Saturday, October 20, 2018

Clinton - No More Top Clearance

"Former Secretary Clinton's security clearance was administratively withdrawn on August 30, 2018. On September 20, 2018, security clearances were administratively withdrawn from Cheryl Mills" and four other redacted names, said the official letter by Senate Committee on the Judiciary Chairman, Charles Grassley.
The use of a unauthorized server by the former Secretary of State has not gone away to the dismay of those who still think she was a viable presidential candidate. Surrounding the issue are allegations that the server acted as a gateway for anyone who paid access to information residing at the highest level of US secrecy. Its the cyber era version of leaving a black briefcase at the check in area of the airport for the enemy spy to simply walk by and pick it up. Everyone involved needed no more than just to act cool and as if nothing's happening.
Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, it seems as if NSA computers tracked all traffic activity around the server despite Google providing all Clinton friends access through their secure site in North Korea. There is even a trick where Google mail users can write emails without sending them. The recipient still receives the email message despite the fact that it did not travel as an email over the internet but as a draft between Google servers. Again. the NSA found a way around this trick as well. As we know, NSA was the agency that first alerted Trump that he had been spied by the opposition, the FBI and the CIA while a candidate and after being elected president.
After the Cabal-controlled CIA deployed Google and Facebook as cyber tools to keep an eye on all of us, they planted Edward Snowden within the NSA as a way to discredit the NSA. Did you ever wonder why a so called enemy of the state got quick access to the Cabal's controlled Hollywood machine through the movie that paints the NSA as the only people-spy? For those who love spy nobles, the battle between the intelligence agencies that we are witnessing is clearly better than any non-fiction stuff.
Unfortunately for us, the wheels of justice move much slower than those of the spy agencies. The Senate Committee on the Judiciary used FOIA to gain access to the information held by the FBI needed for the Clinton-email investigation. As the investigation continues, there is word that Clinton may run for president again in 2020. She would not be alone. Eric Holder and other high profile people fearing that there is a sealed indictment with their name on it will attempt to use public opinion as a shield from the law. By running as opposite candidates to Trump during the next presidential elections, they will accuse him of political bias and abuse of power if investigated or charged with a crime. In essence, they will try to turn around their trick against Trump despite the fact that their attack on Trump was false and meritless while their arrests are warranted. Keep an eye on the continuing trials. Just be aware that fake media will not cover any of them.

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