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Questions and Comments: Fall of the Cabal - David Wilcock

I posted to my YouTube channel a short version of a video interview of David Wilcock where he explains who the Cabal is. The short version of a much larger interview has proven to be quite informative to many people going through their awakeing process. Because each comment offers insight into much of what earth humans are going through as we ascend to fifth density with our planet, I felt it necessary to protect the comments by making a copy in my blog in case YouTube removes the video later as it becomes more popular.
Here is the link to the video and the comments transcribed so far follow below.

Ian Griff
how crazy am I that he doesn't sound that crazy :p

Alberto A Lopez
All along, many have intuited that something was wrong with our system. Many realized that our economic system was a sham. Others realized that a medical system based on poisoning people was a problem. Some saw education problems. Yet others saw injustice in our abuse of the environment.
Through peer and expert pressure, the Cabal made everyone of these people feel as if they were crazy. We would see expert-loaded panels on TV argue against anyone that disagreed with the Cabal. If any of them would insist in troubling the Cabal, they were simply bought or killed.
But what remained a constant was the compartmentalization of all these trouble areas. The clear goal was to prevent people from seeing the big picture, from assembling the puzzle pieces. So they made the debates between black and whites or between left and right much more energetic and interesting. Everything in our lives turned into great distractions. Sports, social media, work, all served a purpose.
It is thus quit normal for anyone of us to first ask if we are crazy for thinking out of the box. The short answer is: no. We are not crazy. Follow your instinct. The answers have always been all around us.
Happy awakening.

Darren Palmer
I love how he’s not afraid to speak his mind! He’s going deep in detail and still able to sound intelligent at the same time! Very rare attribute!! kudos!!!

He's a genius, look at the size of his forehead- almost an elongated skull lol.. he even joked about it himself once pulling back his hair, saying look, it is "crazy"!  Whatever, just grateful he is here with us putting this all together and clarifying all these things for the public. xoxo ☀️🌳

It's typical Wilcock gibberish

Khal Jith
20 minutes into this i started thinking i shouldnt be staying up untill 4 in the morning

Khal Jith
6 more minutes into it... what. the. fuck

Mehdi Chauvin
Khal Jith better than a movie !

Lynne Herrera
What does Q say over & over?  Their symbolism will be their downfall. One more thing: The Great Awakening! Q has been saying this for MONTHS!

Alberto A Lopez
Lynne Herrera,
You are right. In 2017, 'Q' was born as a way to keep a direct channel between us and the team made up by the President and the military generals; the latter have been trying to fight against the Cabal for decades. In order to succeed, they needed the rest of us to awaken. But this is not the full story. The earth and the sun have gone through an energetic change since 2012. As a result, the awakening process of many humans was to take place regardless. In other words, we are living during a time of convergence when politics, money, nature and the esoteric come together to free humans from the oppressive powers who made us free-range slaves on our own planet.
Thanks for bringing up 'Q'.

shade 333
I was researching some other stuff and ran into this video... I was going to make a Qcomment, but you beat me to it.. wwg1wga.. man my mind is completely blown right now..

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Shade 333,
Your comment about your mind being "completely blown" is quite relevant to what we are going through.
For about seventy years, the Cabal has argued that people would NOT be able to handle a full release of information. They funded a research paper where their scientists concluded that there would be social unrest if we were told. This was a way for them to perpetuate the secrecy. But the result has rather been that the secrets have become even greater; especially during the time of the internet. When the Cabal gave us the internet, their original plan was a full access to all of our personal stuff. This is why Google and Facebook were quickly created by the CIA, the Cabal, after companies like Altavista and MySpace demonstrated viability. But the control came loaded with ready access to the same information that they have been trying to keep hidden from us. Consequently, their lies are blowing at the seams. As more and more of us awaken, we will go through the same process of periodic and continuous "mind blowing".
In a way, it is scary that we were so far from the truth when we considered our leaders, history and sciences to be generally truthful. Still, the excitement of discovery is now off the charts. And the best part is that the more of us who awaken through the many branches of truth out there (Q being one of them), the more awake the rest of humanity will be as we leave small seeds of knowledge everywhere we go. Thanks for sharing.

We are the CROWELL FAM
The Vatican is falling as we speak. Love you David! Thank you for helping people wake the duck up!  lol 😝. Also thank you to Mr. Lopez for sharing this informative video! I am prepared to stand the front lines for our true freedom. The Third World War is happening now.  This is one of the best informative videos I’ve watched in a long time. This gives you an exact answer about what our world is today. Don’t shut your eyes. Keep them open. There is a hidden agenda behind everything. Love to all even the wicked. Because love conquers all in the end.

xDjinn x
The entity planned parenthood makes so much sense now...

Alberto A Lopez
Dear xDjinn x,
Your comment i quite relevant as it illustrates that every one will begin to see the truth all around and in places we never expected.And it is this personal nature of the awakening process the reason why we must respect freewill. Awakening is not for everybody, at least not at the same time. Awakening is a process that must be initiated only after the person wants to.
Thank you for your comment.

lyran salinas
Thank you so much for posting this! Ive been looking everywhere for this video!

Skye Savannah
He says the Cabal can't go after Red Cross workers, but what about Jesus???

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Skye Savannah,
There may be a misunderstanding. Let's work through it. I believe that David said that the Red Cross is used by the Cabal for child trafficking. So the Cabal, the bag guys, wouldn't have an interest in going after the Red Cross.
Now that God's universal law would suggest that the Red Cross, and more specifically the individuals involved, eventually pay back for their wrong doing.
Over four hundred catholic church pedophiles have been arrested around the world. There are as many politicians, media and entertaining people facing trials too. This is not being covered by the media but it is very important as we want to end the child slavery practices by the Cabal.

Skye Savannah
Alberto A Lopez
Ok yeah total misunderstanding... I was under the impression that he was talking about innocent people standing up to them.

Alberto A Lopez
Glad we could sort it out. This is a very important time for humanity as we will awaken from 4,000 years of control by the Cabal. In a way we have been free range prisoners within our own planet. But we will be prisoners no more.

