magnets for the plastic bottles that they take to school.

One of my daughter's classmates asked her why she had rocks in her water. Luna replied: "where do you find the purest water in the world? .. surrounded by rocks".

Finally the other bottle is much larger and I use it for my office at work and at home. The crystals are free to move within the bottle, so it is the hardest type of contained to handle.

On the other hand, the design also allows a much greater volume of crystals to be used. But be careful when handling it without the outer sleeve. My daughter broke one by placing it on a concrete counter too quickly.
Notice the magnet peeking out of the folded sleeve.
I bought these last bottles ones online.

As for the crystals, I buy non-point quarts at a much lower price than when they have points. They are also not translucent as those cost more money. The resonance is nonetheless the same.
I also use broken shungite due to the lower price.
Before using them, I boil both crystals twice to kill any living organism since they are natural rocks that were exposed to the elements.
Happy drinking.

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