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Obama's Environmental Lies; Market Uncovers Truth.

Judicial Watch, Inc. v.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
"Obama's going to end up in jail", I told my dinner party. Defensively, a young friend from Spain asked "why would he go to jail?". I told him that while I didn't know the specific broken law that would put him behind bars, Obama had broken so many laws that the possibility of him eventually falling from grace was high. Yes, the highest probability is that he won't do a single day in jail even when caught. To safeguard the integrity and honor of the office of the US president, Obama will surely receive a presidential pardon immediately after accepting guilt. But for all intents and purposes, Obama is a criminal who will be captured.
I understand why it is so difficult for many Europeans to understand why I speak of Obama, my former president, in such terms. After all, Obama was the face of the ever protecting government. Obama's promise to take care of the country in every aspect of daily life, is a message that resonated strongly with Europeans. Many Europeans love the comfort of a big government. In a way they are still emotionally shocked from the many wars they endured.
Yet, I think they're wrong. I think they're ignoring their own history. Totalitarianism, a system where government has "total" control over all aspects of its citizens' daily life, devastated country after country throughout Europe. It is clear that the fundamental reason behind the wars that so traumatized Europeans is 'big government'. Needless to say, I think Europeans misplace their trust. They're asking the wolf to watch over their chickens.
And there wasn't a bigger and meaner wolf than Obama; a man who follows the Chicago mob strategies of Saul Alinsky. The savagery first displayed by Al Capone's band, was brought to the White House with so much pomp that the news media and Hollywood fell in love with the idea of deploying the ultimate bad-soldier Army to support the ideals of the left. Under Obama, if a lie was to be told, then why not make it humongous. As a result, lies rained on American citizens for eight years.
So how do you catch a criminal in a world where your government is the criminal? What happens when police and investigators refused to incriminate their bosses? Isn't it true that we pay government the tax money needed for it to sustain a police and military force that will defend us from wrongdoing?
This is the problem with the government. It will not protect you from itself. At the core of the debate between socialism and market-based capitalism resides the size and power of government. Socialists seek the protection of a bigger government. Market faithful, on the other hand, believe that the answers will arise out of the ashes of self-interest. Honestly, the Phoenix like performance of markets seems at first sight to be more magical than real. So we shouldn't blame those of the socialist side for being skeptical; especially those with limited insight into the historical evidence.
Mao's Great Leap Forward's failure
Still, the truth is that markets work, no matter how counter intuitive they may seem. Mao Tse Tung's well intended socialism killed more than 45 million people. In an attempt to make their lives better, Mao's Great Leap Forward me the parents die of hunger, but not before they ate their children. No wonder it is said that the road to hell is paved with great intentions.
And to think the Social Justice Warriors want us to change history and condemn Christopher Columbus. From 1494 to 1508, Spaniards and Indians fought in wars that resulted in more than 3 million deaths; less than 7% of Mao's socialist damage. Let's keep in mind that Mao did his socialist magic in just four years. Clearly, socialism has a lot of explaining to do.
Social Justice Warriors
want to change history
As a system that depends on spending more value than it's created, socialism is destined to perpetually fail. And before offering Nordic countries as evidence against me, first look at their balance sheets. For all intents and purposes they are insolvent already. It's the dead-man-walking effect. We all know they're dead, but we don't tell them.
On the other hand, a market-based pressure valve was installed on Mao's China at the end of the 90s. As a result, China has continued to point towards the left as they clearly move rightwards. Chinese leadership knew that it was a matter of time for Chinese farmers to lead a second revolution. Interestingly, the solution to the social problem came from allowing farmers property rights to their productivity and access to a free market, the two things socialism negated.
I could go on and on about the many instances where markets have solved what governments couldn't. Instead, let's look at how markets can create solutions in areas well beyond our imagination. Can markets create a way for us to protect ourselves from government?
In 2015, Obama's administration issued the Clean Power Plan. In it, they quoted EPA scientist studies claiming that thousands of premature deaths would be prevented by the plan by 2030. Like with many other EPA and NASA reports, the Obama administration had no problem bending the truth beyond the point of obvious failure. But no one in government was going to say anything about it. All insiders, those people who perpetually work in government regardless of the party controlling the White House, generally vote Democrat. Why? It's simple, Democrats want more government. If you work for a company called government, don't you want it to grow? Well, all these insiders, now called the Deep State, understandably act in favor of those who want to bring more money to Washington. To them, Obama was something close to a God.
This meant that citizens in the US would never have a chance to see any other wrongdoings of Obama's administration.
Enter the market solution. The United States has different not-for-profit organizations that focus 100% on uncovering corruption in government. These are not agitators. There are no street demonstrations. There is no partisan agenda nor intent to manipulate the media or their message. These organizations are funded by citizens who support them through voluntary donations and without the need for a government enforced, gun-to-the-head tax.
Let's look at Judicial Watch. The oldest and most reputed of all such government watchdogs, Judicial Watch exclusively acts through the legal system. They first find areas of possible corruption. Next, they use either legal petitions or lawsuits to obtain evidence that will prove more disprove such corruption. Like all other market tools, Judicial Watch creates transparency in an environment where perpetrators malevolently hide everything.
Freedom Of Information Act
Based on the Freedom Of Information Act, often called FOIA, Judicial Watch requested the EPA to produce the study behind Obama's Clean Power Plan claims. Obviously the EPA did not want to cooperate. Thankfully, Judicial Watch is this patient is any. They know that every action they take is only one in a long chain. They continued with lawsuits after lawsuits. Eventually, they succeeded.
The scientific report says nothing about premature death prevention. The mystery that again. The scientific paper covered nothing relating to saving deaths.
The final stage in Judicial Watch's efforts is the press release where the truth finally comes out. Obama lied. This is not the only lie that they have proven any will not be the last, as there are thousands of lawsuits pending.
But if you think the judicial watch is an anti-environments or anti-left organization, think twice. They're also investigating Trump's government expenses for personal matters. In a nutshell, they go after everybody in government.
Just don't hold your breath thinking that CNN, Reuters or MSNBC will talk about any of Judicial Watch's uncovering of corruption activity by the Deep State and the Democrats. Such information can only be found through the new media. Here, the market has also created an army of former reporters and media producers who, after being dissatisfied with the pervasive corruption, have launched hundreds of YouTube channels of real investigative reporting.
Yes I know the noise of bad information on the web is loud and ever present, but in no time the new market will create the necessary transparency for people to transition from the old fake media to a new source of reliable news.
While the debate between socialism and free markets will continue, there are a couple of undeniables to ponder.  Big government has brought rampant corruption to Washington like no one expected. Also, big media has colluded with big-corrupt government to misinform the people. It is ironic that markets are creating solutions to both.
Vivan los Mercados!

The kind of work Judicial Watch does:

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