Skye Savannah
Alberto A Lopez
Yes I am aware, I have been aware for many years although wasn’t sure what to do about it... the programs and conditioning runs deep. I figured I would work on my own enslavement and trust the universe.
I am not sure how I misinterpreted what he said so badly, but it could be due to chronic fatigue I’ve been experiencing... Thanks

Alberto A Lopez
Well, you probably became awaken before I did. Good job. Unfortunately, we are still being bombarded with microwaves which could be the cause of your fatigue. This is what I did. Turn off the WiFi and all cell phones at night (at least put them on airplane mode). I opted out of the 5G service through my WiFi router.  Turn off all power strips to any TV, DVD bundle. I opted out of the smart electric meter and am paying extra for the old fashion one. I also made organites for my girls to take to school and for us to have at home and at work. There are lots of online instructions on how to make them. The result is that our house plants couldn't be happier. They are growing better than ever. Also, we are all having long and vivid dreams again. And fatigue is gone. I hope these could help you.
There is the 'hundredth monkey' effect that suggests that there is a point when a few awaken people will trigger all society to be awaken as well. So, fantastic job being part of the small group who is helping the rest of us.

Jovan Rivera
52:30 " the rules do nt allow the red cross workers to be shot" red cross workers are the resistance

Jovan Rivera
he also states that they can not make moves with out our consent and i believe Jesus was aware of the sacrifice he was making for the awakening and his death was required for the further exposure which is why he willingly was crucified

Skye Savannah
Thanks for those tips I think I will give it a go! No more WiFi or phone at night and I will get some organite :)

Liz Vance
My dad received a flu shot a few years ago it gave him guillian barre syndrome paralyzing him from the nek down and causing his all of his nerve endings to feel as if on fire. His heart gave out and he died. What's worse is two children had it as well in the ICU. He wasn't the only person to get it out of that office. The vial contained camphbacter when it was made in Bastien va, people from Roanoke to Huntington wva were exposed. The gov and the pharmaceuticals tried to cover it up as much ad possible. It doesn't matter who is president,they are all in bed together.

 Alberto A Lopez
Dear Liz Vance,
The Cabal owns the medical industry and sees vaccines as very important for their population and mind control plans. The Cabal also controls both side of the isles. That's why there is law to protect vaccine makers since the mid 80's. The Supreme Court has also concluded that vaccines are necessarily dangerous; so they can't be sued. Unfortunately for your dad, there is plenty of evidence that the bio-accessible aluminum used as the vaccine's adjuvant damages the brain. All kind of brain problems have been associated with aluminum in lab animals under all sorts of conditions. This is why vaccine trials are not scientifically conducted. Rather than using a passive placebo, like saline water, vaccine trials use aluminum as the placebo, thus hiding the effect of the aluminum. This documentation is our in the open and is given to doctors. But doctors are no more than resonators for the corrupt system. They just repeat what they are told. But not taking vaccines isn't enough. The Chem-trails (look up bioengineering) that we see over our skies are loaded with the same aluminum nanoparticles. These trails act as fire accelerators in forest fires, harm vegetation and make humans and animals suffer from brain malfunctions. Things are in fact so bad for us, that people from other planets wonder why we keep choosing such bad leaders.
Thanks for sharing your story. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Chelsea Alldaffer
American Horror Story

Thanks for sharing this interview video.

Elite Pro Servers
Thank -you .. We are waking up!!!!

Last Hour Revelation
What he said is true - one way or another. A similar statements are presented in the Quran. That is why the Cabal were after Islam and tried to destroy Islam and the Quran. But they will not be successful anyway:
[Quran 37.1-34] By those (Angels) with outspread wings arranged in rows (35.1, 79.1-2), and those (Angels) who drive the cloud (7.57, 24.43, 35.9), and those (Holy Spirit, Spirit of Man) who read the Message/Reminder (the Book). Indeed, your Elah is surely the One and the same - the Eternal Guardian of the heavens and the earth and what is between them and Eternal Guardian of all Easts (West is not mentioned!). Indeed, We (Allah & His Hosts) have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars and strictly guard (shield) against every rebellious Satan (such as 72.8). They (jinn-kind) will never give ears to the Assembly of the Highest Realm (38.69-85), they will be pelted from every side, abandoned one and for them there is a perpetual punishment (72.9), except for the one who (such as, NASA astronaut, alien-technology) snatches covertly, but the piercing shooting star follows him. Then ask them, “Are they (such as, alien-kind) greater in creation or the one (such as, guards in the heaven) We have created. Surely, We created them from sticky/moist Clay (alien-kind – 27.82, mankind – 7.26). Nay! You are in wonder while they entertain you using the falsehood, and when they are reminded about it (the falsehood), they do not pay heed. And when they see a Scripture they ridicule (37.3) and say, “This is nothing but sorcery. When we (such as, the materialists) are dead and become dust and bones, will we then be certainly resurrected? Our fathers of ancient as well?” Say, “Yes, and you will be disgraced.” Then it will be only a loud sound (such as, the event of 9/11, 81.8-9) and behold, they will begin to observe! They will say, “O woe to us! This is the Day of Recompense.” “This is the Day of Sorting Out (44.40, 77.13-14, 78.17, 74.31) which you used to forge the falsehood about it to conceal the truth.” “Gather those who (such as, Jesuit-Zionist) followed wrong guidance (such as, Kabbalah, Satanism) and their kinds (alien-kind), and what (jinn-kind) they used to worship other than Allah, and lead them to the way of Hellfire, and make them stand, for indeed, they shall be interrogated (6.27-30, 34.29-42): “What is the reason for you that you do not help one another (Jesuit-Zionist & alien-kind)?” But they will surrender on that Day. And some of them will approach to some other blaming one another (criminals of different kinds). They (Jesuit-Zionist) will say, “Indeed, you used to come to us with contract.” They (alien-kind) will reply: “Nay, you were not of the monotheists (Muslim, Christian, Jew)! Nor had we any authority over you. Nay, it was you who were a people (such as, Jesuit-Zionist) of rebellion/transgression! So the Word (17.61-65) of our Eternal Guardian has proven true against us. Indeed, we have been certainly under infliction. And we led you astray – indeed, we were those who went astray.” Then indeed, they (all criminals) are those who will share the punishment on that Day. Indeed, that is how We deal with the criminals.

