Friday, June 2, 2017

Paris Accord Not About Climate Change

composite image of various presidents shaking hands during the signing of the Paris Accord plus the logo created for the event plus the Eiffel tower at night with the claim of 1.5 degree reduction crossed out in favor of a much lower fraction
The Paris Accord that has created so much recent noise is about everything else but climate change. No need to argue the merits of the climate change argument.

When dealing with politicians, one can never focus on their headlines. The dirt leading our countries are great at coming up with platitudes. Instead, I always rely on reading the long script. Yes, I know that these texts are often opaque and circular in logic. That's exactly how politicians ensure we won't figure out what they are up to.

The Paris accord is about global redistributionism. The whole concept that the rich must pay retributions to the poor for a legacy of abuse is now being played at a global scale. As the rich in this narrative, the US is supposed to pay into a fund without accountability or clear goals. Just look at how Brussels EU government has found ways to erode democracy in Europe while creating perpetual bureaucrat jobs for those who focus on making everybody feel guilty of their actions. Do you really think that the EU government is accountable? Try to fire any of them. You can't!

Concurrently, countries who are behind on the pollution race get a big-fat certificate of approval from all treaty participating nations. Go ahead, we tell, them, feel free to pollute as you wish since that would be just fair. And you thought the accord was about reducing pollution.

It is easy to hate Trump. There are many reasons. But our exit from the accord is not about Trump or about climate change merit. As I tell my little girls, "focus". Don't let the noisy media flash bright, shinny lights in front of you. If we want to reduce our impact on the environment, let's do it in a way that will actually achieve results.

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