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Failed Education, Spaceship Patents and Awakening Seeds

Who would have thought that Nazis and spaceships would make for an interest article within the context of a business and economics blog? I recently wrote an article that has been gathering attention. In it I cover many facts our educational system has kept from us. To a knowledgeable reader, considering the possibility that the 'real' history could be so far from what we are taught opens up a complete can of proverbial worms. Just think of it. If events that took place relatively recently are obfuscated or omitted by the many smart ivy-leaguers who write our school books, then how can we trust anything we are taught about the far past?
And that kind of deep introspection is exactly what I was trying to promote as I wrote the article. I wished for my reader to amaze in wonder at the possibility of a massive cover-up of literally historic proportions. In a command and control educational system, we are forced to remain quiet and to never argue with teachers, the experts and class-commanders. We are told that only those who studied history can teach it; that only experts have a say. Well, not only do I strongly disagree with these principles, I also offer them as the cause behind what has taken place in our society.
We are made to believe that this is our planet; for us to control and maintain in good shape. Well, is it really ours or is it the other way around? Are we the only intelligent group to live in it, ever? What if we are no more than just the last experiment in a long line of bad outcomes? Looking closely, we find that much remains poorly explained. For example, the history we learn shows a massive gap between the time when we excitedly stroke two rocks to spark a fire and the time when we create functioning civilizations with money systems and all that we now see all around us. Why? What did we do in between? How is it that astral knowledge suddenly became so?
Still, I certainly did not intend to create or promote fear. Fear is a negative feeling that I would rather stay away from when possible. Instead, I wanted to open and stretch my readers' minds. So, as usual, I got much more than I bargained for.
Recently someone asked me how did I expect them to believe me? How could I claim that Nazis conquered space way before the mighty US? And what is this whole idea that Nazis won the war?
My answer was simple. What I write is not a religion; so there is no need for faith. Yes, we could sit and argue every single point I cover. but doing so would be missing what is really important. I am simply planting seeds; the seeds of awakening.
Through out our daily lives, we make plenty of decisions and solve lots of problems by engaging our brain's  neocortex. The neocortex is the executive side of our brain. It's pretty much what we consider to be our conscious mind. Neo means new and cortex reflects the fact that it sits outside of our brain. In other words, this is the part that separates us from less intelligent species. The more curved bumps the neocortex sports, the more intelligent we are.
Unfortunately, the neocortex, as advanced as it may be, is quite ineffective when solving complex problems. Have you ever been stuck with a problem in your head that just goes on and on, in never ending circles? Well, that is your neocortex at work. Complexity makes it literally chase its tale around and around.
I have addressed this phenomena in the past but will touch on it again for anyone who didn't read the previous articles.
The Limbic system, also known as our reptilian brain, generally operates at the subconscious level and is much more effective at handling complex problems. It operates by creating hundreds or thousands of connections between the problem and the rest of knowledge we hold. If you ever went to bed with a problem at hand and woke up with a ready answer, that was the Limbic system doing its job. Without the conscious preoccupation that marks the behavior of the neocortex, the Limbic system does its job of solving the most complex of problems with ease.
So when I say that I am planting seeds, I am not referring to planting seeds in your neocortex but in your Limbic system instead. This is why I don't need you to believe any of what I write. Proof is demanded by the neocortex while the Limbic system is happy to simply accumulate data. This does not mean that I or anyone should start disseminating lies. Passing lies as seeds is what the CIA does and we all know how bad those folks came out to be. Not even their mom believes them. So I prefer to stay on the side of the good guys and plant only those seeds that bring value to all.
As your brain starts building connections between what I write and what you observe all around you, the seeds will grow. You'll eventually see that the evidence behind what I write is everywhere. You don't need to believe me now because the evidence will materialize in effective and unique ways for each of you. In the end, you'll discover the truth by yourself. This is very important because it's a great way for you to go through the pleasure of discovery and the subsequent awakening.
In time, your own awakening will serve everyone else. After reaching a critical mass of those like you who have gone through the awakening process, the rest of humanity will soon follow. Have you heard of the Hundredth Monkey Effect?