Enoch is actually Noah's great-grandfather, not his grandfather

Linda B.
Thank you for this information, David! You have made me feel sooo much better knowing this. Much love to you! <3

Thank you for sharing this whole video.

Dab Strong
what about #GEM
Put your name behind the G.E.M. Disclosure, David! Patty Greer has taken the lead on it already..

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Dab Strong,
Please expand on your comment.

Janet Mc Morris
Wow .

J Dee
If this took place in 2016, this is spot on for today. Hillary was ahead, they said she couldn't lose.

rosa regina muñoz
Dave EXCELENTE INFORMATION!  You think is safe to travel out USA during this time end of October to Dicember?

The Matrix999
IT IS A CATCH 22 with the technology of microtechnology which has raised the frequency of the wold to fifth dimensional frequency..there fore whatever we are the matrix of humanity is now like an open book...telepathy and matrix is no secret..LOL..sorry that the fifth dimensional frequency has been prematurely created by warlords and modern scientists experimenting with things like cern etc..etc..etc.. which is responsible for premature frequencies that makes it happen ..revealing everything mankind thinks is now easily more secrets???? lol it is self imposed by these so called "scientific research of the tesla technology etc..etc.." life is quite a joke!!!self destructions is is now going through self imposed  boomerang!!!

Alberto A Lopez
Dear The Matrix999
It is true that the Cabal has used Draco fourth-density technology to create a matrix of microwave energy to mind-control us. But this is far from self destruction. Our only fault was to elect leaders who were controlled by the Cabal for so many years. Most people never realized that both sides of the political isle were compromised. Some voted for Hilary because they were ambushed by the argument of having a woman in power without realizing that she has been involved with child slavery and trafficking in service of the Cabal for decades. Yet others chose people like Bush thinking that he was a good spiritual man without realizing that his family has been the cause of many wars and murders( Kennedy) as well as 9-11.
Perhaps in other timelines things are much more apocalyptic. But in the timeline I have chosen to live, the Cabal is about to be eliminated and earth humans will be left to chose the density they wish to be. For those choosing to remain in third density, they will move on to a different 3D planet after they pass. The earth has moved on to fifth density. Then there will be a large majority that will move to fourth density and decide later whether they move up or move elsewhere after they pass. Finally, there are those who chose to move to fifth density with the planet. These will be the new earthians who will live in balance with Gaia. It is indeed a wonderful moment within this positive timeline.

John Holmes
So many people are unaware of whats really going on. Yes it will take something major to wake them up. I hope this mass arrest really happens.

Alberto A Lopez
Dear John Holmes,
The awakening process is a long one as the lies we have been told are too many. The process is also full of doubt as we discover one piece of information at a time. Much of the doubt comes from the long exposure we have had to mind programming based on fear. When we attend school, when we attend church, when we attend work, our systems use fear, a negative energy, as the basis to keep us compliant. And it is this low or negative energy state that prevents us from seeing the light. In other words, the awakening process depends more on our energy state than it does on the Cabal. Look at our native American Indians. Many of them lived in a much better balance with earth and retained a much more spiritual state than Europeans. While less developed technologically, they were much more awake. So, the Cabal's plan was to destroy their food supply as a way to reduce their power, then to limit their movement and area of influence. Finally, they were made unproductive addicts, much of what the Cabal does with black neighborhoods today. And how about the rest of us? Decades ago, the Cabal deployed the Nazi's concentration camp technique of adding fluoride to the water as a way to keep prisoners compliant. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, thus breaking our telepathic connection to the universe. We literally lose our intuitive abilities. But the Cabal noticed that something was happening to the planet and humanity. Despite deploying more and more negative fourth density mind control technologies (cell phones, wi-fi, radar, social media), it was becoming harder and harder to control humans. The earth itself begun to raise it's energy. Today, earth has reached fifth density. Many animals will not be able to survive at such high energy levels. Vegetation will do better. As for humans, we are on a race to try to match Gaia's (earth) energy level. We do this by being simply thankful for the food we eat (no different than praying before eating). We also should refocus on service to others without fear. As we move on to the higher density, negative beings like the Cabal will be unable to withstand the energy level. They will act crazy; a fact that is already evident. Eventually, their bodies will not survive. The same for all other negative people. Imagine a world without bullies or negative people destroying what you built? But as I said. this is a process. Even members of the Cabal have the chance at turning positive; something that they will not be able to do as they can't lie their way out this problem.
As we ascend, we will be made aware that earth humanity is not alone. In fact, many of our human family is waiting until our government authorizes disclosure. When we openly meet them, we will be given the gift of our history. We will be informed of where we come from and our complete chain of events during our stay on this planet. We will also be told that unlike our many interstellar cousins, we are a divine race. Our DNA has so many strands from so many interstellar races that it is the most precious of all DNA's in the universe. Our diversity of DNA is so great that it is unique. No other planet has so many different versions of humanity in it. The same applies to Gaia. It has more diversity of animals and vegetation than most planets in our galaxy. That we are so rich is why the Cabal fought so hard to control us. Thankfully, their Draco reptilian masters will be of no risk to us at fifth density. Dracos are fourth density negative. As we take our seat at the galactic table, we will have to sort out the breakaway Nazi civilization that presently lives in Mars and across the solar system ( For decades, they partnered with the Cabal and the Dracos. Now that earth humans will be high energy positive beings in partnership with other higher density galactic races, the Nazi's may have to face a similar fate as that of the Cabal or simply exit the solar system.
But we will cross that bridge as we get to it. What is important now is for us to focus on service to others and unconditional love. To understand that it is a process that none of us is skilled at. To realize that, when God gave us freewill, he gave us the ability to change our future. Yes, quantum physics allows for the idea that by simply altering our energetic frequency we can change to a parallel universe where the future is much more to our liking. So, stay positive and put some intention behind your wish for a better future. From this perspective, the Cabal already lost, whether arrested or not. Your awakening is evidence of it. Rejoice.

