Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Failed: World War III

Do you like conspiracy narratives? I have a great one for you. It describes how World World III failed to materialize.

There was once a United States where a candidate for presidency promised to restore "hope" during his campaign. Candidate Obama, a son of a CIA operative, eventually became President despite many attacks on his person and past. Was he an America-born citizen? Was he a Christian or a Muslim? Did he attend college? Yet, nothing got in his way. He seemed to have so much global support that he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize before he got going. 
Unfortunately, Obama's expressed intentions of helping the little guy went no where. He said he would go after the corrupt big guys. He accused larger greedy bankers of being the cause of the largest recession since the Great Depression. He guaranteed that big banks would pay the price as they would be broken down. Instead, big banks bloomed while small banks disappeared. Obama's slow economy and unstable bond markets hurt small businesses while giving large corporations all sorts of ways for CEO's to cash in. Education and quality of living for those at the bottom deteriorated after eight years of broken promises.
Questions soon followed. Were all the problems due to Obama's lack of managerial experience? Was congress to blame? Had he forgotten about those who voted for him?
Meanwhile, Obama had divided the country as never before. If 9-11 saw a united nation, just a few years later the opposite became true. It became a battle field between the police and blacks. The old was angry with the young. Women felt threatened by men. 
What no one considered, though, was the reality that Obama was no more than a fake front for a group best described as the Cabal. His official position as leader of the free-world failed to describe him as one of the most important puppets in service of the very few who controlled everybody's daily life. Anyone using dollar bills had to first pay a private organization called the Federal Reserve for such money. Those in need of medicines or vaccines had to accept unnecessarily high levels of harmful aluminum and other poisons withing their cures without a way to make pharma giants accountable. Transportation of all necessary goods from source to market and of all employees from home to work became a choice between polluting or seizing to be a part of society thanks to the control by the energy industry giants. 
But not happy with controlling the world, the Cabal had terrible intentions for the rest of people after technology had made them no more than useless-eaters. Going back to the early nineties, other US presidents like papa Bush and Clinton were heard pitching the merits of the 'New World Order'. The United Nations became the forum where all Cabal puppets promised a utopian world were things would be better for all people. They told a great number of platitudes but failed to dig into the details. But there is a place where such details can be found. The Georgia Guidestones were inspired by the megaliths of Stonehenge in England. And like the famous stone structure from antiquity, the Georgia Guidestones were designed and constructed with the intention of surviving even the greatest of earth catastrophes. The stones were there on public display and in several languages as a way of publicly announcing what the New World Order plans were. And, like with all newspaper-listed council-announcements that give the opportunity for those who disagree with local community plans to express their feelings, not expressing disgust for the stones' commandments became a kind of implicit approval by all people; or at least that is what the Cabal hoped. 
It turned out that New World Order's number one commandment was the reduction of all world population to just half a billion people. Considering that population sat at around 7.5 billion, the New World Order's goal meant that 7 billion humans had to be eliminated; that 95% of people had over-stood their welcome. For every 15 family members and friends, only one would survive. The other 14 became deplorables. 
Thankfully, the Cabal's New World Order plans fell further and further behind. 
So a new plan was deviced where two eight-year-term presidencies would set the stage for a third World War; the nuclear kind that would destroy most of humanity in a few weeks. 
Obama was to leave the US in terrible economic conditions and with the open borders needed for subversive groups to easily enter the country mixed among many illegal temporary workers. Thousands of Muslim Africans were shipped directly from ports in north Africa to holding camps in the north of Mexico awaiting clandestine entry into the US. As is always the case, the CIA would organize all logistics and manage the flow of corrupt funds.
But the plans to weaken the US would not stop there. Military control was taken away from the generals. Military funding was diverted towards other projects. The weakened conservative base was also targeted by the IRS and by the media. Anti-gun false flag events continued to promote fear. Supreme court justices were murdered and replaced. Snowden, a CIA operative, leaked the names and function of many spy tools used by the US. Special-Access Top Secret programs were sold to the highest bidders through access to private email servers managed by the soon to be president, Hillary. 
All preparations were intended to equalize the military strength of the US and its potential foe, Russia. The plans were akin to enticing a child with candy. They knew that Russia, the child of the story, would never pass an opportunity to control as much of the world's uranium, the candy. 
Because uranium is the essential ingredient of all nuclear weapons, selling it to enemy nations is a crime. Obama and Hillary structured a deal that violated every national security law. Because intelligence and law enforcement agencies were sure to figure out what was going on, key people were placed at relevant and important roles to safeguard the plans. 
First. Russia gained access of the US uranium through a company called Uranium One. Then, the uranium contraband was shipped through Canada to evade trade restriction laws. But Russia was not delivered the complete uranium lot. Unknown to Russia, senator McCain delivered a small portion of the same uranium batch to an Iranian nuclear facility within Syria. 
When nuclear weapons created from the same same uranium batch are detonated, the isotopic signature of the batch remains the same. This meant that the Iranian's had to create a weapon to be detonated during one of the hundred's of false-flag events conducted by the CIA within the US. Then after investigation, the isotopic nature of the bomb would point to the uranium sold to Russia. Next, Hillary would blame Russia and declare war. All the Cabal controlled congress would stand in unison as the US would launch an all out nuclear attack. Russia and their allies would retaliate. If successful, the global destruction would be almost immediate. 
But things were not working as planned. Hillary's opposition candidates during the democratic party primaries were supposed to be hand chosen as easy folds. But a crazy old man called Bernie started to gain traction with his socialist rhetoric. Millions of millennials started to support Bernie. Meanwhile, the hand selected Cabal candidates for the republican party primaries, Jeb and Rubio, started to fall behind a politically incorrect candidate called Trump. While Hillary was able to take financial control of the democratic party and steal Bernie's chance at the candidacy, the Cabal-chosen republican candidates failed to beat the outsider. 
In the past, voters were made to believe that they had the power to select those who would govern them. In reality, though, the Cabal always had first right of refusal by placing only candidates with sworn loyalty at the head of both leading parties. No matter who the US voter selected, the Cabal would always win. Clinton or Bush for 1992; Clinton or Dole for 1996; Gore or Bush for 2000; Kerry or Bush for 2004; Obama or McCain for 2008; Obama or Romney for 2012; Hillary or Bush for 2016; all were the same. Then, by controlling the media, the Cabal always made sure that other parties never received the necessary airtime to change an election. It should be said that the Cabal always slept well during election night.
As planned for this US nation, Hillary won. Just one year after, on January 13th, 2018, Hillary went deep underground inside a Hawaii military base. A nuclear missile was launched from a foreign-flagged submarine owned by the CIA. The nuclear missile detonated after hitting a heavily populated area in the US. At 4:00 AM of the following morning, their usual time, the CIA sent out to all news media the talking points for the catastrophic event. All media immediately coordinated an effort to create fear and anger towards Putin. Retaliation and declarations of war were immediate. 
But before the first retaliatory missile hit its target, the richest people in the world moved to their military underground facilities. Congress and other politicians took the supersonic underground train out of Washington DC, towards the Denver underground bases. Within minutes the rich found protection just as the very first nuclear war heads started showering over the most important cities around the world. Russian allies were hit by US missiles as much as US allies were attacked by Russian missiles.
After the devastation, the Cabal made sure to capture the few pockets of survivors. These poor souls thought they were being rescued when in reality they were being made slaves. Any one not in line with the New World Order's dictates was eliminated. After the earth's depopulation, the Georgia Guidestones set as priority to limit all human reproduction, to set a single language, to control faith and to curve personal rights in favor of social responsibility. Humanity was never the same.

