Saturday, March 9, 2019

'Q' Gives Much Meatier Signals

To the many who get their information from the mainstream media, 'Q' is no more than a rouge movement of a few crazy Trump followers. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. 'Q' is an international phenomena. 'Q' is the constitutional way to execute a Coup d'├ętat. Had Hilary won, the military had plans to take Washington. But since Trump won, patriots are able to participate in a legal take over. 'Q' is the channel used by the generals and Trump to awaken people from our fake sense of freedom; to realize that we are free-range slaves in our planet.

Prayingmedic is one of the best decoders of 'Q' and he shares this steamy decode. Of course that those of us who have been awake for longer see this information as already known, basic stuff. But the rest of society has to still come to the understanding of what really is going on just outside of the little box of "reality" they experience every day. Enjoy it, it's comprehensive.

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