Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rising Above Compartments

Recently, Bill Still, one of my favorite news commentators, admitted in one of his The Still Report videos to have experienced a short period of depression. The video dealt with recent CIA's criminal actions; something that Bill struggled to understand. Bill has been attempting to liberate us from the darkness of misinformation created by the fake-media. But even heroes need a break from time to time. Perhaps the recent elections made Bill realize that the battle was far from ended.
I therefore felt obliged to write a comment about it. I knew that Bill is not one to endorse conspiracy theories. He is a rigorous objectivist. I thus expected him to think cautiously about my direct and undiluted message. To my surprise, a few in his audience replied quite positively about what I had to say. One even asked for more.
After looking at the message, I felt I needed to share it with my audience here. I hope that you enjoy it.

Dear Bill,
I am sorry to hear that you felt depressed. Wrapping our heads around the monumental displays of impunity is hard, I know. But here is my suggestion to make easier sense of it all. 
Think of the CIA within the following context. The CIA has never had any real purpose to serve the nation. From its inception, it served the Cabal's needs. It is mostly a funding mechanism that uses military bases to cover their drug, weapon and child trafficking operations. 
And of course that they also spy. The problem is that they spy on all citizens to make sure that no person on earth is beyond the acceptable limits set by the Cabal. For example, while most are left to think that North Korea is a crazy player in the global game, in reality, it has been under the full control and funding of the CIA. The Cabal operates through fear, a negative energy, and the CIA makes sure that North Korea keeps us fearful. This is now changing, of course. Trump has liberated North Korea from the CIA. In essence all humans are spied through Facebook, Google and Twitter, as these were designed for the sole purpose of the CIA. To accelerate acceptance, they all gave their services and products away for free. 
The NSA is the enemy of the CIA and this is why (1) Snowden was used to infiltrate the NSA, (2) Hollywood (another arm of the Cabal) made a movie right away about Snowden to discredit NSA and stay as the sole global spy, and (3) NSA was the one who told Trump that he was being wired tapped. As a side note, it is incredible how much more real are movies than documentaries. From the secret space program, to their way to operate, the Cabal needs to communicate what they do in order not to violate our freewill. By doing it through movies, they get away with their terrible actions since no one takes movies seriously. 
The Cabal has deployed mind control technology for centuries. The CIA has been their most important tool to distribute such mind control over the population. And when it comes to mind control, I really suggest that you think of it at its most extreme Hollywood  type. Torture, Violence, Fear, Bad Education, Fluoride, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Wi-fi, Radar, 5G, are all implemented as part of an extremely sophisticated and robust network that has taken centuries to build and which are meant to keep us all compliant. If you think mind control is an exaggeration, then wonder how is it that so many people who love nature, peace and want a better society are so ready to respond to the Cabal's dog whistles directing them to attack their peers. As painful to belief as it may seem, we have all been under the Cabal's mind control influence; not because we are bad people but because we trusted our leaders. Follow the family trees of all presidents up to Obama and see the family lineage all the way back to British Royalty, which is tied to European Royalty, which goes back as far as the pharaohs. 
There are now millions of awaken people around the world. Trump is one of the awaken ones. After awakening, nothing will be surprising. Every Cabal move is played just as expected. 
The rest of humanity will awaken only after they put all the parts of the massive puzzle together. It is pretty much a game where all conspiracy theories lead back to one source: The Cabal.

Where is the best place to learn more about all of this? 
Thank you for your kind comments. It's through love that we awaken.
When asked where can we find more about these issues, my answer is "look inside". Let me explain. 
We all know intuitively that there is something wrong with our system. We feel it in our bones. Unfortunately, we can't put our finger on what is it that bothers us so much. So, to cope, we get back to our lives and soon become conditioned to ignore the sense that something is amiss. Yet, the sense remains. It turns our stomach when it is triggered by certain things we observe. Then again, we get back to our "real" lives. This is our only way to cope. 
The Cabal knows this. They rely on it. They know exactly what happens to those who undergo random distress, anxiety, torture, etc. over long periods of time. Understanding these is at the core of knowing mind control. At some point, the body will try to protect itself. The soul also tries to protect itself. The system goes numb. It stops caring and no longer pays attention. The Cabal knows that in order to keep this feeling permanent, they only need to keep the evidence compartmentalized. Through compartmentalization, some of us know one truth while having no access to all other truths. Think of how "Top Secret" classifications are used by our government. There are crimes that our leaders can't act on because doing their civil-servant duty would mean breaking classification restrictions. Yet, secrecy policies are only one way to compartmentalize. Industrial specialization is another. Today, we have experts in cancer who know nothing about the quantum physics that cause cancer in the first place. All the research is out there but no one can put it together as all those who could live happily within their own box. 
So, if you are a person who cares about the environment, you believe the pro-environment story you are told by the local Rothschild-owned utility that pays for the spraying of your skies. A normal person looking at all those straight lines in the sky would not fall for the lies. But their narrative is not meant to appease all of us, just those who periodically act for the environment. The rest are not paying attention or asking questions. Moreover, most pro-environment people do not know that the Rothschilds own such utility or who the Rothschilds are. Even when environmentalists understand that we live under a debt enslavement system, they may not realizing that the same Rothdschilds control (own) all central banks around the world which have created the debt system that traps even our own government. Finance, utilities, the environment, are all a small number of the many compartments used to keep us from understanding. 
This is why I mentioned in my previous post that the game is one of putting all conspiracy theories together. Look up conspiracy experts on Kennedy's death. Lookup conspiracy experts on why our education system is poor. Look up conspiracy experts on vaccines. Lookup conspiracy experts on who burned the greatest library in history (The Great Library of Alexandria). Lookup conspiracy experts on the secret space program. Every expert lives within their compartment. But you don't have to. In the end, we will learn that there is science the Cabal uses every day but is kept from us. From better health care to a better environment, we are not getting what we paid for through our trillions of missing tax dollars that the Cabal illegally took. Understanding this is awakening. Rising above the compartments will make it clear that they are all connected. Suddenly, we will understand our real history. Everything in history has been written by someone with a bias. What happens when all those biases where coordinated? 
But no matter how tempted we may be to feel scared about such dark possibilities, understand that fear is the currency of the Cabal. They have created a fear based system. We elect politicians based on fearing what the other guy will do. We fear in church, at school and at work. We fear police and those who don't look like us. This is why we need to break the cycle. We should not promote fear any more. Instead, let's reframe the exercise as one of seeking light. By rising above the compartments, we are trying to reach for the light of God, far above these terrible people. If we do this as a unit, we will write universal history. We are talking about the fact that awakening from the nightmare will result in the liberation of us, the children of the divine light. 
First awaken, then light.

This is the link to Bill's The Still Report

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