Tuesday, January 21, 2020

On Your Face, Mr. Globalist

Oh, how things have changed. Davos used to be an event where camaraderie was ever-present among the many who got together to enjoy great food and a lot of talks with a notable absence of substance. Yes, Davos is a small region within the corporation that we know as Switzerland. But once a year, this is also the place where the elites that rule the world dictate their enslaving globalist agenda to the many corporate minions that occupy the corner offices at the biggest companies around the world. There are many meaningless speeches for media consumption. Much of what is discussed deals with global attempts at guilting us into paying carbon taxes or about how to develop social programs that, while beautifully sounding, are designed to harm the average person. On the other hand, there are also many meetings behind closed doors. This is where the real work is being done. The elites make sure to work diligently at structuring the way they will eliminate most of us and will enslave the rest. To them, we are no more than cows. They see themselves as cow owners. They want us to produce as much as possible throughout our lives. They even create bonds under each of our social security numbers. These bonds are due upon our deaths and confirm that their goal is to exploit our lifelong productivity. We are an asset in their balance sheet. They expect us to pass all our productivity to them. Now that if you have any doubts, consider the many people who work all of their lives to end up with few savings that will be transferred to the medical industry as soon as these people age.
But today serves as a sign of the great change taking place. Trump, the irreverent US President who is often accused of not being presidential-enough by the hate-media, spoke at Davos. Why not go right into the belly of the beast. To the Globalist's disgust, he opened his half an hour speech by bragging about achieving an economic level beyond what all ivy league economists said was possible. During Hussein Obama's destructive tenure at the White House, the globalist agenda had advanced so much at weakening our wild-west country. The US constitution poses the greatest threat to their agenda and had become the target of Obama. After the beating that our middle and lower classes took while under the first black president, things seemed quite pessimist. The "new normal" had indeed taken place. This was the term expert economists used to describe the idea that we would forever experience greater erosion of money than our ability to grow our productivity. Inflation was to forever outpace growth. In their eyes, our country was destined to become a large Detroit. Only hints of past financial success where to stand next to decrepit social structures.
But Trump has reopened our eyes to the fact that we are not the zombie nation that Globalists want. On the contrary, idiots like Paul Krugman didn't have to wait long to be proven wrong. Within less than a year after he assured economic armageddon, the economy grew passing record-top after record-top. But Perhaps Krugman is not an idiot. Maybe he is simply well compromised fool after attending so many satanic rituals with his friends, the Rothschild's. You know how communion in the Catholic church happens when the audience eats and drinks the allegoric body and blood of Jesus Christ? Well, that is what the elites do in their rituals but with recently tortured children. But I digressed.
In essence, Trump is daring the central bankers, the Globalists, to push the world into recession. He is pressing his index finger right into the middle of the pencil-neck's foreheads trying to piss them off. Trump knows that the elites can't drive us into a recession without destroying their corporate assets first. Failing companies would need a repeat bail-out by tax payers. But this is not yesteryear. Trump would never approve bailing out the wealthy. This time, any distressed company would be left to die as it should. The risk is so great that the elites would rather try to win the next election and simply wait to go into bubble-popping-mode then. Theirs is a dance to the death. If Trump wins, they will be economically destroyed, So, they see only one alternative. They see themselves as having to do everything possible to derail the Trump train. Expect them to play dirty.
This brings me to addressing what we can do. As Trump, the Navy and the Marines open the doors at the prison, the least we can do is to walk out. Sadly, half of the population are staring at freedom and are next rushing back into their cell. They claim that Trump is mean, that he is a private-part grabber, that he twits badly, that he is a bully. It seems that freedom is not worth it when the person holding the door open is someone we dislike. People, get over it. Trump may not be your kind of person, but he is the right person. What bugs my mind the most is that the same people who know that there is something wrong with our system, the Progressives, are also those who dislike Trump. I don't get it. They prefer to perpetuate their pain so long as that get to hang out with the satanic criminals that want to see them as no more than cows. But we are not cows. And we should not be slaves of the system either. Wake up and realize what is happening. This is the time when those who stand with Trump will see freedom and those who don't will recycle into the vicious world of being a free-rage slave of the system. Just take the opportunity to exit.

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