Thursday, April 25, 2019

Former Spook Confirms Notre Dame False Flag

Yes, our Cabal controlled leaders are losing their golden touch. While many still believe that all wars in history were due to human greed and anger, most are now coming to the understanding that these tragedies were no more than emotional manipulation of us, so called useless eaters, by the ever-controlling Cabal.

As sad as I am about the burning of this most wonderful of churches, I am not sending my money to support the Cabal. There is no rebuilding, as far as I am concerned, until we close the monetary system and end the 4,000 year old control of humanity. These people are sitting on free energy for all, the way to end all diseases and ways to feed the world without any pollution of the water. Think of it. We would not need money for anything once all basic needs of food, energy and health are taken care of. But instead of doing the right thing, they prefer to create fear. Fear in their news media and by their politicians.

So, what can we do? We can exercise our power. Through love and ignoring all fear, we can take our planet back. It's billions of us against a few tens of thousands of them.

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