Does the narrative sound familiar? Many readers ask me why is it that I often refer to this as an important period in history. The narrative above describes why. In a parallel universe the bad guys of the Cabal won and humanity was destroyed.
But not in our version of the universe. In our timeline Hillary loses. It would have been so easy for our things to turn tremendously negative if it weren't because many in humanity had awaken in time to prevent it. This is not a US battle but one that involves all humans. There are many who dislike Trump because his infuriating tweets. To them I ask, when it comes time to prosecute those who traffic and abuse children, which side are you going to be with? If you chose to stand with the 5 million children who are taken from their families every year, then you are on the side of Trump and against the Cabal. During this era of timeline changes, it is very important that you chose your alliance well. Trump is also against any conflict that would result in a WWIII. The Cabal is in favor, as always, of conflict; especially those that would depopulate earth.
As more and more humans awaken and express their disagreement with all acts by the Cabal, we take part of the ascension process taking place in nature. As I write this, the sun and the rest of the solar system are increasing in energy.
As I have said before, this is a great moment of awakening. While not the first in earth's history, it is sure to be one that highlights the best we have to offer.

Cabal Explained:

Update from September 18th, 2018
The Cabal continues to try to bait Russia into military confrontation. This time, the Cabal used Israeli jets to get Syrian defense systems to shot missiles at the Israeli jets violating their airspace. This was the cover. Meanwhile, a French frigate shot a similar missile to those used by the Syrians to down a Russian Il-20 Coot electronic intelligence aircraft. The intention was to bait the Russians into attacking the French ship. France would deny being involved and then use the NATO agreement to get the US to go to war with Russia. Thankfully, Russia did not take the bait.
It's worth mentioning that the CIA has a dark fleet of military ships; all of which can be used with any given flag depending on the planned outcome by the Cabal. Let's recall that a nuclear missile was launched from under the waters of Hawaii on January 13, 2018. The weapon came from a CIA submarine sporting a Chinese flag and was directed towards the continental US. In that occasion, the missile was intercepted and deactivated through the use of energy weapons similar to those used to deactivate North Korean missiles a few months before. The alarms went off but the Cabal made sure to get all media to call it a false alert after the weapon failed to detonate as planned. Then, during Trump's trip to meet with North Korea's leader, a missile was launched from under the waters near Seattle. Thankfully, the attempt to destroy Air Force One failed. 
The fact that Trump has created a great communication channel with Putin has allowed for diplomacy to take place over military actions. Both leaders are well informed that they are fighting a war against the Cabal. 

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