Monday, April 9, 2018

Hungarians: Absolute 'No' to Global Elites

Hungary Wins
In what is only the last chapter in an international war against the global elites, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán secured an impressive reelection victory. This despite millions of dollars spent by globalist billionaires like George Soros to drive everything from media smears, to out-of-control street violence. The results were so resounding that Orbán's political party, the Fidesz party, obtained a parliamentary super majority; one that has the power to change constitutional structure without challenge.
Unsurprisingly, Hungary's electoral results were mostly ignored by much of the fake-news main-stream-media. The story in Hungary should be quite familiar to many Americans. The media portrays an out of control populist leader who could become a tyrant at any time while the general public sees someone who calls it like it is and who finally understands them. The narrative against Hungary's leader, like the narrative against Trump, is created out of thin air by the same global elites that control all central banks around the world, all main news sources and the movie entertainment industry.
Global Elite Member George Soros
The same billionaires who want a nuclear war as soon as possible and who have enslaved the world's population under a mountain of debt, saw their political investment fail once again. Like Brexit and the election of Trump, the signs are clear that citizens are waking up to what is really going on. Forget about labels like Republican or Democrat, there is a group at the very top of the wealth pyramid that controls both. Whether in the form of US Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, US President ,Donald Trump, former British Independent Party Leader, Nigel Farage, or Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, the signs are getting stronger that finally there is a new generation of leaders not controlled by the global elites. But one shouldn't assume that the global elites will stop their New World Order plans. Look at the European Union, Guatemala and Colombia as places where the battle continues.
Covered under an façade of peace, inclusiveness and environmental concern, the global elites have been working on eliminating global democracy, people's financial independence and any means for citizens to defend themselves from oppressive governments. At some point, the global elites decided that economic control was essential. At the turn of the 20th century, central banks started to pop up throughout the developed world. The idea seemed great. We were told that there was a need for a mechanism powerful enough to smooth a nation's economic cycle but independent from political influence. So, the biggest middle-man in the history of middle-men was created. This middle-man was to distribute all money as it saw fit. And when they described independence, they meant that the middle-man would not be accountable to the population. It was not to be an elected organization where central managers fear being fired by a disgruntle electorate. Instead, central banks were given all economic power over the nation without any degree of accountability. Their meetings were to remain secret while their decisions would impact all people. 
Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express
Central banks started a progressively evolving movement where people's income loses purchase power at the same rate as easily obtainable debt fills the gap. The globalists ideals worked to perfection. Not only has the central bank system of fiat money made elites wealthier, but it also managed to make us all slaves of the debt they created.
Later on in the 20th century, the elites envisioned a United Nations (UN) that would erode borders and the power of national governments. We were sold on the idea that the UN would work on children's education, it would help protect the environment and our heritage and would promote peace; all things that duplicate national government departments. Thankfully, the UN was created without any teeth. The UN became a forum for much complaining but little doing. Sadly, we are left with the bill to sustain this useless bureaucracy.
Then, after it became clear that the United Nations should have been created with regulatory power, the global elites created the European Economic Union (EU). Sold under the pretence that a fluid economic exchange would end the possibility of wars between participating countries, the EU bureaucracy begun creating so many regulations that it is now impossible to understand them all. Like with other global elite models, the power of the EU lacks accountability to the European citizenship. None of the politicians in power can be fired by the public because none of them are elected. If anyone had any doubt that globalists pursue an agenda designed to eliminate democracy, the UN, central banks and the EU should serve as clear evidence to their real intentions.
Trans-Pacific Partnership
Likewise, if candidates Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would have been elected US president, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have become America's version of the EU. Both, the Clintons and the Bushes are part of the global elites that have controlled us for centuries. But since Trump became president instead, his refusal to sign made the TPP useless. This is because the goal of globalists was not to create an economic agreement between nations. Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam signed the agreement without any problem. No, their goal was to create a new super government over the US. Again, elites attempted to gain economic control without democratic accountability.
But what if economic control is not enough? Well, an effective way to control people's daily lives is by controlling their energy consumption. It is well understood that economic progress results in higher levels of energy consumption. Thus, curving energy use should have a similar effect to commercial regulations: lower economic activity. Enter the idea of Global Warming and the threat of carbon in the atmosphere. By focusing on carbon, globalists tap on the element that serves as the foundation of most energy sources. It is thus quite effective at hitting the population right where it hurts the most. From electronic luxuries at home to transportation, carbon affects all of them. Unfortunately for globalists, they forgot the fact that higher carbon in the air would quickly make the world greener. Plants love a higher mix of carbon. But a green explosion never happened.
Nano-aluminum Chem-trails
Also, the global elites forgot to mention to their blind followers that water vapor, also known as clouds and humidity, account for two thirds of all greenhouse gases. In fact, carbon will remain a minuscule portion of the atmosphere even under the most industrial of projected outcomes. As a result, the story of Global Warming has had to quickly morph into Climate Change. Never mind that the global elites are behind the use of chem-trails as part of their so called 'environmental' geo-engineering programs. Aside from releasing dangerous metals that harm people and vegetation, chem-trails also increase the greenhouse effect. Look it up, geo-engineering is used for cloud seeding.
This makes me wonder if a new program for the global elites is to control the amount of rain people get. Based on their interest behind geo-engineering and on the secretive nature of this growing industry, it would not be surprising.
All along, the global elites have continued to push for a strong media focus on gun violence. Forget that London's stabbing murder rate has surpassed New York City's gun murder rate. Ignore the fact that trucks can also be used to maim people. No, trucks and knives are not weapons average people could effectively use to protect themselves from an oppressive government. But guns are. I don't know about you, but I always found it remarkable that only countries where globalists had an interest woke up to news that kids entered schools to kill classmates using advanced military equipment and tactics. There are millions of kids in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Brazil carrying firearms every day. Yet, not one of them ever goes into a school dressed as tactical commandoes and killing everyone with the precision of trained military experts. No, that only happens where CIA or FBI officers send their kids to school. From Hitler to Chavez, dictators first remove guns. But in America, global elites come against a strong foe: the US Constitution.
US Navy Space Program
So what is next for the global elite's? Use your imagination. Anything is possible. How about a US Navy secret space program that creates a fake extraterrestrial invasion that'd call for the deployment of neutron bombs. In anticipation, the elites would run to their secret underground bunkers to remotely witness the destruction. Citizens who remain alive would then be moved to "FEMA" labeled camps where they would be selected on the bases of their willingness to obey.
Farfetched? Perhaps. For now, we should celebrate any time a new leader rises above global elite influence. We should also hope that Trump's succeeds on his current war against the secret pedophilia groups who traffic children across the world. This is indeed a historic moment. But rather than seeing things through the lens of anger, we should see things for what they are: this is a moment of enlightenment when humanity will finally come to understand that much of what has made us feel ashamed of our actions was in fact created by few terrible people. This is the time for conservatives and progressives to come together against the enemy of humanity. As the truth comes out, we will feel happier standing next to our fellow men and women. Let's remain optimistic. Let's elevate our global community's positive energy.

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