Monday, November 25, 2019

Not So Awoke

Well intended people who cared about animals, the environment, slavery and children have given their power (and their money) to people who enslave and traffic children, force us into products that destroy the environment, tax us for air and everything else, kill us with the food and medicine, and enslave us financially. How ironic. This is how powerful the Cabal is. This is how naive humans are. When will the so called "awoke" awake? When will they realize that both political parties, both economic theories, both sides of the gay argument, both sides of all arguments are feeding us with... arguments? When will the awoke realize that the currency of the Cabal is fear? When will the awoke realize that fear and anger only provide power to the cold blooded child traffickers who control our banking system? When will they realize that their access to infinite money allows them to buy all insurance companies, and that the insurance companies are no more than tax shelters that can buy other companies? When will they realize that we gave the right to print our money and charge us interests to the same family where all our presidents, the European royals and the Rothschild come from? That they own our medical, food, media, energy and utilities companies? When will the awoke realize that those who claim to be for the environment destroy it instead? When will they realize that those who claim social equality have enslaved hundred of thousands of scientists and their families and traffic children? This is not a thing of the past. This is happening right now. California is where it is because their people believed the demonic child eaters who look at us as their property within this prison planet. A few million people control our prison because the billions of us give them our power. Both sides of the isle have been historically compromised. All are members of the same family; from Washington, to the Clinton's, to the Bush's, to the Obama's. The one who the media hates, the one who is not family, the one who is not a pedophile, is Trump. He is not a nice guy. Get over it. He is the right guy. He is here to lead the rebellion that all awoke have been waiting for. But the fight is not a violent one; it's one started through consciousness. Hate and fear is what Obama, a CIA operative, specialized. Instead, we will love our neighbor. We will love our fellow men and women. We will love the planet. We will raise our consciousness and realize that the solution is within us. Stop voting for criminals. Stop the Federal Reserve. End all control systems like the Catholic church and the nanny government. The Cabal has the technologies that Marx saw in his visions that would allow everyone access to energy, food and health for free. But the Cabal is not about to give up collecting all of our productivity for them. Think about it. No one owns cars any more. Many rent homes. All pay most of their income in insurance, fuel and vehicle costs just to get to work. We are financial slaves in our own planet. The Cabal also hides the fact that earth is a prison and that such is the reason why we never see any people from outside the planet. Would you ever stop by the state prison to see what they serve for breakfast? To think that we are alone is utterly ridiculous; specially for those who understand quantum physics like myself. Any sufficiently intelligent being from the past, the future, from far away and from any other dimension or universe has the ability to tune into earth as easy as we turn the radio dial from sports to music. Instant travel to the earth, knowing our technology of today, is possible from any corner of the universe. But even if you don't believe that we have stellar family right outside our prison, follow the pedophilia ring to star awakening for real. Epstein will connect with Hollywood, our politicians, the media, judges, academia, the Vatican, the Royals, the CIA and large corporations. All will then point to the central banks. Finally, we will see that our history is not what we have been told and that we have been under control for over four thousand years. We will know that blue bloods are so because their blood is not iron based but copper based. We will then understand the pain humanity had to endure. We will know that humanity never enslaved anyone or went to war anywhere. We will finally see that it was all an illusion, like 9-11, that made us feel guilty and depressed as a way to keep us from waking up.

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