Monday, June 10, 2019

Truth Continues to Rise Over the Control-Illusion

From every corner of life, the reality about the Cabal's control on our society continues to flow into the light. Anyone not waking up is just an example of the deep conditioning that humanity has been exposed for the last four thousand years.

We all know there are many things wrong with our system. We feel in in our gut. Yet, many refuse the idea of living in such a world and opt to close their eyes while hiding inside their little cubicle of life. But soon there will be no place to hide. The reality of the control system will be pervasive.

But we must not answer in anger. That's what the Cabal wants. Instead, our fight for freedom must come from a place of love. That's how we defeat the Cabal. We express love to all our brothers and sisters in humanity. Still, it all begins with waking up.

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