Marie IsFree
Thank you. Bravo.

Im so glad he found true love <3

Collective evolution light team don't be afraid. Muster all courage now. We are triumphant. xxoo

Okie Dokie
I have heard this from others in the know.  This is excellent!  Thank you David and thank you Alberto for posting this.

Alberto A Lopez
At first sight, this information would seem to be "conspiracy theory" stuff. To some, the information will become no more than a seed. That seed then starts a chain of events. We start looking all around us. At some point, we begin to realize that all "conspiracy theories" in history are in fact related; from the burning of the Royal Library of Alexandria, to the attack to the twin towers.Historic assassinations and major wars, all share a common source. That source is the Cabal. Such is our awakening process. It takes longer for some than for others. Still, many will not go through awakening this time around. They will exercise their freewill by choosing to remain under the draconian mind control. What's important for humanity is for at least some to awaken. These will give birth to the next generation of humans; a society that will be much more positive, united, free and respectful of our planet. This is a great moment in time. I am glad you shared your thoughts. Thanks for your kind words.

Koliyah Ben Yisrael
Great point on the meschiach statement. Jc was not ever intended to be the only messiah.  The high priest were messiahs as well. There were the light bearers of truth. Mr. Wilccok your a BAD MAN. Continue to shed light ACHI

David Dionne
just as a side note, but i have worked in the energy sector a long time now and have seen cranes lift well over 400Tons, we most definitely could replicate the building of the pyramids, however it would cost millions of dollars simply to prove we can, which is simply stupid.

Alberto A Lopez
Dear David Dionne,
Glad that you are bringing this up. Would you be so kind to further comment about the kind of tolerances possible between blocks and the heights at which pieces could be safely manipulated considering the large clearance needed due to the base getting in the way? I think that many will find your insights valuable.
While very smart, David Wilcock is not a civil engineer. So he is limited to claims made by those who have tried in the past. Nonetheless, we all know that the secret space program has found incredible ways to do civil engineering. The tunnel making equipment that creates bases at the bottom of the ocean which are dry carved from underneath are a great example.

Komatsu 25
Look into Michael Jackson's death.  He owned half of Sony, they wouldn't have that.  Fuck these guys man, we keep losing all these great people..

Jacob Boyd
Aliens will disclose, to confirm cabal whistle blower sources, all of your browser history 
Thus the illuminati was defeated

Eric Rose
Team Evolution! <3 (re-loveUtion)

amazing knowledge good to know,thx for sharing this.

Stand together woooooooooooo

Sophia Sonen
David, who is Wayne Jett?

Description of MK Ultra!

Nick Pappas
Swat came to my house when I'm on house arrest already. I got pulled over and searched and had herion planted in their vehicle and said I put it there on the way to cpd lock up. They searched me 3 times in the street before being cuffed. The government is on bullshit. They stop me and search Everytime and wrote tickets Everytime they don't find anything. I don't gangbang or anything. I just spread awareness and their trying to take my freedom. My bond was originally 10,000. I bonded out and my next court date the judge raised it another 30,000 for no reason. Their extorting me.

Brian Uribe
Nick Pappas I feel you so much. I'm just waiting for the mass arrests to go over BRICS alliance, cult of baal, operation paperclip, Mars Germans, and draco

You have a good view of what's going on, however, the Biblical texts say the cabal will get their new world order, even if it's just for a short time. It says the cabal won't be completely defeated until Christ opens the firmament and comes down

Alberto A Lopez
You are correct. That is why the Cabal has tried to use the Hadron Collider, among other technology tricks and attempts at a nuclear war, to push us towards a negative time line that best fits their religious prophecies. That is also why they tried to control five key countries in the middle-east. They created 9-11 as a false flag to achieve this goal. They wanted to be ready and in control of the portals where their gods would show up.
But the portals have been blocked by positive beings for a few years now. it's worth noting that Jesus Chris was not the one to go through those portals. We need to understand that while Christ came to teach us love (a positive energy), the Cabal then took his iconic image to create a religious control system based on fear (a negative energy).
But instead of the negative timeline, humanity's positivity has taken us towards a much more positive timeline. The more people who awaken every day, the more difficult it will be for the Cabal to takes us off track.
Thankfully, our present positive timeline, where the Cabal is about to be taken out in the next few months, is so much more robust than ever. This is mainly because earth has finally gone fifth density in September. 2018. Have you felt the series of hot night flashes during the month? Gaia cared little about the Cabal and it's prophecies. Gaia has made a two step positive change taking us to a place where anyone with a negative soul will be unable to live. This is why the Cabal is acting crazy. They can't stand Gaia's high energy.
By the way, our present positive timeline will have us meet our galactic cousins after the Cabal is knocked out and disclosure takes place. Among the many positive beings, we may be able to recognize a familiar face; that of Jesus Christ.
Let's remain in a loving state that ignores any attempts at creating a nuclear war by the Cabal. This is the most important time ever for humanity. Positive beings from all around the galaxy are here to witness and celebrate our achievement. It's very important for humanity to continue to awaken.
Thanks for your comment.

Brandein Stormcloak
Alberto A Lopez this is refreshing to read and it’s amazing to be awake and realize all of this with your mind still intact.

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Brandein Stormcloak,
Exactly, the information is perhaps too much. The problem is that the lies have been told for thousands of years and it will be difficult to unravel through all of them. Many of our friends and family will struggle to understand and may even become angry. It will then be the job of the awaken ones to guide those walking behind them. The best tool to use then will be love.
Thanks for your comment. Through our writing of positive comments across the web we contribute to raise all of humanity's co-creative conscience. Humanity wins.

brian wong

Alexander Lee

Dab Strong
Great video. Relevant for all...

Jason Campos
Boom bam

Cyric Smith
Blessings and Love!

Sophia Sonen
So the cabal is the side that wants to eliminate guns??????
Basically, the left???

