Thursday, December 19, 2019

When Obama is Arrested

We all have friends who still consider Obama, the well spoken CIA operative, to be a good guy. They hold the image of him and his lovely family close to the heart without any kind of clue that it was all no more than an elaborate television cast. In essence, our friends fell in love with an illusion.But whether we agree with our friends' concept of Obama or not, they remain our friends. We care for them no matter what. So, as the trifecta of declassified secret documents follows its unstoppable path, there will come a day of shock for them. In a matter of months, Obama will be indicted. We will all see him mumble his way through his testimony in front of a 'real' court; not like the make-believe court set for TV audiences in the middle of the House of Representatives. In Obama's case, real evidence, rather than otherwise inadmissible third-party hearsay, will be presented for all to see. The shock will be even greater because the Cabal has charged the Good Guys with the same crimes the Cabal has committed. In essence, the day Obama faces reality will seem rather surreal instead. The day justice is served will also be a day of mourning for many whom we care for as they try to cope with the death of their illusion.It is thus advisable to immediately begin the awakening process of those we love. The longer they have to come to reality, the less painful the process will be. But we must not ostracize or attack our friends. They mean well, after all. Instead, we should guide them with love by planting seeds on their path as often as possible. Here is an important one. The Cabal knew that the top police officer in the country would be on TV discussing the crimes uncovered so far. So, they re-scheduled the fake-impeachment announcement to coincide with the interview. It matter not that the interview would get low viewer ratings, therefore hurting the Cabal's NBC affiliates. The Cabal simply wanted the important information buried away from the uninformed audience.Please share the link to this video. Listen closely to the way U.S. Attorney General, Bill Barr, answers the questions. The legal investigations are far from over. And, perhaps most important, the problems will touch the highest government offices in the nation.

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