Tuesday, December 3, 2019

5G is Ugly - Campaign

We all know that both parties have been compromised since the beginning of the republic (all US presidents are family related to the Queen, except for Trump). As such, our congress has a long history of enacting laws that hurt us and help the Cabal. We pay interest on our own money thanks to the monopoly Congress gave to the private company under the name of Federal Reserve. We can't sue vaccine companies based on a law from the time Regan was in power. And in 1996, Congress created the Communications Act that prohibits municipalities and state governments from limiting the where, when or how are cell towers installed. They described the law as a way to prevent telecommunication monopolies despite knowing very well that what creates monopolies is that the Federal Reserve lends money to the Cabal at close to zero percent interests while charging the rest of us much more. So the Cabal ends up being able to buy everything before we do. Everything is cheaper for to them.
Even more sickening, the act (in section 704) specifically prohibits any discussion of environmental or health risks when dealing with such placement of towers. In other words, in order to prevent a monopoly, their logic tells them that health and environmental accountability must be outlawed. Only in a pedophile infested government would this happen. In any case, it is what it is. So, to try to make a health based argument will fail all the way to the supreme court. One senator can do nothing about it (other than get us very, very excited).
So, the alternative is to make every other possible argument. In Palm Beach, where the Wall Street elite live, they are making the argument that the 5G towers are ugly. And they are getting their way. So, convince every neighbor to argue that 5G is ugly. Create the:
5G is Uglycampaign
... and do not even get it connected to health concerns or it will be stricken down and outlawed.

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