Monday, November 4, 2019

Climate Control: California Fires

Many are not aware that aircraft deployed Chemtrails are only one way that the Cabal controls climate. Ocean ships also can deploy a similar cloud of materials that can be ionized for weather control. Take a look at the bunker fuel traces from this satellite image from two days ago. Clearly these were not ships carrying cargo from Asia to the west. The spraying took place from a central hub and continued outwards.

The effect that these gases have, after being ionized by radar and microwave blasts, is to create a rapid bend on the jet stream. This is why there had not been any rain over California. In the general section of this forum, I posted images of the cloud accumulation for the last week over California. I mentioned that there was an unnatural characteristic to the void of clouds over the state. These bunker traces explain the reason. See the effect that these trails create on the temperature of the area at 10,000 ft. Notice the spiral created that takes the humidity away from California rather than sending humidity over the state.

 Now look at the exact same image from a year ago. This is how a normal jet stream should look like.

Average people do not know that the patents for weather modification are well defined and that the technology is well understood. But we know better. Here, I do not feel fear. I am sharing this exclusively for awareness and so that we can express our disapproval for this manipulation. My intent is for Gaia to get back to its normal state and for the bad actors to stop doing damage to our climate.

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