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WWII; the War The Nazis Won

First, dig out your history books and answer the following question. Did the Nazis win or lose the Second World War (WWII)? Next, throw away all your books.
You will probably read from history experts that the Nazis lost WWII. Well, that would be very wrong. Germany lost the war, not the Nazis. And in case you are thinking that this is some sort of semantics game, let me reassure you that history books have been hiding the truth since the end of the war. While we know the Nazis as the members of the Socialist National party in Germany that won power at some point during the 20th century, their reality is one that hides a remarkable core of power-hungry people who were willing to do anything to gain control. Such Nazi core would do everything, from science-based mind control through extreme emotional trauma, to spiritual rituals that would make any of us cringe with horror. Their core was the Schutzstaffel, also called the 'SS'. While Adolph Hitler is the poster-boy of perpetual malignity, the SS was full of people of much darker attitude. After taking lessons from Stalin on how to kill people by the train load, the SS leadership was happy to lead the atrocities.
At the time, Germany had some of the best scientific minds in the world. So the SS took no time in enslaving them. From mathematicians, to psychologists. all were moved underground and assigned to projects that would bend their minds. Scientifically developed remote-viewing, a way to use telepathic vision to experience remote locations, was a great example of how the SS was willing to mix science with the metaphysical.
The SS sent emissaries around the world to try to find any hidden method to do war. They tried to learn levitation techniques from Tibetian monks. The SS also went deep under the earth's crust to find lost advanced civilizations.
Red-headed Giant in America
Here, you may think that this is crazy for me to write. Still, I want you to keep your mind open for a little while more. Consider the fact there are many people in Oregon who remember when local museums used to display remains of red-headed giant corpses. Then, at some point, the Smithsonian Institute combed the country looking to take such remains. Today, if you ask an Smithsonian curator about these 10 foot giants, you will hear that they never existed.
Well, the Nazis found much more than they expected. The SS was able to get so much technology from other beings who wanted to share on the proceeds from controlling the world. As a result, their slave-engineer teams were so busy that all production efforts fell way behind. One thing is to be told how a superior weapon functions. A different thing is to develop the new materials and manufacturing techniques needed to get a production line going. Such was the problem faced by SS scientists. They were given blue prints to the most advanced weapons the world had seen. Yet, they lacked the knowledge to get these built in large and reliable quantities. Thanks to their negotiated acquisitions, the Nazis were going through a scientific leap like no other.
P-51 Mustang (above)
Messerschmitt Me 262 (below
Some of the weapons had a chance to day view during the war. Enter the Messerschmitt Me 262. This fighter jet started development well before the war started. But due to problems in metallurgy and top-level interference, the fighter came into action at the very end of the war. Picture the face of one of our pilots flying a P-51 Mustang, with the confidence that it had pretty much dominated the skies over Europe, when a shark looking thing emitting a loud whining noise appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as fast. The Nazis' technology was leaps and bounds above our best efforts. To have a chance, our pilots had to try to attack the Me 262's while parked or during take off.
Unfortunately for Germany, their most sophisticated weapons had to wait for full development after the war despite having been started years before all conflicts begun. When the Nazis received plans for a super-luminous ship that could easily travel throughout the solar system, their challenge became to figure out how to make its nuclear reactor small enough to fit inside the ship. By that time, the allies had intelligence of the superior nature of the Nazis' weaponry. Through operation Paper-clip, US spies infiltrated the Nazis' scientific groups and begun to send information to the US through Britain. Just like you, scientists in the US though it all had to be impossible after finding out about this interstellar ship. Yet, the US military was more interested in how to detonate the nuclear reactor than to develop a ship with it.
Nazi Bell Spacecraft (Die Glocke)
So the Nazis developed the Die Glocke, also known as the Nazi Bell. This begun their age of space exploration. Have you ever wondered why the bad guys in Star Wars movies wear Nazi uniforms and look like Germans?
But there was one big problem with the Nazi Bell. No, it's not the fact that it looked ridiculous or that pilots were exposed to massive amounts of radiation. No. The problem was that despite being able to travel very fast, the Nazis were not able to mount kinetic weapons like machine guns on it. The hovering mechanism for the Die Glocke would become unstable as soon as it fired any bullets. The ship had to wait to become a threat until many years later when energetic weapons were fully developed.
Because the deep insight US and Russia had on the kind of scientific developments the Nazi engineers were achieving, both rushed their armies into Germany looking for any underground facilities. Despite promoting an image of united disgust where all Nazi bad guys would be tried by international military tribunals in Nuremberg, the truth was that the allies were dying to pardon anyone who would give them insight into the military advancements the Nazis had reached. So, we welcomed with open arms those same bad guys who studied torture over there so they would teach us how to develop Super Soldiers and mind control over here. Our overt space program (now NASA) became full of ex-Nazis who went from war criminals to national heroes. The same happened to our covert space program and to the development of nuclear weapons.
