Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Peace: the Cabal's Nightmare Scenario

compound image of fireworks in the background with the USA and North Korea flags in the middle ground and a peace dove and the word piece in the foreground
Let's join to celebrate the historic denuclearization agreement with North Korea. Today, during their Singapore Summit, US President, Donald Trump, and North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, signed a previously unbelievable peace agreement. North Korea has already started to destroy their nuclear testing facilities as part of a good faith agreement established prior to the summit. In exchange, the US will end economic sanctions after all nuclear programs end. The US will then welcome North Korea to the modern global economy and has promised to give solid assurances of safety to the Supreme Leader and his family. The latter being a key factor, especially considering what happened to former Prime Minister of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, after he denuclearized his nation. Gaddafi was betrayed and murdered by the Obama administration despite doing all he was asked to do by western powers.
While the Cabal-controlled fake media finds flaws with the peace progress made, it should be clear to all of us that it is in none of our interest to prolong a war-based geopolitical system created to keep us under the control of the global elites. Remember the phrase 'divide and control'?
image of USA president Donald Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un shaking hands in front of many USA and North Korean flagsIt was the Cabal that created our warring-nation image. Subsequently, it is now up to this generation of conservatives and progressives to ask our outsider-president to get us back in control of our societies. Think about it, what else could have made the seemingly unstable North Korean leader give up on his nuclear ambitions but the belief that Trump can in fact end the Cabal's regime and thus start a period where peace is the norm? Historically, one thing has been constant: The Cabal gave us politicians like the Clintons that promised peace but were quick to emulate the warring tactics of those on the supposed other side of the political isle. The reality has perpetually been that all of them were on the same side. Right and left have long stood in service of the warring Cabal; the same elites who happily placed us under mountains of debt, personal and as a nation, and who poison our water, food and medicines.
This is indeed a momentous time. Today, we'll all set aside disagreements to celebrate what is clearly best for all of us: peace. And to think that this is just the beginning. There are still the many pedophilia and child trafficking trials that have yet to take place. When these do happen, we will all come together to stand behind children rights and against the Cabal's nefarious practices. Then, soon after, we will be able to demand Full Disclosure. It will be time to finally receive all the science and health technologies that we funded with taxes but which have been kept from us. Moreover, I can't wait to be free from the need to use expensive energy. Only after all secret programs end, will we be able to ascend as a global society. We are indeed living through a great time of awakening.

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