Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Roundup Starts

The first two weeks in June are set as the start of the roundup of the main players for the Satanic Cabal. No longer will we see just the third tear criminals face justice. 
If you are a human, your side should have been chosen at birth. But if you are in doubt, consider whether you are for pedophiles, who enslave and trade children, or with those who defend the weakest in our society. 
Still, many out there have yet to wake up. This fact has delayed the start of the main part of the battle against evil. Sadly, optics are important and the corrupt media has managed to create enough innuendo and obfuscation to make good people look bad in the eyes of about half the population. There are many who still think that the issue is about a president who tweets poorly, about the right versus left, about capitalism and socialism, about patriots and progressives. No. What we are facing is greater than any of that. It's about the liberation of humanity after more than four thousand years of living in the control matrix. The changes that will take place will see the end to rape and pedophilia, the end of all wars on earth, the end to poverty and need, the end to disease. This time will see the end of the Vatican, the Red Cross and the CIA; the three most vicious of child trafficking organizations. We will witness the end of the European monarchies, the global central banks, the vaccine companies, Hollywood, and those who have initiated every war and every tragedy in history. We will rid ourselves of those who created most viruses and inflammations, gave us poisonous medicine, made it illegal to compete, and then made it impossible to afford it. The same will happen with the people who forced us into terrible food and education. Finally, we will give earth a break and will stop the long chain of hydrocarbon abuse. Funny, the bad guys first took away the alternatives, then told us a fake story about Peak-Oil (which made hydrocarbons more expensive) and finally gave us a lie about Global-Warming with the hope to tax us for our use of their hydrocarbons. 
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to look out my window and see a brighter earth where colors are rampant and where love is felt in the everywhere air. 
But before we get there, we need the other half to wake up and for most of us to become more loving and to focus on serving others rather than ourselves. We must forget the negativity we were bombarded with through the news, the movies, school and work. No more fear in our lives please. Let's instead fill the void with love. In the end we will have a chance to forgive those who harmed humanity and who saw it as their possession. But before then, we will have to help them face the courts of life and nature. They must answer for their crimes against all of our soles. 
This is the beginning. The process may seem long. Still, it all has to happen within the next five years as we are running out of time to pay back for all the negativity we materialized, whether through manipulation or not. It is time and we are all seating on front row of this magnificent of all galactic spectacles. Take your place and witness the light shine on all the dark corners of earth. 

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