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Sophia Sonen,
You are correct but is not this simple. It would be too easy to assume that the left has been wrong for the last four thousand years. Unfortunately, the reality is that all of humanity has been wrong. This is the main reason why the present time is so important for all of us. This is when we all awaken.
It is impossible to go a single day without having the intuition that there is something fundamentally wrong with our system. Why is it that our parents worked all of their lives to now end up living their last days under overwhelming illness and with not much money left?  Why do we live in a system where property is an illusion and where debt rules us and our nation? Why is it that all our medical cures are no more than poisons that will hurt us elsewhere? Why is it that the natural miracle of birth has been converted into a kind of disease that requires medical intervention? Non-western medicine countries have lower birth death rates than we do. Why is it that we spend so much more than any other country on education, yet our children underperform when compared to children from other countries? Why is it that our food, our water, our skies are all polluted by companies that are protected by the same regulators who are supposed to be watching? Why is it that we now live happily in a police state? We are being watched everywhere. When did we give up our freedoms?  Why do Google and Facebook have so much power over us? Why is it that the news media lies even when their business model will fail as a result of such action? Why do governments love wars? Why are we constantly facing the risk of losing the right to bear arms? Who benefits when populations become addicted to drugs? Who promotes drug trafficking? Who benefits from the elimination of the family? Why is it that there is no description about humanity between the time when we discovered fire and when we had full functioning civilizations? Who benefits from the progressive re-drafting of Jesus' history over the last two thousand years? Who benefits from seeing us perpetually divided?
The awakening process involves more than just politics. In fact, focusing exclusively on politics would make the Cabal very happy. They have created a system where we are perpetually fighting against each other; blacks versus whites; north versus south; right versus left; etc. The shocking reality is that the Cabal has controlled both sides of every battle; Germans versus allies, Napoleon versus Russia, Confederates versus Yankees. Likewise, they control both sides of the political isle. All of our presidential candidates where either Cabal members or Cabal controlled. The last president to be free from Cabal manipulation was Kennedy and we know what happened to him. Lucky for us, Trump is also free from Cabal control.
Yes, Trump knows all of the Cabal players and has probably done business with many of them. His own daughter is married to a Cabalist. But Trump is Trump. No one tells him what to do. This is why he was selected by the Generals as part of a long planned assault on the Cabal. He happens to be a Republican president but that is just a necessary evil. Being a candidate outside of the two main parties guarantees failure. So he had to align with one of the two parties. The reason why the Cabal begun spying on him is because they spy on all powerful people as a way to find the kind of dirt that will keep them under control. It is thus impressive that they found nothing on him outside of his womanizing claims. Still, Trump is not an angel. He is simply the best man for the job of beheading the monster. He is here to serve us.
It is important not to think in terms of winning or losing. As many of our friends discover that their favorite politicians or movie stars are in fact criminals, they will go through a real emotional trauma. When people realize that the Vatican, the Red Cross and British royalty are involved in child trafficking and child murder, many of those whom we love will need our help. So, part of awakening is starting to clearly see every aspect of control created by the Cabal. But awakening is also a spiritual shift where humanity demonstrated the compassion and love that we all carry but which has been suppressed by the Cabal as they made us fight brother against brother. Those of us who awaken first will have the responsibility to help those who suffer trauma as a result of the Full Disclosure Project. There will be scientists who will refuse to believe that their education was false and manipulated. There will be those who'll suffer when they see their religious institution smeared by stunning accusations. As the truth about who we are, about our history, and about our place within the galactic family are unveiled, the pain many will suffer will be unbearable. At such moment, we will have to be there for them by sharing our unconditional love. It will be a great time to serve humanity. We will then elevate the positive energy of our beloved planet. Remember that it will not be a new religion. It will simply be the love we always had inside of us.
Thanks for your comment.

Making fantastic claims without presenting a shred of evidence. He's a victim of the real problem: cultural degeneration. In his case he never learned to think. He's an epistemological disaster.

Alberto A Lopez
Well, perhaps you are rushing to judgement. Let's recall that so long as there is 'justified belief', any knowledge is epistemologically sound.
I understand your demand for proof as a way to apply Newtonian methodology to what David says. If an apple falls due to gravity why can't someone give evidence of such apple when suggesting the existence of such gravity?
Unfortunately for Newton, Einstein peed all over his gravity-cheerios by offering ideas that Einstein himself could not demonstrate. It too time and other players to demonstrate Newton wrong.
But then, as if certainty wasn't in distress enough, here came quantum physics. Imagine how crazy it seemed to the rigor-first scientists who were told that the location of the same electron would change depending on the person making the observation, even when done at the same exact time.
As a result, today's scientists who have gone past Newton and Einstein know that new knowledge should be treated as no more than a seed.
That is what David and all the Awakening movement are intending. It's all about seeds. You are free to hold belief. Perhaps the seeds are not meant for you. In such case, this response will serve mostly for those who may share your intuition but who may be closer to the fence. In any case, your contribution is well received. Thank you.

@Alberto A LopezThat comparison doesn't really hold up. Einstein corrected Newton, but gravity is still real. There is no fundamental contradiction between the two. Quantum physics doesn't make causality and proof irrelevant. Faith does. Faith is the mind-killer because it requires people to stop using their own minds and just accepting claims without evidence and in many cases actively disregarding counterevidence. Faith has been used to enslave people globally for millennia. If Wilcock is so cosmic, evidence would be easy for him to present. As the saying goes: A fool and his money.

@Alberto A Lopez However, thank you for being polite. That's a rare thing.

