Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Creativity, Sex and Business Cards

Photo of Hugh MacLeod's art on business card with green background
Ignore Everybody, the book with a sexually deprived personality, would have been more appropriately titled Hear Me Out; as in listen to Hugh MacLeod, the author. Ignoring everybody is only a fraction of the advice given.
Hugh, a cartoonist and Chief Creative Officer at Gapingvoid, describes the creativity drivers that have helped him turn a crazy idea into a well rounded business.
Art-on-a-business-card isn't going to get its own isle at your local Michael's store any time soon. Still, the compact and portable medium has given Hugh a different perspective on life and business. Perhaps his ideas can also benefit your team.
Despite being a short book, it somehow manages to feel a bit fragmented. It reads like an appliance instructions booklet more than the usual narrative that most people like. If you are not as geeky as I am, this may be an issue for you.
Another caveat is that the book should probably be rated R for adults only. I am no prude, but the repeated sexual references created a meaning that went far beyond what each clever phrase suggests. "Desperate" is what it seemed. It was as if the author felt the need to create shock to bring the book to life.
Poster image of Hugh MacLeod's book "Ignore Everybody" and Rated R legend above it
Ignore Everybody
The irony is that the book is actually very good; the value of its content stands on its own. I felt that the ideas are realistic and on target.
The book goes beyond just talking about how to get into a creative state of mind and touches factors like hard work.
My niece is very creative. She is also an early teenager. I bought the book with the intention of sharing it with her. I hoped that it would help her channel her great ideas. But I now know that I will have to wait about a decade before uncle Alberto gives her this book; which is a real shame.
Even within the professional environment, I am not sure that I could give the book to just any employee. The last thing I would want is a frivolous charge of a sexual-related offense for something that started with the intent to get employees to a higher level of creative productivity. Yikes.
Your situation may be different; making the book a great read for you. In any case, make sure to at least review Hugh's business website.

Book Title: Ignore Everybody
Book Subtitle: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
Author: Hugh MacLeod
Publisher: Penguin Books LTD.
ISBN: 159184259X

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