Friday, June 24, 2016

Congratulations to Britain!

Image of the British flag in front of a sky with fireworks
Once again, the British nation has acted with courage and decorum. They have followed the most difficult of paths knowing that they were doing the right thing. To all my British friends I send you a resounding thank you for continuing to be our inspiration.
Having lived in the UK, I know firsthand that the United States has no other partner as solid and as reliable as the British nation. I am also witness to their strong sense of identity and individuality. No, the Brits are not European. They are Brits. The only way for an American to relate is to see how Texans are Texans. Don't dare to tell a Texan that they are either southerners or mid-westerners. They are Texans before anything else. 
This time, the Brits faced their challenge with the same kind of resolution that they displayed when being incessantly bombed by the Nazis during the Second World War. We all know that the French just folded as soon as they saw Nazi hats. But the Brits stood despite incredible destruction all around them. 
image of Carta Magna
Magna Carta
History has shown that the British nation will always do the right thing. They first gave average people a path to a better living thanks to the Magna Carta. They started one of the most incredible global advances thanks to the Industrial Revolution. They first understood the double face nature of central-national management and bloated-bureaucracies. And now, they faced the so called Globalists which want to destroy democracy in the name of a safe future for the powerful and wealthy. Yes, people like George Soros have long proposed a world vision that would safeguard their wealth. 
First, Globalists promote a world where populations have no way to defend themselves from tyrannical governments. Look at Venezuela. People are dying daily from starvation, from a lack of clean water and from a total absence of medicine. Yet, people can't defend themselves. The political way-out has been completely eliminated by a government that changes the constitution and laws whenever it wants. Moreover, the army and the militia are both controlled by the government while arms are made illegal for citizens to own. The Globalists talk about weapons as the cause of all evil, but their plan is simply to create defenseless societies that will comply to all government demands. 
picture of crows waiting in line for any leftover food at a Venezuelan supermarket. In the foreground, garbage abounds.
Venezuela: A Compliant Society
Second, the Globalists are not about global markets, they are instead about globally controlled governments. Unfortunately their "global" name creates the illusion that they are seeking economic well being for people. But they don't. They initially tried to scare the people of Britain by telling them that the Brits would lose access to the EU's markets and that it would mean an end of their economy. But the Brits new better. Whether adjusted to GDP or on a per-capita basis, Switzerland sells more stuff to Europe than the UK despite not being part of the EU. Switzerland doesn't even have to pay the massive taxes the Brits have to in order to be part of the bureaucratic club. So the Swiss get the benefit without the fees. Why couldn't the Brits do the same. Furthermore, the Brits are not the sellers to Europe but buyers. They buy much more from the EU than they sell to it. Do you think that the Germans will say no to selling to the UK? They would be crazy.
So the Brits realized that all the scare tactics from the powerful elites were simple bluffs. They also understood that the European Community has created a massive government with great regulatory power over British citizens but without any accountability. Bureaucrats in Brussels pass rules in secret that affect all citizens while they face no concern for losing their jobs. The EU is a safe heaven for all retired politicians. They simply can't get fired while enjoying great salaries paid by the people of member nations. Yes, this is the real Globalist vision. To them, the best government is one where power over people is abundant but accountability to the same people is nonexistent. 
Do you think that Americans are immune to central management with impunity? 
Illustration of hands with banners opposing the FED and its existence over a black background.
The FED: incredible power without accountability
How about the Federal Reserve. They completely overshadow all other market participants in the economy. Our future is 100% dependent on their decisions. Yet, the Fed is not elected and thus fear nothing about losing their jobs due to an upset public.  
Finally, the Globalist want central management. Yes, they promote the same type of central government as that from all communist countries of yore but without the loss of property rights that happens in Communism. The Globalists call this Socialism. The right unfortunately calls it Big Government, which misses the real issue completely. By having a government that promotes public dependency rather than independence, Globalists ensure safety for their families and property. No risk of a Bastille-like revolution where kings would lose all. Instead, Globalists want a big and powerful government to protect their property. But their plans have no regard to the fact that central management has failed in every country it has ever been tested. Again, look at Venezuela and the total absence of toilet paper and basic necessities like medicine. 
Image of an International Monetary Fund's SDR in black and white
SDR's for more global inflation
It is just like smoking. It would be easy to talk to a smoker who swears they'll face no harm from smoking and who offers her experience as evidence. She shows you that she is in great health.
Europe is already there. They already have the disease. But like all smoke-addicts, they simply don't see that their seeming success has only been tested over a very short term when placed within a historic frame. Yes, fifty years of Socialism are nothing when compared to say the Roman Empire. They should know better, especially under the circumstances they already face. Think of it, Europe is just getting started with Socialism and they are already looking at building a government that will protect the powerful when the system fails and people try to get out of it. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund is already testing SDR's; the future global currency that will allow central bankers to continue to inflate, thus maintaining the illusion of financial growth while allowing governments to operate while insolvent. Thankfully the Brits figured the risk before they had to face an American-style secession war to get out of the EU. We could call it a near-miss. 
The Brits have served us a great lesson in civility, again!
Thank you.

After the article was published, Nigel Farage, the architect of Brexit, addressed the European Parliament. If you like British humor, his speech was a gas. Enjoy the video that captured the moment: 

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