Friday, January 4, 2019

Energy Purifier

I guess that this is funny and sad at the same time. In a world where politicians like the Clinton's use their charitable foundations to traffic children across our borders and where people like the Bush's have been involved with importing drugs and terrorists by the carrier load, it is old ladies that our security system focuses on. 
I just gifted my mother a very large organite pyramid I made specially for her. It is about 6" by 6" in base and at about 6" tall. Because of the materials, it is quite heavy. It took me two weeks to finish it for her. For those who don't know, organite is used to purify the poisonous energy from cell towers, wi-fi and radar. They make the energy safe for living organisms like plants, animals and people.
Well, no good duty goes unpunished. My mother took her pyramid home yesterday as she traveled to Mexico. Needless to say, the NTSA people at Palm Beach and Dallas-Fort Worth Airports went nuts with the pyramid. So when her bag arrived to Mexico, the customs people there were ready to go through her whole bag. The coordination between the different security organizations was impressive.
As the purifiers went through the usual battery of inspections, X-rays couldn't penetrate the inner pyramid, which is the low impedance capacitive sync made from ferrous oxide powder and sand quartz. Furthermore, the dogs were going bananas with the gifted acrylic shapes too.
During the ordeal, the clueless but fully empowered agents made sure to comment that they had never seen anything like it before. Of course they had not; we all know how well rounded their education is. At some point, they wanted to break the pyramids to see what was inside. Clearly, in the absence of logic, breaking things is the best solution. Still, thankfully they didn't.
I felt terrible for my mom. All because these people have no idea what organite is or why would anyone worry about becoming stupefied by the microwave poison we live with thanks to our friendly Cabal leaders.
Thankfully the pedophilia tribunals have been moving along quite well. This year, the Pope will have to resign. Moreover, the Cabal is also continuing to lose it's control on our world as the Alliance gains ground.

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