Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Age of United Awakening

The age of awakening is here. Some will see through the main stream media lies sooner or later. Meanwhile, many others will quickly find that their political heroes aren't so. 
I don't know about you, but my moment of first light came when I realized that there never were weapons of mass destruction being held by Iraq's dictator as promised by Bush's CIA. Slowly, the illusion cleared and all begun to make sense. From the many periodic false flags organized by the so called intelligence agencies to the fact that there aren't two parties competing for the leadership positions in the US, it all now makes sense. 
Along the way I went through the typical stages of coping; including the well expected period of anger. But I am now past all of it. I now realize that we are on an inevitable path to awakening that will make us witness to the fall of the ruling elites who went as far as to change history to their benefit. Perhaps the internet is to thank. With all the access it provides at the strike of a key, nothing in history has democratized information as the internet does today. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be said about the fact that the old corrupt guard, the Cabal, has refused to abandon their methods well past the point where we all started to see through their deceptions. We now know that when the media accuses someone of a crime, it is their opponent who actually broke the law. We now understand that when intelligence agencies make fun of conspiracy theories, we should instead look seriously close at the facts they are laughing about. Moreover, we are even beginning to understand that the Federal Reserve is not federal and that it serves private interests. 
Every day, the 'fake media' gets closer to its grave. Every day, we 'the people' come closer to uniting behind what really matters. We will no longer be against or in favor of Antifa. We will simply ignore them. It is clear that these are fabrications intended to first divide and then distract us from the real issues. We will no longer cheer for a Clinton or a Bush as we come to the realization that both are part of the Cabal. 
Today, we will all come to the understanding that the most important battle being fought is against the corrupt minority of uber-rich who have an affinity for pedophilia. If you see Trump feeling a little cozy with the Russians or the Chinese, it is not because he loves to be painted as a traitor by the media. For the first time in many years, the former communist nations are aligned with an American President in the pursuit of law. No, it's neither Chinese gangs nor the Russian mob who are behind the most heinous of crimes humans have ever committed. No, today's pedophilia crimes touch deep into the European and American elite class; a group who uses powerful intelligence agencies to execute their bids. The traffic of children runs deep within the upper class. These children are used as sex slaves, as means to control and manipulate politicians and business leaders, and as religious offerings to the kind of gods we would never understand. The reality of the matter is that more than five million children are abducted from around the world every year to serve as slaves for no more than a couple of years. Death is the only way out of their slavery. But read this again. We are not talking about a slavery that took place hundreds of years ago. No, this slavery takes place today and it's actively protected by some of the people that have been sworn to enforce the law. 
As it should be expected, the challenge is massive. Think of the fact that solving such a widely protected crime requires a very special group of outsiders. This is why Trump is the only candidate to lead the cause. The last American President who could have taken action was killed in November of 1963 in Dallas. Trump knows well who killed John F. Kennedy and why. His insistence to declassify all CIA documents on the case have been strongly opposed by the same agency. Consider the fact that those responsible are still alive and hold positions of high influence. 
But Trump could not be bought. He has more money than most politicians. He is the first President to already have an airplane of comparable size to that of Air Force One. He was already famous and powerful. He couldn't be bribed.  In essence, the only thing Trump was missing was a place in history. He knew well that most billionaires will soon be forgotten by father time, but US Presidents seem to be a bit more memorable.
The military intelligence, who had been following the pedophilia crimes for decades also knew that Trump would be the only one who could happily face such a challenge. From the beginning, the military stood behind Trump. It is thus no surprise that he filled the White House with generals. It was also to be expected that his enemies would start knocking the same generals as soon as they had a chance. But the work done by military intelligence only needed an executor. It was ready. All Trump had to do was to use his street-smarts to start the biggest game of chess in history. 
While the 'fake' media tries to attach value to a story of a President who had a sexual relationship with a porn star, many middle players within the pedophilia ring have been arrested. By the time we are done, the arrests will shake the core of the European royal families, the Vatican, Hollywood and the international banking system. 
But progress will continue to be slow and meticulous. Just a few days ago, on April 19th, Hollywood sweet heart Allison Mack was indicted for Title 18 crimes of sex trafficking of children. Best known for her role in the Smallville TV series, Mack was indicted at the same time as Keith Raniere, a board member at the Clinton Foundation. She is facing three very serious counts relating to the international pedophilia crime cult. The main stream media has either ignored the case or has begun to defend Mack.
It's time that we unite against those who engage in the worst type of crime anyone could think of. We should now abandon what separates us and focus on what unites us. The Cabal, those behind the pedophilia cult, are also colluding in many other areas that affect all of us, albeit in different ways than how these children relate crimes do. Today, we could already say goodbye to our dependency on oil. Likewise, we should never have to see a loved one suffer from cancer or many other terrible illnesses. This is why it's paramount to stand together for the rule of law. We must unite as Trump and other outsiders clean up the Cabal. And, concurrently, we should stand as one demanding "Full Disclosure" of all Cabal secrets. As I said, the age of awakening is here.

Following are the Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG documents filled on 04/19/2018

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 2Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 1

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 4Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 3

Allison Mack Criminal Docket Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG page 5

Following are the minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial in front of judge Viktor Pohorelsky on the 24th of April of this year.

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 2minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 1

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 4minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 3

minute entries for Allison Mack's criminal trial page 5

Following are the indictment papers dated 04/19/2018 for the Allison Mack criminal case.

Indictment Allison Mack page 2Indictment Allison Mack page 1

Indictment Allison Mack page 4Indictment Allison Mack page 3

Indictment Allison Mack page 5

Expect hundreds of indictments for the same crimes to follow. 

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