While most people remain happy holding the idea that Hitler did the right thing by killing himself after losing the war, the reality is that he received safe passage to Argentina where he had a quiet retirement in the village of Bariloche.
Nuremberg Trials
This meant that some Nazis went to the US and to Russia while others went to Argentina. A few poor souls took the brunt of the blame and were sentenced during the Nuremberg Trials.
But there is another group that is purposely kept out of any historic conversation. The last of the Nazi expats went to... Are you ready?
The last of the Nazis went to Antarctica where they took refuge in an area called New Berlin. So what did we do with them? This time, we tried to do the right thing. After winning the war and feeling quite confident of our prowess, admiral Richard Byrd led operation Highjump. He assembled a massive fleet with winning US troops from both sides of the world. The expedition to hunt Nazis had 13 ships, 23 aircraft, and 4,700 men. Sadly, the Nazis were ready this time. They had finally developed the weapons that would had otherwise won them the war. Within hours, their space ships, finally loaded with energetic weapons, destroyed all of admiral Byrd's aircraft and severely damaged most of the ships. Embarrassed, the US fleet struggled back home having learned that Antarctica was to remain out of our reach.
Reports of Battle Over Washington, DC
Later, as a sign of superior power, the runaway Nazis flew their spacecrafts over the capitol for several days and without much contest. From July 12 to July 29, 1952, in what became known as the Battle over Washington, DC, dozens of UFO's flew over the capitol building. Hundreds of witnesses observed as the US-might struggled to mount any sort of challenge.
After making their point clear and with the ability of interstellar travel, the runaway Nazis went on to establish a further stronghold on the Moon and mining operations and distribution center out of Ceres.
But the Nazis who came to America were not to be far behind. Soon, they too developed an advanced space program that remains a secret to this day. By coming to America, these Nazis had the best of all worlds. Here, the former war criminals found access to massive dark budgets that couldn't be matched anywhere on earth. Trillions of so called "lost" military budget dollars have gone to fund the development of advanced medicine, free energy and interstellar travel; all Top Secret and completely out of the reach of those of us who funded it.
90 years ago, Nikola Tesla invented Free Energy.
The Government made his patents and equipment
Top Secret for national security reasons.
Think about what it means. If we were to have access to free energy, for example, we would no longer have to pay for gasoline for our vehicles or electricity for our homes. The global elites would lose trillions of dollars in sales. Then, lower sales would mean lower sales taxes, which would result in less dark-tax money for the secret program. The Nazis and the global elites would hate for this to happen. So instead, we continue to contribute each year to their secret projects.
For about seventy years, they have needed us to continue to spend on fuel to keep the machine running. Think of us as free-range slaves to the system. We only have the illusion of being free to do as we wish while those running the prison know otherwise.
And if all this money was not a good enough perk for the former war criminals to become American citizens, consider that we also give them access to the best factories, workers, engineers and logistics in the world. In other words, they no longer have to wait to get their metallurgic problems solved. Our large, advanced industrial market is eager to turn military needs into immediate new products.
With so much upside, it's not surprising that these former Nazis suddenly became the best friend to have. All members of the global elites rushed to take part on the biggest robbery in history. As the Cabal took control of the secret space program, billionaires became trillionaires. But don't expect Forbes magazine to list the latest families to join the trillionaires club. Their money is really your money and it's all a secret. Get it?
By now, the Cabal and the former Nazis have rejoined the runaway Nazis to created the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). Yes, it's an actual conglomerate with board members and all. In a nutshell, they are now a much bigger happy-family. Money and power is more abundant than ever. Think of the fact that Obama and our Congress signed into law the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act on November 25, 2015. Yes, "Space Act". And you still think that all the galactic stuff I have been writing about is false? With the excuse that we will one day need a law that will give our companies an equal playing field with those from other nations who also travel to space, this law protects companies who have already committed human rights violations like the ICC.
Which do you think is the real reason for the law? Do you feel our companies need an equal playing field in a world where no one is supposed to be mining space? If that was the case, it would be years before other countries would catch up to our rocket launching abilities. On the other hand, if we just consider the possibility that our elites have already used our military bases and budgets to develop their private space mining business where slaves are exploited daily, then the law would make much more sense, right?
Don't be misled. The lie is now so big that it can no longer sustain itself. Within a short time, the Cabal will be forced to admit that there are signs of ancient advanced civilizations under the ice in Antarctica. You will probably get a great documentary-week on Discovery channel as a distraction away from the news that Trump will finally use military tribunals to go after the Cabal for child trafficking.