Alberto A Lopez
Great reply, mrtvi4t6.
I am going to have to work harder to further add value to your comments. Thankfully, I think that we can find a great place to start around the concept of 'faith'.
You are absolutely right. Faith is a big problem as it can easily be used as part of an effective control system or mechanism. If faith is what you referred to when you complained about 'cultural degeneration', I am sorry I originally missed the connection. We do not want faith; likewise we do not want to create a new religion. Values like love and service to others should be done on the bases of freewill, because we want to do them, and not because of faith on a system or theology where bad leadership can readily insert themselves.
Of course that freewill opens up for some to use it as a way to do wrong. Still, that would be no worse than what we already have. The big advantage from the elimination of faith would be at an individual level where we would at least have the certainty of following "our' freewill as opposed to the will of others, as is the case with organized religion or government right now. Look at all the pedophilia trials affecting the catholic religion right now.
Considering this, we should ask the question: is David asking for people to have faith on what he says? I certainly don't think so. But how is this possible, we ask, if he gives no more than superficial evidence? Well, because David does not want anyone to believe. He just wants to plant seeds. It is up to each individual's conscience to decide whether the information is relevant or not. Yes, I know that David comes across as authoritarian and gives no such disclaimer through the video. The lack of disclaimer is my fault as I edited down the video to only cover the information about the Cabal. I felt that his long videos have a tendency to confuse the audience. But I should have made it clear that "this is not a religion and that no faith is necessary". By the way, David has alluded to the idea that faith is a problem through many of his presentations elsewhere.
As for evidence, David has many presentations online where he has addressed the subjects covered within this video but in an individual basis and with much more detail.
It is nonetheless difficult to offer fail-proof evidence of all his claims. How can he demonstrate that the Cabal has bases on Mars where conflict with reptilians is a periodic matter? Would we believe a video presentation that starts and ends on earth and includes the trip and stay on Mars? There are many who doubt the Apollo program. So a video would not be powerful enough as evidence. What if he personally took you to an underground military base in Colorado where you would ride on a train that goes through a portal to Mars. As you exit the train, you are able to look out the window to see that Mars looks like Arizona, with sky and all. Would you believe that you left the earth?
The difficulty with proof, when the audience's background understanding completely disagrees with what is being presented, is that no single evidence overcomes the challenge. It is rather a process. Evidence must be digested in pieces. This is the reason why the planting of the seeds is most adequate.
The reason why I like to bring quantum physics within this subject is because it defines 'time and space' as no more than an illusion; a fact that is very difficult for most to understand. Quantum physics, the most proved branch of physics in history, shows that by simply changing our resonant frequency, time and space travel can both be immediate. Quantum physics also describes the existence of multiple dimensions and of an infinite number of parallel universes. When viewing our universe from a quantum physical point of view, we should then expect smart beings from the future, from the past, from planets anywhere in the universe, from other dimensions and from other universes,  to be able to visit us today. Now that, if we believe that we are the only intelligent beings ever and anywhere, then no one would visit. Odds are that we are not so special.
In other words, my understanding about quantum physics is what makes me comfortable listening to David without the need for evidence. Let's remember that the lack of evidence does not demonstrate that what he is saying is false. Whether I eventually get to prove or disprove any of his claims during my lifetime, I am comfortable holding the seeds until then.
I am glad you commented.

Alberto A Lopez
The thanks goes back to you for your very smart comments.

We are the CROWELL FAM
They put out the truth for karmic purpose correct?

Alberto A Lopez
We are all part of the awakening process thanks to those who have chosen to 'serve others'. And yes, I am sure David is collecting lots of positive karma.
As for the Cabal, many are going to fight until their end, karma or no karma. The few who are switching have probably felt fear; the same negative energy feeling they have made us live with for thousands of years.
The Navy, always struggled with serving the Cabal and has attempted to fight it for many years without success until today.
We are living through a fantastic moment in time.

Darren Palmer
I read in one of your comments something about a “hundredth monkey” effect!

Alberto A Lopez
This is the book 'The Hundredth Monkey' at Amazon:
The book covers research that describes how a group's conscience requires only a small number of members to understand a new concept in order for such concept to be intuited by the rest of the group.
This is very relevant for humanity's awakening process. The research suggests that a few people going through their awakening will allow the rest of humanity to awaken too. This is why it is not necessary to convince others of the importance of this moment in time. If friends or family listen to you when you describe your awakening process and are willing to be open minded, then share your findings. Now that if you talk with someone who demands proof or is simply not interested, there is no need to fight for their agreement. Simply move on to continue with your awakening. Eventually, after a tipping point is reached, others will change their view and become awaken themselves. Let's remember that we are all part of one universal conscience, even when some move earlier than others.
The key take-away is to continue to go through your personal spiritual path where you see the reality that surrounds us and only spend time with those who are ready to listen. Staying positive should prove invaluable through the ascension process.

ronda burton
Why no Face Book page?

Alberto A Lopez
Sorry, I use my YouTube channel as support for my blog, which has been morphing towards covering more and more about the disclosure project. The way things work out with YouTube, I have never been able to monetize my channel; which does not matter to me because all I want to do is share information with others.
I don't know if David Wilcock has a Facebook page.
Thanks for asking.

Dab Strong
You need to put the fact that this was a 2016 interview...

Alberto A Lopez
You are right. Sometimes I struggle to find the year because there are different versions online. I will add the year. Thanks.

Janet Mc Morris
What I thought about this is true.

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Janet Mc Morris,
Since the time of the pharaohs, the Cabal has had interest in mind control. For what purpose? Precisely to reduce our natural ability to intuit. Over the years, they have deployed everything from mass drug addiction, to poor education, to counter intelligence campaigns, to TV, to movies, to video games, to news control, to adding fluoride to the water, to adding aluminum to vaccines, to spraying aluminum to our skies in the form of trails, to adding pesticides to our food, etc. After so much damage to our pineal gland, it is surprising that we have any intuition left at all.
They knew that a normal and healthy person would immediately figure out their lies and tricks. You are a perfect example of what they wanted to suppress. Clearly your intuition was telling you something was wrong; but it was difficult to believe on it when it wasn't as strong as it should naturally be.
Today, many young people, let's call them Millennials, know intuitively that something is wrong within the system. Those who have been exposed to fewer years of mind control tricks feel it in their gut that things are not what they should be. The problem is that they often get their information from the Cabal controlled media channels and thus end up with an internal conflict of information.
At this moment of awakening, we have to once again trust our intuition. The evidence of all wrong doing by the Cabal is all around us.
Thanks for sharing your comment.

