Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Khashoggi - The Cabal's Puppets, a Saudi WP Reporter and an Arms Trafficking Family

When the Cabal's puppets like Brennan, Cardin, Kaine and many others demand sanctions against Saudi Arabia, you know the Saudi's did something right for once. A few months ago, the Saudi King executed a deep-cleaning exercise of the royal family to rid it from any Cabal influence. Many of the Cabal-compromised princes were either jailed or killed in a move that stopped funding for corrupt politicians in Washington.
Do you recall that the big fashion in today's Washington is to create your own slush fund under the pretense of it being a charity fund, just like the Clinton foundation? Well, many of the Saudi royalty had been buying their right to an underground bunker by donating to many Cabal controlled politicians through their funds. But Trump's early presidential visit to the kingdom and a clear explanation of how humanity would be saved from the Cabal's threat sufficed to start the deep cleansing of the Saudi royal house. As expected, these facts were either missed or not explained by the fake media.
But the Cabal doesn't go down so easily. They are now claiming foul. Many of the Cabal's puppets are demanding that Trump implement immediate economic intervention in a matter that has pretty much nothing to do with us. The Cabal wants economic sanctions on Saudi Arabia for the suspicious death of Jamal Khashoggi. The fake media has described him as a 'nice little' reporter who innocently entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, to obtain documents related to his planned marriage, but whose dismembered body left the building inside plastic bags.
So, how innocent was this guy really and if he lived in Washington, why go all the way to Turkey to file marriage documents when the embassy was down the street from his house? He was, after all a Saudi citizen who was very familiar with such embassy.
That he wrote for the CIA's public-relations agency, the Washington Post, is already bad enough for Khashoggi. I have previously commented on the fact that once someone is a CIA operative, they will always be one; or at least until they are found dead. So, it is difficult to know who, from all those working at the Washington Post, is in fact a CIA operative. It is nonetheless impossible to assume any one with a relationship with the paper is free of any guilt since the agency is tremendously vicious when pursuing it's purposes. Even investors like Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos who own the paper are subject to doubt. Let's remember that the CIA is the one single element in our government that is responsible for all global atrocities that have gained the US the reputation for being a giant imperialist force in modern history.
Then there are the family ties within the Cabal's arms trafficking ring. It seems that his late uncle, Adnan Khashoggi, was a great allied of the CIA's child-drugs-arms trafficking division while alive. But if you think that this are all obscure relationships, you would be wrong. None of this stuff is a secret. The Khashoggi family was openly involved in the CIA's Iran-Contra scandal; you know, the one where weapons ended in the hands of the Colombians who were then sending drugs to the US under sponsorship by the Clinton's while in power in Arkansas? Interestingly Adnan Khashoggi's other nephew was Dodi al-Fayed, the man who dated princess Diana and who died with her in the traffic assassination by the Cabal in Paris in 1997. As I have made it clear before, the finger prints of the Cabal are everywhere you look. They compartmentalize things for us to miss the connecting clues. But a cursory view from above easily clears all doubts.
And perhaps what is most relevant to us about this case of spy-versus-spy is that Mr. Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen and not an American one. He died inside the Saudi embassy in Turkey, not an American embassy. It is therefore worth asking what is it that our president has to do with his death?
Could it be that the Cabal continues to think that we are no more than useless eaters who will happily serve them in perpetuity? During the false flag event best known as 9-11, the Cabal scared us enough as to use us to go after the five countries in the middle east that they had publicly identified as their next targets. During the 90's the military generals refused to go to war against these five countries for reasons that had nothing to do with us. But in 9-11, things changed. Public opinion was so strong that the generals had no other alternative but to go to war despite knowing that the attacks were a Cabal's false flag. So, US tax payers were left to fund the Cabal' s dirty plans. Of course that now that the money has been spent, the national debt needed to cover such wars is owed to the Cabal itself. Funny, we do the dirty work for them and then we have to pay them for it. You got to love their control of our monetary system and politicians. But again, I digress.
It is clear that we need to let Jamal Khashoggi go in peace. Let the Saudis solve their own issues. This is a clear scenario where we have no dog in the fight. In any case, we should always take the opposite side to that of the Cabal.

For educated insight into what happen to Jamal Khashoggi, take a look at this video by Information Freedom.

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