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Sound Management after Music Paradigm

You're coaching one of your managers, but all you get is the 'deer in the headlights' look. You try to be clear. Your manager's actions and body language around the office are sending a conflicting messages to the team. The unintended result is that team's productivity and focus is suffering.
composite photo image of manager with 'deer in the headlights' to a low performance chart Frustratingly, your point isn't getting through. Your manager blames the team for all shortfalls. There's no understanding that the problem is managerial in nature. You're even told that performance isn't "so bad".
But you know better. You know the difference. You know what's missing in their performance.
Why hasn't anyone developed a tool to solve your problem? You believe in coaching your team to help them reach higher levels of effectiveness. You know that everybody wins wherever there's exceptional productivity. So, having a way to clearly show what happens to your team's performance when management is executed exceptionally well would be fantastic indeed. But how to make it tactile enough so that anyone can 'touch and feel' the difference?
Well, your cry has been heard.
There is a fantastic tool for leaders who want to take their team beyond common daily platitudes and towards a clear understanding of those special aspects that cause maximum performance out of professional teams.
But be ready to be surprised because the solution to your challenge is not the usual rigid presentation where a very smart person talks to your team while they vigorously attempt to take notes. No. The right way to teach your all stars is through music. Yes, you read it right. Music!
Enter Music Paradigm; the brainchild of Maestro Roger Nierenberg.
color picture of Music Paradigm's founder, Maestro Roger Nierenberg
Maestro Roger Nierenberg
With a world class resume, Maestro Nierenberg has recorded with the London Philharmonic and conducted at both the Prague Spring Festival and the Beijing Festival. He has guest-conducted the National Symphony, the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, the Detroit Symphony, the Saint Louis Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Indianapolis Symphony, the San Diego Symphony and many other great American orchestras. Master Nierenberg  also had long, successful tenures as Music Director of both the Stamford Symphony in Connecticut and the Jacksonville Symphony in Florida.
One day, Maestro Nierenberg realized that orchestra directors like himself faced the same challenges as leaders who believe in hiring the best employees available. While their teams perform fine under most circumstances, the real magic only happens when management is exceptionally executed. So the idea was born to create an immersive demonstration beyond everybody's wildest dreams.
Picture this: you take your management team to an event where they will listen to the most beautiful music in the world. Moreover, they'll get a rare peek at what happens behind the scenes.
Your managers will seat side by side with professionals who have such strong commitment to their trade that they literally gave up thousands of hours of fun for a chance to improve their skill.
composite image of Music Paradigm attendants with music graphics around it.
Managerial insight during Music Paradigm
We are sure to think that people of such high commitment do not need management. It's to be expected. So, imagine how insightful it is when Maestro Nierenberg proves to you that his musicians are incredible by themselves but even better when properly managed. Music Paradigm will show you how communication can become both, immediate and effective, as long as we pay attention to others. He'll even reveal that your team knows more about your managerial faults than you dare to accept.
Maestro Nierenberg will demonstrate the value of hiring the very best. Even without formal, top-down leadership, real professionals manage in a 360 degree way that would make author John Maxwell proud.
Aside from delivering an enchanting musical experience Maestro Nierenberg obliterates misguided preconceptions on what makes a remarkable manager. The experience is fantastic at so many levels.
composite image of Music Paradigm attendants with music graphics around it.
There's only one Music Paradigm
As a leader, I have faced many challenges over the years. Being perpetually aware of the void in resources needed, I always keep an eye out for better ways to solve old problems. Thankfully, I had the luxury of witnessing Maestro Nierenberg give a group of promising managers the kind of insight unavailable anywhere else. And, since their gracious invitation allowed me to bring my wife, we also experienced a memorable musical presentation. Without fear of being hyperbolic, I can tell you that Music Paradigm is as special as a visit to Machu Picchu on a wonderfully sunny day. I learned so much while admiring incredible beauty. What are you waiting for? Call Music Paradigm today to schedule the same experience for your team. There is only one Machu Picchu just like there is only one Music Paradigm.

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