Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not Just a Day in 1776

Happy birthday America!
Today, I would like to share a short but important list of interconnected thoughts with you:
Graph of an Asymmetric Distribution of Outcomes with a bias towards positive outcomes.
Risk-adjusted and Leveraged Asymmetry

  • To be competitive, you must recruit the best knowledge workers available.
  • Knowledge workers are hired with one and only one goal in mind: to make better decisions. 
  • Their decisions should create asymmetric outcomes for the company where the upside potential is much greater than the downside.
  • This will then result in low risk-adjusted but highly leveraged results; my kind of thing.
I believe it appropriate to celebrate the country's birthday while calling attention to the fact that knowledge workers are the future of our nation. From intelligence management by every soldier defending our land, to the people that will innovate processes and best practices of the future, our national productivity will remain high thanks to them. Remember that while employee count and capital investment add to our national GDP, only innovation is a multiplier of it. Hurray for logarithmic outcomes!
Photo of New York City's statue of Liberty with red and blue color fireworks on the sky above
Happy Fourth of July America

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