Thursday, October 25, 2018

Kanye West - Say 'No' to Mind Control

Pay attention to the news about hip hop artist Kanye West. Have you notice that the media has suddenly started attacking their poster boy? There are clear signs that the Cabal's structural integrity is faltering.
Since before the spectacular Roman gladiator presentations at the Coliseum, the Cabal has made sure to manipulate our entertainment as a way to control our mind. Mind control is something that the Cabal has done better than anyone else for the last four thousand years.
For all intents and purposes, entertainment and mind control are akin to inseparable soul mates. The audience shows up to a venue ready to listen and observe with an open mind. This is the ideal mental state to get across whatever message the Cabal needs to push. Next follows the agenda-driven message. Do you want to destroy family integrity? No problem. Do you want to undermine teenager self confidence? No problem either. There is a type of entertainment for every type of mind control need.
This phenomena is further enhanced as the quality of entertainment increases. And the Cabal surely knows how to put up a great show. Did 9-11 shake you to your core? How about any of the school shootings?
Next, the Cabal knows how to make things tribal where your team competes against outsiders. The result is a divided audience. Yes, nothing like the ole "divide and conquer". Defined as a fantastic step in winning any war by conflict master Sun Tzu more than five hundred years before Christ, the Cabal has become the ultimate authority in making us hate our fellow men. March thousands of peasants from Syria into Europe and you easily divide the citizenry in Europe. Repeat with paisas from Honduras walking across Mexico and towards the US and the same happens here. The same lie provokes both sides.
But despite the ubiquitous presence of mind control mechanisms by the Cabal, no one seems to notice. People love their Facebook, access to their internet, their favorite movie star, etc. Many even fight to get their children into specific ivy league schools because they do an exceptional job at indoctrinating our young ones into the inner-workings of a corrupt society.
Yet, the lack of public awareness about what is really going on is not due to a Cabal  that's trying to hide things. No, the Cabal acts right on the open. They made not one but two movies and one deck of cards for a table game where they gave plenty of warning about what they planned to do for 9-11. In fact, they continue to tell us all about what they do through the thousands of movies they produce every year.
Perhaps the problem is the compartmentalization of it all. All evidence presented by the Cabal is placed within separate compartments of our daily lives. So, those who follow politics never talk with those who investigate science. The ones worried about education seem not to care much about the quality of drinking water.
And what about when things get out of control? Let's pretend that Kennedy's assassination was clearly suspicious. At that moment, the Cabal calls investigation-experts from their mind control agency, also known as the CIA, and demands a full breakdown of what happened. Following the loud demand by many compromised politicians in Washington, DC, a false document is well stamped for authenticity and it's delivered to the media for pre-digestion and distribution. In the end, the authoritative document finds nothing wrong. Yes, a president died but nothing else went wrong. Any one left asking questions will be labeled a conspiracy theorist by the media and publicly embarrassed in front of a panel of experts. These are the same experts who previously told Mrs. Kennedy that smoking while pregnant was perfectly healthy, but I digress.
So, what happens when the Cabal's own entertainment royalty removes the spot light from the show and shines it squarely over the 'mind control' nature of it all? What happens when those responsible to make mind control a soothing musical experience start to sing the truth instead?
At less that you have been living under a rock, you have surely heard about Kanye West. Some people know him for his music. Some identify with him through his reality TV hottie spouse, Kim Kardashian. More recently, many had a chance to witness his now famous 10 minute rant at the White House. Mr. West is someone who approves of the work done by President Donald Trump and is not shy to speak about it. No wonder the media hates him. Trump is trying to put the Cabal behind bars and they respond with daily carpet-bombing by their mass-media.
After West's organic speech during his visit with the president on October 11th, the Cabal-controlled media called him every bad word in the book. "Kanye West is what happens when Negros don't read”, said CNN host Don Lemon with a straight face, as the usual panel of experts agreed on screen. But Kanye West is more than talking. He is committing a cardinal sin within the church of the Cabal.
Joan Rivers
Besides many other key industries, the Cabal controls Hollywood, the music industry and all major media. The rules are clear and not-negotiable. You either faithfully stick to the message distributed by the CIA at 4:00 am every morning or you end up in a body bag. Remember the day when the ever joyful Joan Rivers told the nation that Obama was the very first transsexual in the White House? Well, she doesn't. She died a couple of days later of the usual medical intervention stuff. When a hooligan in the street sticks a knife in you, they call it a murder. If the same happens in a hospital, they call it surgery. Count the number of stabbings in Hollywood hospitals since the movie industry moved west and realize that they are exceeded only by overdoses, which are also directed by the same hospital hooligans.
Like Rivers, Kanye West is now talking about the Cabal's secrets out in the open. On October, 13th, Mr. West twitted a personal video where he describes his feelings of being intellectually raped by those who want to control what others think. He specifically went after social media. "It's part of the bigger agenda. That's like mind control. That's the echo chamber. That's trying to control you based of incentivizing you and based of you getting enough likes. And that's the poisoning that's happening with social media."
Talk about hitting the Cabal where it hurts; right in between their social-media jewels. Many do not know that, after the Cabal saw the viability of Altavista, it hired Stanford to find the people that would build it it's own version of a search engine. Enter Google. The reason Google didn't sell any of the stuff it created is because their goal from the moment of creation was to act as the eye looking over every part of our lives and as a way to conduct mind control. All funding, of course, came from dark budgets. You know, everything from lost tax-payer money to arms and drug trafficking by the CIA was used to make Google the de facto global leader. But soon, the Cabal realized that MySpace would be a great addition, so they created Facebook. By the time Twitter became the latest addition to the Cabal's arsenal of spy robots, people were full into the social media phenomenon; a phenomenon from which Kanye West is now awakening.
Because Mr. West comes from the hip hop industry, many will miss the importance of what he is doing. So far, the media has dissected every bit of his demeanor and all of his unstructured approach to public speaking. But the Cabal-controlled media should be the last place we get real information from. Unfortunately, the alternative media has focused on defending his speaking style rather than analyzing what he is uncovering. Needless to say, the Cabal is fine with us missing the forest for the trees.
When Mr. West said, "... as soon as you get money, they make you buy a house", was he referring to a financial system meant to drive people into debt-slavery? He attacked the Cabal's political interventionism after all media promoted the idea that Hillary was the sure winner when nothing else was further from the truth. "Unprogram your mind", he suggested to his audience.
I must admit to being impressed. While Mr. West is not the first to go after the Cabal or to include references to esoteric messages of positive energy, I feel that he is confirmation that awakening is indeed taking place throughout society. Some public-figures are even talking about the possibility of the secret space program. Some more have changed their position on Kennedy and 9-11. This awakening is the reason why the Cabal is adding 5G cell phone service and chentrailing over our skies to their previous mind control tools. Today, fluoride in the water, aluminum in vaccines and bad schools are not enough to prevent the awakening of millions of people every day.
In any case, I think that it is time to recognize Mr. West for his positive energy message; especially because it could be the best way for some of the most oppressed groups of humans to awaken; those living inside the black communities where the Cabal viciously attacked their family union, destroyed their brains with every drug available, promoted anger against their fellow citizens and made them dependent of an abusive government. Happy awakening Mr. West.

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