Friday, February 2, 2018

Nunes Memo - Released

The world of politics has been waiting for the release of the previously classified memorandum that summarizes the findings from an extensive investigation that started in 2016 after anomalies in the FBI's and Department of Justice's (DOJ) behavior were uncovered.
By now, all the media have received their talking points directly from the deep state: those colluding with and protecting Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. The disinformation media has started their coordinated defensive maneuver against the memo. Reuters describes the memo as "a previously classified memo that alleges bias against Trump by the FBI". But don't let them obfuscate the truth. The memo does not allege bias. No, being biased is lawful, Instead, the memo claims law breaking at so many levels and by the most "decorated" cops in the country. Read it for your self below. The memo describes illegal activities like collusion, breaking constitutional rights, perjury (lying) to the FISA court, perjury (lying) to congress, and blackmail of a US President. These are all crimes.
The left would have us believe that the memo is disrespectful of the honorable FBI and DOJ. That is because the socialist minded see government as not having to be accountable. To them, questioning mommy-government is unthinkable. But we know better. We understand that government officials work for us and must be made accountable at all times. So yes, we love the FBI. Still, we will exercise our right and responsibility to make them liable for their actions. In any case, the rank and file at the FBI, the real cops, know very well that their leadership has tainted their institutions and thus must be cleansed.
The New York times and democratic party politicians will argue that the memo gives no evidence. Well, this is correct. It is only a memo. The document detailing all the investigation process is still classified. In any case, democrats in the intelligence committee have seen it but will surely act ignorant.
Finally, the globalist-controlled media will continue to convince their international audience that the Mueller investigation is 'almost' ready to convict Trump. Of course that they will say nothing about the fact that special counsel, Robert Mueller, has just requested the court to postpone the sentencing of Michael Flynn, a former Trump aid facing charges unrelated to Russia or any election meddling. Mueller knows that his case is now about to fall apart. In a nutshell, Robert Mueller will be happy if he gets out of this mess without being taken to prison like the rest of the DC swamp as illustrated by the following mugshots. These are the people listed in the memo as in violation of laws:

James Comey, then FBI director

Andrew McCabe, then FBI Deputy Director

Sally Yates, then Deputy Attorney General

Dana Boente, then Deputy Attorney General

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General

Bruce Ohr, then Associate Deputy Attorney General

Let's be vigilant. The deep state will be specially active with false flag events as they attempt to protect their behinds. Their strongest tool is fear. So, the Super Bowl will be a prime target just as republican congressmen were last week while traveling on board the Amtrak train that was attacked. Unfortunately, a person died during the incident. Fortunately, the many congressmen on the train were fine after the attempt at derailment failed.
Following are the individual pages from the memo and from Donald Trump's order to unclassify it. 

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