In his book, The Hundredth Monkey, Ken Keyes introduces us to the field of Collective Intelligence by recounting an interesting story on how change propagates within groups. There seems to be a kind of connection we all have that goes beyond verbal. It appears that we come preprogrammed to tune into knowledge others have without the need for direct communication; natural or technological. In essence, few have to work hard to adopt change. Then, after reaching a kind of tipping point, the rest of the members in the group find it much easier to change. It really looks like a few hard-workers actually make it easy for the rest to learn new methods or ideas. It's almost as if there was a collective telepathic-connection between all group members that makes it easier for stragglers to suddenly get it. Think of birds flying in unison without a coordinating authority. Picture ants working together to build a bridge by connecting one ant to the next with the purpose of overcoming an obstacle. Yes, I know it seems far-fetched. Still, there is a growing body of scientific evidence behind this effect.
I am thus confident that the little seed within you will go through it's own transformation of humanity. Optimistic? Yes, I am.
Hoping that this clarifies the reason why there is no need to believe in what I wrote, I am left with addressing only the issue of tangibility. Another reader commented that while it was clear that there may be value on what I wrote, he still had his human nature screaming for some kind of tangible evidence.
I explained that I am writing a book where I bring together quantum physics, with evolution, aging and diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. I then commented on the extensive research I have had to do for the book and that as I progressed towards studies on neutrinos coming from the sun, I came across many patents that made no sense at all within the context of what we think of our world today. As I read the claims and the supporting math, I was struck by the uniqueness of the information. I had to figure out what was going on.
For the reader, I include below the patents that I found. There patents correspond to methods to create wormholes, spacecraft designs, and interstellar energy sources. None of it has ever been disclosed to the public or used in any kind of real application... or has it?
Interestingly, the first patent below describes a triangular craft with a large source of light at the center and three additional lit sections located at the corners. US patent 2006/0145019A1 describes a ship that has been observed all around the world and described as a UFO for many years now. There are pictures online taken over the skies of Belgium, Brazil and many other locations. Many of the accounts describe typical UFO behavior where the craft hovers silently and then takes off at speeds impossible for normal jet fighters.
I later came to find out that there is a Full Disclosure project with support from the Navy's Secret Space Program. What? A secret military program for space by the folks who fight on water? What exactly does the navy have to do with space? Well, if you think about it, the navy is a natural for handling space ships. Whether on the ocean or in space, soldiers have to act as a cohesive group or risk all of them dying. Whether over water or in the vacuum, any risks to the ship are shared by all.
And what about the fact that a secret program would be promoting disclosure? Is it secret or not? Well, this too doesn't make sense at first. Only in a world where the people in power make it impossible for those who serve us to do their job would secrecy exist over a navy that prefers to go public. And guess what? We live in such a world. The Cabal prefers to keep us in the dark despite the efforts of many patriots.
It seems that president Dwight Eisenhower knew that there was a real risk that what he called 'the military industrial complex' would run out of control. Today, such military industrial complex has already derailed. Worst of all, it has become part of the Cabal. Thankfully, Eisenhower wrote certain provisions that gave the responsibility to Navy command to correct all wrongs if and when the military industrial complex would harm the nation. We are past that moment now. But the problem the Navy faces has expanded; it's now called the Cabal. We saw how easy it is for a Cabal controlled president like Obama to fire generals who don't follow Cabal commands. This is why generals needed an outsider like Trump to bring the battle to the global elites.
Unfortunately, the Cabal controlled media has tortured anyone trying to make the Cabal face justice. The media distorts public opinion in such a way where a modern Robin Hood like Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is presented as a bad guy. In today's media wars those who push for nuclear war with Russia are give airtime while Trump is accused for being a traitor as he shares the idea that peace with Russia may be good for all.
So, it looks like the Full Disclosure project has become no more than a drip. Things are moving too slowly. This is why it's so important for you to awaken soon and on your own. The slow pace of progress is also the reason we will need to depend on the Hundredth Monkey Effect. We need every help we can get.
I hope that the patents I found and am listing below serve as evidence with sufficient tangibility. While these represent only the top of the iceberg, I hope that we all come to the realization that the system we have witnessed all of our lives is not natural and that those who have manipulated it should face justice. This is what the awakening process is all about.

Marine Captain Randy Cramer explains the Eisenhower mandate, his disclosure role and a few other facts about the Super Soldier program and our Secret Space Program.

Following are the eleven pages that make up the complete patent document for the Galactic Freedom Class TR-3B space craft. Next, you will find the cover for many more of the relevant technologies that make our secret space program possible.

Galactic Freedom Class TR-3B

Wormhole Creation Patents:

Galactic Propulsion and Energy Patents:

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