Monday, November 14, 2016

Applying for the Nation's Butler Job

These days, it's impossible to look around without seeing a depressed progressive (a misnomer). From angry Soros-funded public protesters, to the usual sad face at the local retail store. 
composite image of a participation trophy at left and 2016 elections protesters through the streets of New York City at right
No participation trophies for losers; a first for Millennials
In a way, it isn't difficult to understand why things seem so bleak for so many of these grown children. Being their first election, they're struggling to cope with the fact that there won't be participation trophies handed out for all the losers. This is an unfair catastrophy, if you ask them.
Then there is the fact that many have forgotten their civics classes that clearly covered our electoral system. The US is not a strict democracy. No, our elections operate through a proxy-type-of-democracy. Unfortunately for anyone complaining, the rules have been the same for pretty-much ever. So, history has proven that a winner of a popular vote (all votes counted) could actually lose to the winner of the electoral vote (the proxy-votes). So, nothing to see here people; MoveOn (pardon the Soros pun).
In my opinion, the whole thing is just noise. Sallie Krawcheck, a so called LinkedIn Influencer, recently wrote an article, A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump, for the LinkedIn audience where she cried about how terrible things are for women after Trump's win. Aside from being a poorly written article, a sign of her desperation to get as much verbiage published at different media outlets, as quickly, as possible, her circular logic suggests that life is now impossible to explain to our young female citizens. Since I could not stand the hyperbolic fallacy, I wrote a response. This short comment clearly explains my feelings about not only the present civil discontent but about what being a president of a country is all about. So, I thought it a best to also share it with my great readers. I hope you enjoy it.

Reply to LinkedIn article A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump
Can I get a progressive/liberal member card to call myself an Influencer like Sallie despite the lack of merit?
Sallie, I have two daughters and a wife. Yes, I am the only male at home. The first thing I taught all of them was to never whine and to fight harder than everyone else. In other words, to follow my example. While I could play the immigrant card, I refuse to do so. Instead, I prefer to earn my rewards. I can't stand the concept of awarding participation-trophies. 
Image of Green Party's 2016 candidate Jill SteinDifferent that your experience, I think this is a great time to learn. During the present elections, I made sure that my daughters understood their vulnerable nature when exposed to a corrupt media. From Facebook, to Reuters, to the BBC, to Univision, to the New York Times, all media decided to create a distorted world around the most corrupt woman in US politics. The media treated Clinton as the only choice for president for being the only female in the race, all while Jill Stein of the Green party observed. Yes, the media actively discriminated against a woman. What a double standard.
Interestingly, the media drunk so much of their own KoolAid that they reached a sustained state of inebriation. Consequently the hangover was brutal. I suggest that your feelings are a simple reflection of such binge. Rather than objectivity, the media promises fairness; as in re-arranging-the-chess-pieces fairness. I find that it is this so called fairness that, when consumed in large regurgitated amounts, is terrible to your health. 
Me, I prefer to digest my own raw and objective data. I don't like all the editorial hormones that the media injects. As a result, I can see that Trump is no saint, that the Clintons deserve an extended isolation vacation with all meals paid by our tax dollars, and that if we finally fix our country's balance sheet my daughter's future will be better. 
The president of the United States is not supposed to be a role model. The job calls exclusively for a person responsible for administering our home while being accountable to our family, 'we the people'. 
Picture of Trump and Anthony Senecal, Donald J Trump's 30 year butler
Donald Trump's butler of 30 years, Anthony Senecal
In other words, we are hiring a butler/housekeeper for the nation. If our butler/housekeeper overspends, mismanages resources, creates household divisions, etc. we can immediately fire him/her. I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't hope for the butler to become the role model for my daughters to emulate as they grow . I also don't think that the butler should come and tell me what to eat or how to love my children. 
I feel Trump will do a great job because he is tremendously eager to take on the butler job. While Hillary relaxed her campaign efforts, relying on her ability to blow through money and to cheat anyone in her path, Trump woke up earlier and went to bed later than everyone else. To me, this is a butler worth giving a chance. Remember, Trump is neither going to convert into my daughters dad nor my household's savior. He will just be the house's administrator. Nothing else needs to be explained to young women. I can assure you, my daughters understood the lesson very well.


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