Thursday, July 18, 2019

Epstein May Get Deal

Some think that the Epstein arrest is the beginning and the end of the pedophilia ring. About five million children lose their lives yearly, after being taken from their families an average of four years before. At such rate, Epstein was not the main and only person. It takes an agency (literally) to handle that many slaves. Sure he served to compromise corporate leaders, politicians, educators, media and judges. But those were selected and strategic projects. 

Epstein was created by Victoria's Secret founder. But the links don't end at Epstein's doors. Do you recall the movie, The Social Network, were Mark Zuckerberg narrates partying with Victoria's Secret models? Was the connection a coincidence? Was it plausible deniability thanks to being a movie script?

Despite the fact that the media and Hollywood have turned on their wonder boy Epstein, he will get a smaller sentence than he deserves. The reason is that this time he will talk. That is why New York suffered a blackout. The Cabal was trying to get rid of him but failed. Someone knew they were coming. Perhaps the heroes at the NSA heard something. It's interesting to consider what happens when the CIA's satellites are made inoperable. Their secret communications can no longer be secret. And then there is the fact that X-Box can also no longer be used to send messages without the NSA finding out. And finally, Gmail's unsent-email trick where the message sits at a North Korean server where it can be accessed no longer works either. Kim Jong-un is no longer controlled by the Cabal.  In a nutshell, the Cabal is running out of ways to communicate without the patriots figuring it out.

In any case, the Epstein's case deals only with the Cabal's pedophilia ring. We still have to sort through the child trafficking and slavery problem if we want to get to the real powerful trillionaires out of circulation. And no, this is not a typo. We are told that Warren Buffet, a cousin of Clinton and Bush, is the wealthiest person one year and that Bill Gates is wealthiest the next. But these are only billionaires. They are no more than low level players. Gates manages population control of Africa through vaccination while Buffet controls drug logistics. But again, both are low level players.

Most of the trafficking of children and slaves is done by the CIA. The agency also handles global drugs and weapons trafficking. But even after dismantling the CIA, we will not get rid of the most important players. In the end, all arrows will point at the banking families around the world. That is where real power lies. After laws are passed asserting that the Federal Reserve will be audited, the Fed will go bankrupt. This will bring down all other central banks around the world in what will be a dominoes fall for the history books. Only then will the trillionaires in this world fall and all pedophilia and child trafficking end.

This will also bring a halt to all wars, school shootings and terrorist groups. There will be no more vaccines, fluoride in the water, bad education. Pollution, chemtrails and food poisoning will end as health becomes affordable again. By the time we are done, several US presidents would have gone to jail, have received a death sentence (this one already happened), and one will lose his presidency all together. There will be many politicians who will spend the rest of their lives in prison as well. European royalty will become a thing of the past as family members are given death or life sentences. The Vatican, the Red Cross and most of the large charity groups around the world will no longer exist.

Only then will we have a chance to ponder who we really are and how is it that we went astray. After we digest it all, there will be a new day on earth. A sense of intrinsic happiness will penetrate every corner of the planet. And, because there is freewill, there will be those who will get a chance to experience a re-play as long as they want. We will love them for it as the rest of us celebrate the beauty that represents humanity.

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