Monday, June 18, 2018

Let's Come Clean; Time to End Political Fighting

From time to time, it's a good practice to take inventory of what has gone right and what has gone wrong. Likewise, it is now time for that kind of cleansing to take place. We have to come to grips with our bad political decisions of years past.
I for one, had to accept that I was wrong about George Bush. At one time I helped him win the White House. Sadly, I had no idea that he was under full control by the Cabal. As president, he sat on the nation's captain-chair while the greatest false flag in history, 9-11, turned us into an international invader for a purpose that exclusively served the Cabal; all while we paid the tab with massive amounts of tax money and brave-soldier lives. To now learn that the Cabal's plans were set in stone since the early nineties sickens me. Thankfully I am not alone. Many military generals are finally voicing their dislike for the Cabal's actions which put military leaders under undue pressure of going to a war they disagreed with. No wonder there are so many generals standing behind Trump as he goes after the Cabal. While at first, the Cabal managed to knock out a couple of the forger generals advising Trump, the dissent against the Cabal among military men is so great that new generals immediately replaced those who were politically ousted.
Just as I did, everyone of you should ready to say goodbye to your former political heroes. Not doing so will otherwise be too emotionally traumatic once full disclosure occurs. Consider the fact that I still hear from European friends who feel that Obama was the best US president in history. So now envision how these friends will take the imminent news that Obama will be going to jail for child sex and trafficking crimes? Talk about shifting the ground they stand on.
It will thus be better to come to the understanding now that, no matter how charismatic Hillary Clinton may have been, the Cabal's control on her is too great to be simply dismissed as normal politics. This is why Trump had to become our president. He is our best chance to finally guide humanity out of under the abusive control of the global Elites. Trump is the first president who didn't care to be politically correct; a very important feature as political correctness eliminates transparency. Trump also happens to be very rich. While he is not a trillionaire like the Rothschild's, he can not be bought either. Moreover, Trump was already famous and powerful. Finally, Trump has been around the Cabal's circles long enough to understand how they operate. He knew that relying in a single security detail would land him in the same position as John F. Kennedy. Trump has Secret Service, plus a military detail, plus a private security group he personally selects and pays for.
Let's remember that the battle we are fighting is not between one political party and the other. Both parties are fully controlled by the Cabal. In fact, both parties will experience great casualties as soon as the 30,000 sealed indictments begin to be delivered. At this stage we are just waiting for the last badge of judges to be approved. All else should be ready and in place.
Again, start saying farewell to all your sacred cows. And don't let the fake media make it sound like all is well. The Cabal knows that they are in trouble. During the recent Bilderberg meeting in Italy, even the Vatican was involved. The global elites know that we have awaken to their lies and crimes. They know that their end is here. So when asked about whether you stand on the side of enslaved children or on the side of the Bush's, Obama's or Clinton's, make sure your priorities are straight. Make sure you are with the winning team: those who will liberate millions of abducted children.

PS. While most children who live as sex slaves have a very short life expectancy of no more than two years after being abducted, there are some who survive and grow up old enough to tell their story. The following is a short testimonial video of one of such survivors. Please don't judge based on age. Remember that this person was once a child.
Also, the video addresses the part of the interview relating to the pedophilia crimes. But be warned that if you do check the complete set of interview videos, at the address below, you will find out about the many other things the government is hiding; much of which is sure to disturb you. In fact, you may even place this whole article in question. Here, let me tell you that I don't blame you if you think the subject ends up going way too far from normal. I also would not object to you thinking less about my article and writing abilities. Yet, I am including the video and addressing the subject because I feel it to be important.
Whether you are willing to come on board today or tomorrow to the idea the we need to demand Full Disclosure from our leaders, I am confident you will eventually be there. The secrets have been so big and the control over us so large that it is not a question of 'if' but a question of 'when'.

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