Saturn Inc
lots of stories, not a single link or shred of evidence for all his BS

Alberto A Lopez
Saturn, Inc.
Let us at least agree that 9-11 was an insight job. Disclosure about this fact should be made public soon.
The goal of the Full Disclosure Movement is not to give evidence but to plant seeds. This is because the goal is not to manipulate others but for everyone to find awakening on their own. Awakening must happen while respecting everyone's freewill.
At first, it is difficult to resonate with the idea of the Cabal because of how radically different it is from what we have been told by the media. Still, you seem to know that there are many who refuse to believe that Chaney and the Cabal were responsible for the destruction during 9-11. It is thus not unusual for some to think that a more extreme narrative, such as what David discusses, is all "BS".
Yet, planting a single seed of information within the Limbic system of the brain is enough for the brain to start making connections with the evidence which is all around us. It's worth noting that only the brain's Neocortex demands proof. The Limbic system is content with just getting data. Interestingly, the Limbic system is the only part of the brain which is able to solve complex problems; such as answering the question of why is it that David Wilcock talks about such radical subjects.
So, despite the fact that David has many TV and online shows where he has documented plenty of what he describes in this video, I would like to ask that you be patient. Look around and observe. Based on your icon, you seem to have already started your awakening process. Soon, the evidence on the horrible ways the Cabal has turned us into free-range prisoners will be clear. This is, after all, the period of awakening and clues are popping up everywhere. There is no going back.
Thanks for your candid response.

Saturn Inc
oh no doubt about that; I turned if off after 7 minutes so did not hear  that part. And that is an easy score cuz it is so extremely clear that 9/11 was an inside job of US and zionist terrorists! But I just could not listen to the rest of all that BS. Anyone can shout stuff and claim it was written in ancient books and so on, without showing the books and the evidence. And this guy is full of bullshit stories and fantastic claims that he has no proof for whatsoever! SHow us that holographic book in teh Vatican pelase! As if he had access to teh Vatican - is just ludicrous to suggest!

Alberto A Lopez
Just to be clear, David does not cover 9-11 in this video. I mentioned it because the Full Disclosure Movement agrees that the truth about it must be made public.
If you still have the appetite, lookup other videos on David's public speaking engagements. He explains much more during such events. Now that if the ancient stories are not for you, don't worry. They may not resonate with you for the moment; which is fine.
The problem with discussing the bible or Sumerian tablets is that much of the information is difficult to corroborate due to the language they were written in. That is why I suggest not to get distracted by the technical aspects. Ignoring the parts about scripture is fine since the rest of the video is full of modern information. Here, consider looking at David Icke, a British expert on the Cabal.
Nonetheless, I want to warn you to be ready. Disclosure deals with so much more than Zionism. Be ready to uncover a unified subject that covers everything from the change in frequency taking place within the sun right now, to economics, to ET's, to a previously unexplained history of the solar system and the earth, to the wealthiest families on earth, to the Vatican, to European royalty, to modern slaves on other planets, to vaccines, to poison based medicine, to chemtrails, to meditation, etc. The subject is in fact so vast that it is sure to become the most important transition in our history.
In any case, I am glad that you are at least looking. Thank you for contributing to our collective conscience.

Alberto A Lopez
Satrun Inc,
As for the holographic books, Corey Goode has describe holographic books during his visits to the Anshar in inner earth. Also, Emery Smith described holographic books from when he visited the Vatican's library to research ancient space ship schematics. Both Corey and Emery participated in the secret space program and both have been whistle blowers for David Wilcock.

Saturn Inc
lots of assumptions from your side. You have no idea about who I am or what I know. But thans for the paternalising comments. I am very much informed and aware of all these subjects, at least the real ones, an dso much more, an dhav ebeen for decades. I was writing and sharing about disclosure and many other topics long before David Wilcock ever started an interest in  these topics. SO spare me the condescending shit.

Saturn Inc
Corey Goode - another one just liek David, who makes all kinds fo claims without bringing up any real proof or evidence, just loads of fantastic SciFi fantasees for which he is very well paid. You are pathertic mate!

Alberto A Lopez
Saturn Inc,
So let's talk about evidence. Where is your evidence that their are "loads of fantastic SciFi fantasies" or that "he is very well paid"? No need to reply since it makes no difference.
The subject of evidence is an interesting one. First, I have previously described how the Limbic system in our brain, our most powerful problem solver, does not need evidence. It is the Neocortex, a part of our brain that enjoys to spin around in endless circles when faced with a complex problem, that demands evidence. Second, there is also the fact that those who hide behind the argument of scientific proof have never gone past Newtonian physics. Ohms law, force, gravity and all those subjects found origin from basic every day observations and are thus directly provable. Unfortunately, Einstein came to pee all over Newton's cheerios when he realized that gravity would not work the way Newton concluded. So this begun the era of science where ideas had to wait to be proven by others. We also stopped using the term "laws" as we realized that what seem like laws of physics today will probably be disproved in the future. So all ideas became just theories. But things did not stop there. Einstein's ideas had an unwanted baby. Quantum physics were born. Einstein hated the idea that nature would not be orderly and readily predictable. Yet, Quantum physics have become the most robust and tested set of scientific ideas in history despite driving Newtonian scientists crazy. How is it that an electron can suddenly escape by passing through solid boundaries. Electrical engineers have known about capacitor leakage but never understood why. Quantum physics demonstrates that the reason is because all matter is no more than energetic resonances. So how is it then possible that two particles can be paired in a way that they act identically despite being separated by a large distance which would negate any communication due to Einstein's speed of light limitations? How do they coordinate if it is not through direct communication? Well, Quantum physics also shows us that time and space are no more than constructs. By adjusting resonance characteristics of the energy that forms the two particles, these can be linked no matter the apparent distance. In reality, they are not far apart at all.
So, Quantum physics gives us a completely different explanation than what Newtonian or Relativistic scientists would expect. More important is that all evidence must be derived rather than directly observed. In other words, anyone who understands Quantum physics knows that it is futile to ask for the kind of evidence that would satisfy Newtonians.
And what about the question of whether we are the only intelligent beings here and now? Well, since time and space are no more than a construct, the question should be, are we the only intelligent beings that ever existed (past or future) anywhere (here and far)? Clearly it would be quite conceited for us to think that we are that special. In a nutshell, Quantum physics allows for multiple dimensions and an unlimited number of parallel universes. Quantum physics also allow for instantaneous distant and time travels. This means that beings from all over the universe, from the past or from the future, from this dimension or from other ones, and from this universe or from parallel ones can in fact visit us right now. I therefore see nothing wrong with what David, Corey or many others are saying. As for a way to supply you with the evidence that Quantum physics allows for all these, I can't help in any other way other than by asking you to learn Quantum physics on your own. Still, you could claim to already understand them. In such case, why would you ask for evidence then?
As for my assumptions about you, I assume people are good. I assume people are open minded. I assume that if you are looking around subjects that the media refers to as "conspiracy theories, it's because you are more awake than others. If you are none of these, it is all well.
I am sorry that my honest warnings about what to expect made you think I attempted to present myself as superior. I honestly do not care one bit if you or anyone else believes any of it. I only facilitate access to what I find to be key information for those who are interested. If you are not interested, it will not change who I am as I am nothing special.
Happy travels.

