Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Oxycodone Blood

Addictions to medicine, anyone? As the Cabal falls apart one family at a time, here are some medical industry middle-level players facing the law. Today, it is the State of Massachusetts that is suing these billionaires. Tomorrow, it will be a military judge hearing arguments in a GITMO court. Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains what just happened:

I understand that it may be horrible to think of living in a world where the powerful are actively acting against you and your family. Unfortunately, that is what awakening is all about. In many ways, taking the blue pill may be best for most.
Nonetheless, it's time to wake up. The Cabal controls all our food, medicine, climate, education, money, energy, media, entertainment and government. While we are winning the war, many are choosing to remain blind. If the idea of a demonic child trafficking ring run by the CIA is too much to accept, if a secret space program by the elites scares you, if you prefer to remain in your 3 foot by 3 foot "reality", at least try to stop getting your news from the main channels. Otherwise you will miss it when we finally win the battle.

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