Monday, September 24, 2018

Q-Anon's Battle Tested Generals Acknowledge Secret Space Program

Things in hyperspace could't be more interesting than they are today.
First, the battle between the original Q-Anon and the Cabal's NYT-Anon became quite comical. After the Cabal-controlled news media, from CNN to the Washington Post, described 'Q' and its Anon followers as right-wing extremists who were spreading fake-news, the New York Times decided to create their own Anon by publishing an anonymous op-ed by a 'so called' White House insider who described a conspiracy between those who have been working for the government for a long time. This was interesting considering the fact that it was the same fake-news media that ridiculed anyone who suggested the existence of a 'deep-state'.
I guess that, now that the NYT-Anon has demonstrated that traitors do exist within government, they will attempt another one of their Jedi-mind-tricks on their followers: "the NYT-Anon is not a deep-stater... the NYT-Anon is not a deep-stater..." Did I say it was funny?
It's interesting that the fake-media has made no real attempt at directly addressing any of the subjects covered by 'Q'. Instead, they have mostly wished for it to disappear. They seem to share the logic of an infant who plays peek-a-boo and really thinks that mom has left the room when she covers their eyes.
But 'Q' has gone nowhere but up. The number of decoding loyalists around the world keeps increasing. I describe them as 'decoders' because 'Q' talks exclusively in code. This makes it almost impossible for the average person to understand most of Q's short messages.
The system of information dissemination created by 'Q' requires a layer of decoders to serve the rest of the audience. Perhaps this is why the media has gone nuts trying to attack 'Q'. By not giving any direct information, 'Q' makes it impossible for those with short attention span to attack it. In order to mount a proper offensive against 'Q', the fake media would have to explain their decodification method, which could easily open them up to embarrassment if done poorly. All the media says, when describing 'Q', is that it is bad and fake. But there is no mention of what any of it means or why. Meanwhile, Q's messaging system continues to increase in depth. To decode a new message, the Anons have to make reference to several previous messages. This is clearly beyond the mental ability of the shallow brains who still believe CNN and MSNBC.
The class of those who self-describe as the informed and educated intellectual class are faithful readers of the New York Times and are now being left in the dark. Most of them do not know that it is our military generals who are behind 'Q'. Most of them have no idea that 'Q' predicted the day of John McCain's death. Think of everything that such knowledge represents. They have the wrong impression of who are the good and the bad guys. These people are missing one of the best shows in history. Having started less than a year ago, 'Q' is sure to last only until the Cabal faces military tribunals for child trafficking and for treason; take your pick.
Soon after the trials end, we are all expecting for most of the Disclosure to take place. We will be told our history; the real one and not the one we find in school books. We will be introduced to our space cousins who had most to do with our DNA's experiment. We will be shown the great technological advancements that have been hidden from us. Among these, we will find out about easily eliminating all human diseases. The era of for-profit, poison-based medicine will be over. We will also be given access to our free-energy; the same technology developed by Tesla over one hundred years ago but which was kept from us because it was... free. No more fossil fuel pollution or alternative-energy none-sense after disclosure.
Do you think it is crazy to think of such disclosures? Consider the fact that disclosure may have already started. Last week, during a question and answer session between "Q" and about half a million active "Anon" decoders from around the world, the already mythological "Q" accepted the existence of a Secret Space Program at the highest level of need-to-know national top-secrecy.
One Anon asked:"Are we alone? Roswell?" To what 'Q' replied: "No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space." If you still doubt that ET's are real, then I guess that we will have to wait until they come down your street. Just be aware that the whole point of the soft disclosure approach is to make sure that people don't get a heart attack the first time they face a seven foot, blue humanoid with the head of a praying mantis.
Another Anon followed by asking: "Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?" The message was clearly loaded with direct and incisive questions. It would have been simple for 'Q' to ignore them. Yet, it only took 13 minutes for 'Q' to select the question and figure out the answer. 'Q' replied: "False, moon landings are real. Programs exist that are outside of the public domain." Interestingly, 'Q' made no reference to which moon landings he was referring to: the original Apollo ones or the recent daily ones at the Lunar Operations Center (LOC).
Perhaps you believe the fake-news media and think that 'Q' is a distraction mechanism. Perhaps you feel that Q's acceptance of the existence of ET's proves no more than 'Q' is a fringe player with very little sense of reality. Being that I grew up and was educated under the same control system that you did, I am not a bit surprised of the difficulty to see 'Q' and their claims as real. Thankfully, this is not a religion and as such does not require faith. Everybody will experience their awakening sooner or later.
Years ago, the Cabal wrote a report that concluded that we were not ready to hear about extra-terrestrials. This document sat as the backbone of the secret space program and the trillions of military funds lost that were used to reverse engineer alien technology for the last seventy years.
For those who use the excuse that science requires physical evidence of alien existence beforehand, I remind them that they are using Newtonian physics and that if they move to the much better tested Quantum physics they will find that it would be tremendously conceited for us to think that we would be the only form of intelligent existence ever and everywhere. Quantum physics, with it's view that everything is no more than energetic oscillations, shows that time and space are just constructs. So, any intelligent being from far away can instantly visit us just by dialing to the right frequency. Likewise, any being from any time, past or future, can instantly visit us by also dialing to the right frequency. The same goes for beings from other dimensions or parallel universes, all of which are allowed by Quantum physics. In other words, since the chances of us being unique every-when and every-where is zero and since instant time, distance and dimensional travel are all possible, the fact that we have not met the quadrillion types of species that are out there says more about those who control our skies than about God's universe.  Let's not be fooled. This is the time when the veil comes off and we all awaken to the truth.

Per 'Q': Where we go one, we go all.

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