Radical Bees
thank you so so so so so so sooo much for uploading this :D <3

google "David Wilock is a shill" and "Corey Goode Using Alien Para-sexual Synthetics"

Alberto A Lopez
Dear 777certain,
Thanks for sharing your comment. Unfortunately I am afraid that there is the need for further explanation. Allow me to expand.
Let's take a look at the meaning of Shill: "an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others"
Now let's consider that David could be both, a shill or not-a-shill. How would these two alternatives affect who the Cabal is or what the Cabal does? Is there a difference? Please clarify.

Para-sexual: "relating to or being reproduction that results in recombination of genes from different individuals but does not involve meiosis and formation of a zygote by fertilization as in sexual reproduction"
Synthetic: "a synthetic material or chemical"
So, Corey Goode speaks of asexual/synthetic reproduction by aliens. In other words, he talks about gene manipulation by aliens. Again, how does this affect who the Cabal is or what the Cabal does? Please clarify.

Anupam Das
Who are you???

Alberto A Lopez
Dear Anupam Das,
I am not sure I understand the question. Do you mean 'who I am on my daily life' or 'who am I to comment as I do'? If you are interested on my personal background, Google plus links my profile throughout my social media footprint. This includes blogs and LinkedIn. I don't use Facebook.
If on the other hand the question is about what kind of authority I have on the subjects I cover, then the answer is 'none'; I have no authority. I am no different than anyone else.
We are going through a very special moment of awakening where everyone of us has to experience it in their unique way. Some will begin to see things clearly sooner than others depending on their willingness to use an open mind. Still. it is an important and wonderful moment for all humans.

Anupam Das
Alberto A Lopez laughable!

Alberto A Lopez
Again, please expand.

The Nephilim Theory Has Been Biblically Contextually Disproved!

Alberto A Lopez
Thanks for your contribution.
For clarity, I suggest to stay focused on the Cabal. Looking at academic debates on biblical subjects obscures the general picture regardless of which side is wrong in such a debate.

I Think An Intelligent Individual Intellectual Such As Myself Is Capable Of Multitasking And Therefore Doing Both, Anything Taken Out Of Context Is Always An Erroneous Pretext That Skews The Bigger Picture With Misinformation/Disinformation.

Alberto A Lopez
I am sorry for implying that you were not sufficiently smart. I would never attempt to assume such a thing. Clearly, I was careless with my response.
Likewise, I agree with you that context and nuance are important.
My message was rather directed at future readers who would not have your sophistication and could easily be lost from the general message of the historic impact the Cabal has had on our world; an impact that is about to end now that the pedophile and child slavery trials are starting to taking place..

I Took No Offense Kind Sir, I Was Just Making A Statement The Applied To Myself And Potentially Countless Others As Well, Keep Up The Great Work, I Subscribed To Your Channel.

Alberto A Lopez
Thank you for your insight.

Alberto A Lopez
Perhaps I should suggest to check my blog where I share more information on the subject of the Cabal than through this YouTube channel.

If YouTube and the world spoke to one another like I just read you two gentlemen do. Well itd be a beautiful reality.

Alberto A Lopez
Thank you. But perhaps the kudos should go to you too for caring about decorum and saying something about it.
Through my blogs and YouTube channel, I share information that others may strongly disagree with. I take the risk because I feel to have a responsibility and because I believe that deep inside all people want to do the right thing and are willing to consider other's opinions. Unfortunately, I also see that we live in a system that often punishes transparency and honesty which thus pushes many to snap at others. We do this even with the people we love at home. Nonetheless, I feel that the system is what is fundamentally wrong and not the people. Yes, there are some terrible beings who would readily hurt any one without a sense of remorse or shame. But I feel such are the minority.
Great examples of our human positive nature happen often. Just look at the very nice way that 3rdWardNinja managed our exchange. Clearly he has lots of value to share and is willing to work with those who are not at his level of understanding. I agree that it was fantastic. I feel that his insight goes beyond technical knowledge on the subject and extends towards the awakening that we are all going through right now.
From a physics perspective, it is measurable that the sun and the earth have increased energy levels by vibrating at a higher frequency.  I have even noticed that the sun is now white rather than yellow as when I was a child. In quantum physical terms, we are moving to a higher dimension or density, one closer to that of light.
This means that many around the world will suddenly wake up one day with the understanding that the systems that turn us negative will no longer serve us as we move higher in energy. People are beginning to put things together. Water, food, medicines and air are being actively poisoned. Our economic system creates debt slaves. Our education, street drugs and all microwave radiation in the air are meant to destroy our ability to have intuition by damaging our pineal gland. And our politicians are all colluded and in the service of others. No, I am not an anarchist. I have simply put together all the dots as all others are beginning to do. This is why I write. I want to do my part raising our global conscience; So, I am so glad that you and others help keep my task positive. Thank you.

Except for the book of Genesis and Enoch

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