Antarctica Pyramids
And of course that the Cabal will say nothing during their documentary about breaking international accords prohibiting the development of weapons in Antarctica. They will say nothing about the fact that Lockheed Martin and other members of the  military industrial complex have been developing and manufacturing modern war machines and equipment within the area where the runaway Nazis had their base. You will hear no word about the fact that they have created the biggest military facility in the world under the ice.
Then, don't be surprised when the Pope gives us our first public glimpse at a real extraterrestrial (ET). And why not? In his inaugural speech, Pope Francis promised he would baptize any ET that would request it. The Cabal will probably chose a kind of ET of close resemblance to us; perhaps one of those we refer to as a Tall-White or one of those nicknamed the Nordics. Either will probably connect the Law of One with the Catholic Bible as a way to get us to accept the change. For those paying attention to the detail, the silence in the air will be deafening as Christianity struggles to explain Jesus Christ within the context of a universe where ET's exist. Perhaps the Tall Whites can be bribed into admitting that they too had Christ appear on their planet. Yet, no mention of the hundreds of ET races already trading with ICC. No word that there are lost Picasso's and Dali's hanging on the walls of homes elsewhere in the universe.
Finally, the Cabal will try to break the news that we have a secret space program that is about 50 years ahead of NASA. They will use the Airforce's secret space program as a way to hide their operations on the Moon, Mars, Phobos, Ceres and many other places within the solar system.
After Paying for the Fuels,
We Have to Pay for Their Use
Not disclosing the Navy's secret space program will also mean that they will not share free-energy. Called zero point energy, free energy is used by every advanced civilization in the universe. Aside from being freely available everywhere, zero point energy also ends world pollution. But the global elites will continue to assume that we would rather keep paying for the right to pollute our planet. Hey, they even came up with ways to sell us such right through the so called 'Carbon Credits'. And you still think this article is all made up? Not even George Lucas was able to make reality and fantasy converge so well.
The Cabal will also continue to hide all advances in medical treatments. Using the right radio wave cures anything from cancer to AIDS. Advanced treatment also grows lost limbs and reconstructs any damaged tissue. The technology is so simple that after the equipment is cheaply built, the treatments are almost automatic. The cost for successful medical treatment would then become lower than a cup of Starbucks. But better than the low cost, it will also not have the plethora of side effects our medical industry charges fortunes for. How about their brilliant idea to sell us a way to reduce facial wrinkles by injecting an expensive poison that will leave people stupid albeit with a skin that is temporarily beautiful?
Do you now understand why is it that the Cabal refuses to tell you the truth? You must admit it. You have known all along that our monetary system has something fundamentally wrong. Can you imagine a world without the need for money? Most advanced civilizations do not use money.
The Cabal Will Say Nothing
So the Cabal is certainly on the side of not telling the truth. They don't want to even consider the idea of a world with no money system; especially now that they have joined hands with the Nazis. Remember? It's all happiness for them. Why would we ruin it?
The Cabal will continue to argue that you are not mature enough to determine what is best for you. They claim that you elect government to protect you and to make decisions for you. And, since they control government, you indirectly need for the Cabal to determine what is best for you. They argue that you would lose your sanity as soon as your religion is unable to explain the existence of ET's. So they will come up with a way to make it all make sense... sort of.
They say that you would go psychotic as soon as you are told that the history you knew is false. They claim that you would not know what to do without a money system. They assure everybody that they are the best and most knowledgeable people who can make decisions for you. After all, you love money, government, movies, music and the news media; all of which they designed for you.
I am sure that many will emotionally struggle to handle a full disclosure where they find out that their favorite celebrities ate, raped or trafficked children. I am sure that it will be difficult for many more to accept the idea that God created millions of other entities, many which are very different to us. And that says nothing about the struggle to explain Jesus, Buddha and many other deities.
I am sure that many scientists will find it hard to come to grips with the idea that traveling faster than light is in fact possible, no matter what they assumed Einstein said. What will people who have fear of insects do when they come across an eight foot mantis? What will anthropologist do when they are shown that Earth is not even ours, that other intelligent species were here way before us? What will happen when we find out that the Nazis won the war while the Germans and the rest of us lost it?
There is no doubt that many will suffer. It will be akin to a child finding out that his family isn't really his family.
Yet, I refuse to continue being a free-range prisoner. As the earth and the solar system face having a lower magnetic shield at the exact time we are entering into a much higher energy section of the milky way, it is time for us to take inventory of who we are and what we have accomplished as a species. It is time to cleanse all wrongs and to start anew. It is time to reawaken to reality. It is a beautiful new day; one when we can clean wrong preconceptions while we start a new and shiny era of enlightenment. Let's focus on getting Full Disclosure. Let's find out who really won the war.
A New Day is Here

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