Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump Preparing to Suspend Constitutional Rights

Why is the Trump-hating media saying nothing about it? 
As Trump issues a second Executive Order, the media's silence is deafening. Either the two Executive Orders are meaningless or the media is showing a strong conflict of interest. So far Trump has issued two remarkable Executive Orders. The first was signed during the Christmas week last December. The second order became public just a few days ago. Both are part of a clearly related, yet quiet strategy to bring into justice some of the most powerful people in  the world. Through the first order, Trump claims temporary executive privileges that give him the right to conduct military tribunals against enemies of the state, national and international. These tribunals would suspend all constitutional rights of those deemed to be a risk to the stability of the country. US citizens accused of such treasonous crimes would be deprived of the usual stuff. You know, the whole Sixth Amendment guaranteeing the right to a public trial by a jury of peers would be out the window. Protocols like having to Mirandizing the arrested will be ignored . The second order changes the structure of military tribunals by allowing the hiring of civil judges and lawyers. In other words, it hints at the fact that present military court staff will be so busy as to not be able to handle all the cases that are sure to come up. While the first order describes the seriousness of the expected punishment, the second one portrays the gigantic number of cases that are anticipated.
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
Trump's Executive Order to 
go after pedophile network
For a media that accuses Trump of being a tyrant, one would think that the threat of suspension of civil rights would present a valuable opportunity to attack. Under the right spin, the media could use these events to demonstrate to their audience that Trump has lost it, that he is about to eliminate all his enemies at once, just as Chavez, Castro and all other dictators did. Still, nothing is said. There is no mention of any of the two orders. Why?
When coming to power, Trump was welcomed by two intelligence sides who wanted his attention. By now, he has realized that he lucked out by getting himself surrounded by generals. While the military state has plenty of corruption to deal with, this time it was the safer bet for Trump. He now knows that the other side has deep roots into a world of corruption like nothing else ever seen in our country. The connections stretch back to the death of both President John F. Kennedy and his little brother, presidencial candidate  Robert Kennedy; from the Iran-contras scandal to the Medellin cartel. Over decades, US military bases around the world have served as logistics networks for the CIA; an intelligence group that has operated under the control of the wealthiest and most powerful people for decades. Everything from guns, to drugs, to children are trafficked through this logistics network. All along, military intelligence has witnessed what has been done in the name of our nation. Perhaps out of political envy or perhaps out of a sense of patriotism, this same military intelligence has been building a case against the pedophile ring that is said to be used as a way to control politicians and powerful businessmen. In a world where everybody in power seems dirty, the pedophilia ring blurs the edges of where good citizens who found themselves at the wrong place end and where the bad guys begin. As they say, never attend a private party in Washington DC at less that you are fine being drugged up and waking up next to a nude child and a few Polaroids to serve as evidence.
2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
Trump's Martial Court Amendments
There has been a lot of rumors that the military has readied the Guantanamo base in Cuba to accept more than a thousand criminals to face the military tribunals. It is also said that there are close to a thousand sealed indictments ready to be delivered. One thing is for sure. So far, the target list of foreign nationals is over a thousand pages long. Published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the list gives personal and businesses information. Yet, the big names are to be announced before the 2019 deadline for the Executive Orders.
Understandably, the ring of corruption, if it materializes, will surely extend to some in the media. This may explain why the New York Times and the Washington Post, both of whom hold deep hate for Trump, say nothing about the orders. Any front page mention will force everyone to look closer at what is happening. Then, once questioned, Trump could announce the reason behind the Presidential Orders and publicly trap the media through their own pages. By now, every political opinion expert in the nation has witnessed the great ability Trump has at playing high stakes chess.
In any case, the whole thing should become public pretty soon. It is clear that the White House is reading for their final move. Trump shun the media when he directly announced on Twitter that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was fired. In a double move intended to clear the CIA from its corrupt leadership, Tillerson was replaced by former CIA director, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo on his part was replaced by former CIA Deputy Director, Gina Haspel. All of which is sure to remain unconfirmed by the Senate for months. Could it be that Trump's plan is to maintain the CIA headless until he can get a better handle of congress?
Meanwhile, US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is considering the possibility of firing FBI Deputy Director, Andre McCabe. McCabe is surrounded by many controversies relating to his relationship to the Clintons, former FBI Director James Comey and a separate issue relating to donations to his wife's campaign for Virginia State Senate. If fired, this would occur right before McCabe's official retirement date; a fact that would take away his 22-year-career pension. This would be indeed quite poetic considering that he refused to recuse himself from the Clinton email scandal investigation until right before the Presidential elections.
OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List
List of People and Businesses
to have their assets frozen
Meanwhile those who are attacking the President have now shifted to desperate moves. Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, continues to interview Trump with the goal of trapping him on a technical lie. That would be the last chance at an impeachment that would stop the military tribunals. Mueller is also continuing to target Trump's son-in-law. The environment in Washington is sure to become radioactive in the near future.
I don't like the idea of a President evoking the privilege to call for Martial Law. But if this is the best way to make sure that the pedophilia ring comes to an end, I am all for it. If any of these predictions prove to be correct, there is a strong probability that powerful people within central banks, the Vatican and government will go to jail. There is even a chance that a constitutional crisis may place a dark cloud over the US history. If Obama's presidency is somehow deemed to have been illegal, all his appointees would become illegal too. All of his orders would have to be reversed. Any moneys used may have to be clawed back. It would be a mess.
Keep an eye on the historic events unfolding right before our eyes.

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