Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wake Up; Pedophilia is the 'Real' Tail that Wags the Cabal's Dog.

Meet the 22 year old from the small town of Port Charlotte, FL who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2015. Apparently, young-man Joel Davis has his priorities straight. Back in 2016, he found time to help the Hillary Clinton presidential-campaign's marketing efforts. Admirable indeed. Today, as the head of a non-profit charity that campaigns against sexual violence, Joel often commingles with the most powerful of world leaders.
And this is where the problem resides. World leaders, and more specifically the Cabal,  operate in a unique way; one so extreme that the rest of society refuses to find believable. Pedophilia and child slavery are the Cabal's calling card. I have previously touched on this subject a number of times and will dig deeply once again.
Through the abuse of children, solid loyalty bonds are forged between the many at the top of the pyramid of power. Whether taking part willingly or not, it's all the same. Everyone with the desire for 'real' power must participate. Failure to uphold secrets results in political suicide; one where the controlled media is unleashed to conduct a public execution of the offender. Interestingly, all of it happens above the common people's law.
Now that if you think that I am being hyperbolic, you are not alone. Most individuals struggle to even consider the idea that their favorite women's rights champions, people like Hillary Clinton, would take part in such disgusting rituals. Well, to those struggling to believe, all I can say is "I am sorry to be the one who wakes you up". I too had heroes. I too had to come to the realization that my reality was a farce.
But things are to be no more. It is time for humanity to awaken. We are now at the time when our true history will be unveiled. All belief systems will be tested. We will find out that, for four thousand years, the elites have seen us as no more than useless eaters. The global elites were to grow their wealth and power as a result of our labor; a kind of indirect slavery. No matter the economic model or the political side, things were always preprogrammed to their liking. And to ensure we remained malleable throughout, we were given an education system based on compliance rather than incisive thought. Later, as bad education proved to be insufficient, they poisoned our water with creativity-destroying fluoride, poisoned our food with pesticides and poisoned our air with aluminum nano-particles they called airplane vapor. Elite-controlled leaders like Obama became peace-nobeloriates as they created racial wars and utilized drone technology to kill an unprecedented number of people.
Being that Joel Davis had clear aspirations to high power positions, it was a matter of time before he became a member of the real insider's club. On June 26th, the State Department announced that Joel Davis, the man who promised to lead the fight against sexual violence, was arrested by the FBI for sex crimes against children. The federal agency's press release went on to say that Joel "solicited an undercover officer – whom he thought to be a willing participant – to send sexually explicit videos of his nine-year-old daughter, and even to set up a sexual encounter between himself and a two-year-old". It seems that Joel saw no age limits to his exploits.
Not disturbing enough? Then, try to wrap your mind around the fact that Joel found it safe to discuss sex with the girl's father. What kind if families does he hang out with? Joel's example should make it clear that the pedophilia cartels 'really' do operate in ways we would never comprehend. Within their world, there are no boundaries or accountability. These people don't seem to think twice about doing acts that would horrify any of us.
But in no way am I trying to suggest that a pedophile system among the powerful is what created the Joel Davis monster. No, he is surely a creation of his own will and actions. Instead, I am proposing that, within the elite's system, monsters like him are seen as the norm. Again, what is normal to them is not for us. This means that, in order to make these people accountable, we have to be open to the idea that they don't act as we do, that our limits don't inhibit their behavior one bit. Powerful men or women, taking advantage of toddlers or teenagers, it's all the same to them.
Whether you agree with this new vision of reality or not, you must at least admit that you had a strong and persisting intuitive feeling that there was something wrong with our society. You knew that something was amiss all along. You knew that the system promoted greed and money at the expense of people and the planet. you knew that your medical system poisoned your body but accepted it nonetheless. The truth is that the subconscious within all of us knew that things were not as they should have been. This is why the elites made sure that our minds stayed preoccupied. From sports, to terrorist attack fear mongering, the media and the movies have played a strong role in keeping our thoughts well under control. In essence, the system made sure we remained zombified.
But all things are to eventually change. This time, it will be our global conscience that will ensure we are freed from the Cabal. It is time to end the period in history that saw humans toil while inside of a prison planet.
Go into a quiet room, close all windows and doors and think. Come in contact with your subconscious and listen. Hear it complain about all of our system's unfairness. Notice the problems with paying for wars that serve no purpose; other than further enriching the wealthy. Hear the voice of earth coming through your same subconscious as it reminds you how hard you have to work to pay for the polluting fuel that is needed for you to go to the same work place. Try to follow the money. You labor intensively only to find that you have been swimming upstream.
Ask yourself if you are having the impact in society that you originally expected. When you walk out to face the world once again, you will have a new conviction; one that matches what you knew all along. Only that this time you are open to begin hearing about the many lies you were told since birth. You will be ready to abandon past heroes. You will be ready to be awaken.
As Trump pursues tens of thousands of legal actions against the Cabal for child sex and trafficking crimes, let's stay focused on what really matters: the protection of innocent children. Only then will our long awaited freedom from the oppressive Cabal will follow.

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