Thursday, February 13, 2020

Not so Awoke

It's very interesting to witness the effectiveness of mind control and social programming (as in TV programming).
One would think that the awoke movement would be, say, awoke. But high repetition and seemingly credible people on the media continue to make their audience miss what's really important this time around. Everyone knows that there is something wrong with the system but continues to believe the narrative that the problem is political. So the awoke remain blind to the fact that we are no more than free-range slaves on our own planet. When the blue-bloods, who trace their lineage all the way back to the pharaohs, got tired of having a single king in the family they created the idea of dividing the throne among all the royals. The presidency, the courts and the congress were created. Now, people of royal lineage could get the benefits of the power of the throne and could share it with all their brothers and sisters. "E pluribus unum" was born. So, they told us, their subjects, that we were free and that we would select our public servants. They called it a democracy. But they said nothing about the fact that all the choices available for us to select-from were members of the same family. So the Bush's and he Clinton's are cousins with the queen of England. All are related to the global bankers, to George Washington, to Benjamin Franklin and to Barack Obama. To these blue-bloods, no matter what party they come from, we are their cows and they feel the right to collect our productivity. This is why we have become financial slaves of everything they sell us. We work to survive. And in case we have any money left at the end of our life, they collect the rest through the poison-based medical system. Therefore, one can't be awoke without knowing these historical facts. Ask Maddow to talk about ending the Federal Reserve. Ask her to address modern slavery. Today, blond-blue-eyed scientists and their families are the chosen slaves. Ask her to address child trafficking. Remember the act of eating Jesus' body and drinking his blood during Communion? Now imagine the same but with children while witnessing a blue-blood ritual. Think of Epstein's island church. Ask Maddow to address the relationship between the Vatican, the Royals and Switzerland. Ask her to address all issues from the perspective of love and to stay clear of fear and anger in her monologues. She will not. Se is not allowed to. Neither can Fox. Both are two sides of the same program. Both political parties are also corrupt. They divide us. They talk about the environment and ask us to attack anyone who is not environmental enough. They create divisions among gays when some are not gay enough. There is no love in their messages because love is the antidote to their control system. But if you don't want to agree with me, it's fine. Deep inside, you know the system is broken. All you have to do when listening to any "expert" is to ask yourself if their message is based on fear or anger. If so, turn off the TV.

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